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Hello friends and welcome to a bookish edition of TGIF for this last September Friday.

Thinking about … my Bookshelf60 project (to read sixty books I already owned or had pre-ordered as of May 16 in these last six months before my birthday). I made a big push to read from my shelves this month, and I made progress!

In addition to the 11 in this pile (it’s an impressive stack, isn’t it?!), I finished four more; those 15 bring me to 45 as of September 30. There is no way I’m going to read another 15 before my birthday. and that’s ok. It’s been fun to try, and highlighted how much of my reading is determined bookclubs (that didn’t announce their selections before May), new releases, prize lists, and library holds. All of those enrich my reading life and I don’t want to give them up (or even pause them for a month). I could, however, balance them better. I love reading backlist and most of my “favorites” come from those books. I also love reading for connection and the bookclub and prize lists give me that. So … I’ll keep tracking my books by borrow vs. purchased/own and I’ll see if I can achieve a better balance (that keeps my unread shelf “under control”).

Grateful for … a bookish friend who suggested I listen to the Strong Sense of Place podcast this week – the episode is about Italy and one of the featured titles is Still Life, my favorite book from last year. Y’all!!

I was definitely not on the search for a new podcast, but I really enjoyed the hosts, the format, and – of course! – the content. Also, Mel reminded me that I’ve been meaning to re-read A Room with a View, and I want more folks to pick up Anthony Doerr’s Four Seasons in Rome (Goodreads link).

Inspired by … how much I’m enjoying Alexandra Horowitz’s The Year of the Puppy to check out her backlist. My library has all four books, and two of them were actually on the shelves at my local branch. I checked them out today.

I can’t remember the last time I actually navigated the stacks instead of bee-lining for the holds shelf.

Fun … my breeder texted me this photo on Sunday.

I’m not sure this is the puppy I’ll be bringing home next Friday or her sister (she knows I want a girl and this is one of the three girls in the litter). I am sure my reading life – my life in general! – is going to be a lot different next month 🙂

Finally, I want to lift up everyone impacted by Hurricane Ian … the photographs, stories, and reporting are simply devastating. We no longer have immediate family living in Florida, but we have friends-who-are-family in the Carolinas and y’all know Beaufort (south of Charleston, so hopefully far enough south from where the storm made landfall today) is close to our hearts. Early in the week, we expected to have rain and winds here by the weekend, but the storm changed paths … as they do … and now we have breezy blue skies, sunshine, and a clear forecast. We lucked out, and I’m thankful for that. and grateful for all of you. xxoo.

11 thoughts on “TGIF | Books!

  1. That puppy is completely adorable and I would gladly give up some reading (for a while anyway) to make a home for such a sweet little thing. We’ve got lots of rain coming from Ian, but that’s okay with me because we still need the rain and I welcome a rainy weekend to finish The Book of Goose and An Immense World. Off to look for some of your reviews from that stack!

  2. Picture me, reading this post . . . books, books, books . . . OH LOOK AT THAT PUPPY! Not that books are interesting but THE PUPPY! And thanks for your good thoughts for those impacted by Hurricane Ian. Our son’s house is uninhabitable right now and I wish I could DO something for them.

  3. Like Carole, all my attention went to the puppy once I saw the photo! I know you’re going to have a bundle of cuteness regardless of which one comes home with you, and I think it will be well worth the reduced reading time. I officially finished my Booker Prize short list reading yesterday, so I am taking my cue from you and focusing on books already on my shelves for my reads in the near future.

  4. Puppy! I love your reading posts Mary…I always leave with something new to consider. And yes, holding those in FL close. We’re waiting to hear the news regarding a friends home. Here’s to the weekend!

  5. If that puppy isn’t yours I’ll be happy to take her! What a face! My heart is melting. You are immersing yourself into all things dog which is the perfect place to be when the puppy is all but in your hands!

  6. What a darling puppy. I am sure her sisters are just as sweet. Your reading is an inspiration. I have a cousin and family in Florida and have been praying for them. I also thought about you when I heard the storm might track through parts of Georgia.

  7. So adorable! My “puppy” will be 11 tomorrow. Sometimes she thinks she’s still a puppy for about 5 minutes then she remembers how old she is!

  8. That puppy – you must be beside yourself! I wouldn’t be able to even stand the wait. I’m so excited to learn her name and to meet her!!

    I love that you read Craft in the Real World. It’s on my October list but I don’t think I’ll be able to get to it. Perhaps later this fall? And your book stacks are lovely, as usual. It’s so hard to balance and prioritize those backlist titles with exciting new books and all of the buddy reads out there and I think you do an amazing job. Happy fall reading!

  9. Oh, the PUPPY! Sweetest little pup, Mary. You’re in for so much fun and adventure. XO (My son-in-law grew up in Fort Myers, and his family is there — all safe and with minimal damage, thankfully.)

  10. That is a cute little pup! Sherman and I are so excited for you!

    And my heart is breaking for all those so horrendously impacted by Ian.

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