TGIF | Mid-September.

It’s Friday. again. already! The weather has been glorious this week. cool mornings & evenings for open windows, warm afternoons with bright blue skies, low humidity, and a most welcome respite from air conditioning. happy sigh.

Thinking about … diving back into my knitting and crochet projects. just a bit. very slowly. I did start crocheting a prayer shawl last week (and added maybe five rows?) and this afternoon I added two rows to my SSP (first knitting I’ve done in nearly two weeks)

Grateful for … the flexibility to switch things up. We swapped the chairs in my study so I could have higher arms and a lower foot rest. Early days to see if these ergonomic changes make a difference, but I do love that I have a New(to this space) Chair!

Inspired by … the potential of voter activism. and inspired to double down on my efforts to get involved with Moms Demand Action. That training class I attended yesterday on the “Life Cycle of an Event” was eye-opening. These folks know what they’re doing and they have processes and people in place to manage the learning curve for us newbies. I was also inspired by the energy of the dozen other new folks in the class … from all over the country. I know Georgia is a key state and I’m starting to see how what I’m doing might impact the outcome (beyond me casting my ballot or donating money).

Fun … last night, my sister and I went out! Karen had tickets for the local theater company’s production of Alabama Story and we planned dinner out and then the show. We learned Wednesday that the city was hosting an outdoor festival, expecting “crowds” … and we pivoted to a tailgate picnic instead of a restaurant. It was a lovely evening and a perfect way to dip our toes back into things. (also, the tailgate picnic is, we think, the way to go!)

I’m also having fun watching the hydrangeas transition into their fall colors. I spied the little guy below for the first time today. I’m sure all you gardeners knew that pink was a fall color, but it’s something new for me this year and I love it! (and maybe next year I can knit a colorwork sweater inspired by this new-to-me palette?!)

Wishing you the best weekend available. xxoo.

8 thoughts on “TGIF | Mid-September.

  1. I’m so happy to hear you’ve been able to pick up your hooks and needles a little bit again. I hope you can take it slowly so you can keep moving forward!

  2. A little bit of knit and crochet is better than none, and I hope you have continued improvement. Enjoy that new chair and maybe more tailgate paicnics!

  3. Sounds like a lovely week and it’s awesome that you are knitting just a little. Be sure to take it slow 😊 The tail gate picnic looks like it was fun!

  4. I am glad that you were able to do a smidge of handwork. I’ve had a few times of not knitting and it was hard. Your efforts on “Moms Demand Action” are terrific and inspiring to me. A tail gate picnic sounds like just the thing.

  5. That little picnic looks delicious! So glad you’re dipping your toes back into knitting and crocheting again — that chair looks so comfy. I love your transitioning hydrangea!

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