It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a whole weekending story … and since I have an uncharacteristically colorful, and varied! batch of photos, it seemed the perfect topic for today. Since I last posted, I saw three baseball games (including our first one with lights!), enjoyed snacks-for-dinner (twice), worked my first Moms Demand Action table (it’s called “tabling”), attended my first-ever Democratic Party event (sadly, I did not get to meet Stacey Abrams – due to scheduling issues, she took the stage after I left), celebrated Charlie’s 8th birthday with a family dinner, and played Go Fish and frisbee with our two favorite boys. It looked a little like this:

Not pictured: another fantastic Zoom discussion about Louise Erdrich and The Plague of Doves, a full morning of church, and a nap 🙂

What did you find to celebrate this weekend?

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  1. The Plague of Doves zoom was a high point! I guess it is a celebration to be happily stuck at home when you’re stuck at home! 🙂

  2. Frisbee is such a good game for little boys! Colton loves it — it’s one of the only things that we can keep him occupied with 🙂 You had such a busy weekend — look at all of the new faces! I wish you could have met Stacey Abrams but maybe there will be another opportunity. I am way behind on the Erdrich-Along. Perhaps October will be a catch up month for me???

  3. Well now I know why you couldn’t squeeze in our Sunday Zoom — that’s a packed weekend with lots of good things! Our Erdrich discussion was as enjoyable as always and a great distraction from my post-booster/flu shot aches. We also had gorgeous weather this past weekend, and I got my share of vitamin D.

  4. 2 Wheeling, glorious weather, a chat with Andrew and delicious pizza were work “celebrating”. Football- not so much!

  5. There is a lot of activity here and a lot to celebrate! It’s always nice when you remember to take photos and I thank you for sharing!

  6. Hooray for a weekend of large and small celebrations. The Zoom discussion was lovely. Since we met I have been inspired to finish the book and am enjoying it. I’m not sure what was up when I first tried. i started over and am reading the story of a particular character in one sitting when possible. That provides some continuity. Having a relatively easy time after the Covid booster and being at “in-person” church on Sunday were other highlights of our weekend.

  7. The boys are so fun to watch and they will be keeping you busy (young) for a long time to come! As always, I enjoy our Erdrichalong discussions!

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