Hello October!

Hello friends and hello October! In this brief period of calm before the puppy arrives, I’ve been settling into the new season.

I swapped out the sofa pillows, put the quilts back on the bed, turned off the ceiling fans and dusted all the fan blades, lights, and air vents … I even washed and put away all my summer sweaters. So yes, the house feels tidy and ready to be totally upended 😉

We’re enjoying cooking (in the oven) again. I roasted a pork loin and sweet potatoes on Sunday. Hot coffee is again my afternoon and evening beverage of choice; I ordered a sleeve of Pumpkin Spice coffee and am experimenting with milk quantities and espresso blends for the perfect cappuccino.

Three of my favorite guys celebrate birthdays this month and I’m sure one of them (that guy up top is turning SIX) will have a party. If we’re lucky, there will also be at least one family dinner, two cakes, and three rounds of happy birthday.

I was hoping I’d be able to report that the Braves had clinched the NL East title … and that hasn’t happened yet. Still, they are assured a spot in the post-season and that’s definitely another reason to celebrate. I am totally confused about how the post-season works now … maybe if I can follow our team all the way through to the end it will make sense? and even if it doesn’t, it will be a lot of fun. Go BRAVES!

Finally, I have one more PT appointment this week … my body is healing and I’m looking forward to a new phase that includes walks outside and a little bit of knitting. In anticipation, I started a new, very little, project this afternoon.

… and I finished the book. just in time for our “year” to begin.

Happy October!

13 thoughts on “Hello October!

  1. Goodness – October is a month of anticipation for you! So glad to hear that your body is healing and you’re moving into the fall and winter so smoothly. And puppy season! I’m so excited over here!

  2. Happy Birthdays to those who are celebrating and Happy (upcoming) Gotcha Day to you and your new puppy! I can’t wait to see her and her what her name is.

  3. Such a great start to an exciting month, Mary. (And . . . is that SAM who is turning six????) I knit that very puppy sweater for my “grand-dog” — it’s a great design and a very nice sweater. New Puppy is going to be toasty and adorable! XO

  4. This is going to be a very exciting and very full month for you! As cute at the new puppy is going to be, I can’t imagine how much cuter she will be in a hand-knit sweater. I hope the knitting isn’t causing any pain and is only bringing you joy!

  5. Happily, the Braves did not clinch the NL East! 😀
    The new puppy is going to be so fun (for me, too). Watching you and your excitement over having this new baby is going to be even more enjoyable.

  6. You sound ready as all get out for that puppy!! We’ve got 2 birthdays in October and it’s fun to get together for family dinners to celebrate.

  7. Oh, a puppy sweater! I knit a few for a co-worker who had a yorkie and another little dog and they were fun to knit.

  8. I am happy to hear you are healing. Sounds as if you are ready for a new beginning at your house and that makes me smile. Happy Birthday to those guys.

  9. I’m glad that you are on the mend! It sounds like you are ready to welcome a new puppy into your home and I wish you all the best.
    Happy birthday to all of your birthday boys. We have just one birthday this month, my BIL. My September birthday will be celebrated later this month…it was postponed due to a couple of family members having COVID.

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