Hello Lucy!

That view up top is actually my current view. I’m going to type fast and with luck I’ll get this posted before she wakes up. Lucy came home on Wednesday (yes, two days ahead of my well-laid plans 😉 and a great reminder that puppies, like all small beings, don’t really care about plans) and it’s been non-stop mostly-fun since.

We are all settling in … learning so many new things, playing and exploring, meeting friends, and … sometimes sleeping at the same time (the first three days weren’t much of this at all, but the last two were better).

I know from her visit to the vet on Thursday that she weighs 4-1/2 pounds (so about half what Holly did). or rather “weighed” … she’s growing fast. I think we can see a difference in just these six days!

Obviously, we are smitten.

(and my view just changed … there’s now a very awake puppy chewing a monkey beside me. time to go!)

19 thoughts on “Hello Lucy!

  1. I think we are ALL smitten, Mary!!! Congratulations to you, and welcome home, Lucy 🙂
    That photo on the front porch–could she get any cuter?? Curious, what is her full-grown expected size?
    Enjoy!! xo

  2. Well, hello there, Lucy! You are a very fortunate little puppy to have been brought into a loving family! I am so looking forward to getting to know you better!

  3. We loved spending a little bit of screen time with her yesterday! She seems to be pretty happy in her new home, and I hope that she settles in and gets into a better sleeping schedule soon.

  4. I can see why you are smitten with little Lucy. She is darling and has such an expressive face. How joyful to have this little soul in your home.

  5. Welcome, Lucy! I am so excited to meet you 🙂

    She’s adorable, Mary! Her face is so sweet and interested. I’m sure your hands are full and am I’m glad you were able to squeeze in a post. Enjoy!

  6. Oh, Mary! Lucy is absolutely charming! I can see why you’re smitten . . . Enjoy every moment of her puppyhood. And I’m looking forward to watching her grow here on your blog. (Assuming you can sneak in a post now and then.) (So. Dang. Adorable.) XOXO

  7. She is adorable and I love her name! And how nice of her to allow you to squeeze in a post to share her will all of us!

  8. Oh my goodness… ADORABLE!! I was going to say a bunch of other things, but now I can’t remember what all… THE CUTENESS!!! xo

  9. I love Lucy! If only I were closer, but then you’d have to throw me out to get me to leave!

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