TGIF | Hello September.

Hello friends, hello Friday, and HELLO September! I saw this season tagged #thebermonths and I am here for all 122 days of it. Here in Atlanta we are easing into our best season – starting to think about turning off the A/C and opening up the windows (and not having to worry about that pine pollen making a mess of everything like it does in the spring) and seeing the first glimpses of changing colors. In my house, we’re anticipating college football, which I’ve honestly grown to love less, but can’t give up entirely (Marc still enjoys it and the Saturday Night Snacks and extra knitting time are plenty fun), looking forward to a season of boy baseball where we might see more than one game day, and enjoying new rhythms with Katie & Sara both (re)settled, Marc healthy, and our community figuring out a living-with-covid “normal”.

That’s quite the mix of same old same and new, isn’t it? It feels like many folks went through this season last September, and we’re just now catching up (better late than never)! Here’s my hello to this September through my favorite lens:

Thinking about … my new commitments. This summer, I said “yes” to a few new things, including some leadership roles:
1. Animate Sundays – a new Sunday morning small group for parents of young children – I’m co-leading – classes begin September 11;
2. BeSMART – the gun sense education arm of Moms Demand Action – I’m working to be certified to deliver the presentations and I’m on track to deliver my “trial run” to a group this month;
3. Presbyterians for a Better Georgia – advocating legislation to “make Georgians safer, healthier and more secure” ( … my latest – and last! – commitment is to be the liaison from my church to this organization. I’ll also be participating in the work. lobbying legislators. it’s so far outside my comfort zone I honestly can’t even imagine what it will be like. thankfully there isn’t any real action in September … simply trying to imagine is plenty.
(and really … I’m not saying “yes” to anything else.)

Grateful for … so much family living close and multiple opportunities to connect in person. This weekend, we’ll be seeing Sara (hanging pictures!) tomorrow, and Katie & the boys at some point. Monday, we’re having a belated birthday lunch for my mom. Charlie turns EIGHT on the 13th. My sister has tickets for a show on the 15th. and … 🙂

Inspired by … two sessions with my physical therapist (ugh y’all – arthritis in my knee and “knitting strain” in my shoulder) to be optimistic about a new normal. I’ve ordered a spin bike (not a pelaton) and a knee brace, learned exercises and stretches (love the stretches!), and thought a LOT about knitting. She thinks I’ll see this new normal (which will include strength training, spinning, walking in the park, pilates, and knitting!) in a few weeks.

Fun … I’m starting to think about puppy names! I found a breeder; I’ve checked references; I have plans to meet her and the mama in person the week of September 12 … and if all goes as well, I’ll have a puppy before Christmas. (!!!!!)

What’s your favorite part of #thebermonths ?

and as always, wishing you the best weekend available. xxoo.

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  1. By the end of the -ber months, we’ll definitely be feeling the BRR — which I’m not looking forward to — but it sure can be lovely along the way, and I sure hope so!

    A NEW PUPPY!!!!!

  2. I LOVE the -ber months and was thrilled to change the calendar to September! I think my favorite part is that I feel so much better than sweating all the time in the summer, and that means I’m more active. Just generally happier (until I have to shovel the first big snowfall)!

  3. I love all the -ber months. My favorite part is the cool crisp weather and the coming of fall flavors as well as soup and bread season. I admire you for saying yes to so many worthy activities and for pushing outside your comfort zone. Our church is located in a mixed neighborhood that includes low income housing. We’ve hired a minister of social justice and he has several initiatives going on. I joined one and we contribute to another that is paying down medical debt of people who live in the neighborhood. I am so proud of the church members raising money and retiring almost $200,000 of medical debt for our neighbors.

  4. I love the ‘ber months! This is really my favorite time of year, and I’m already seeing hints of fall in the colors starting to change (even as we’re waiting for some parts of the garden to get going). I’m so excited about the new puppy! Will you be getting another girl, or are you just going with whatever you can get?

  5. The first two ‘ber months are so nice. Cool mornings, open windows (all day) and patio evenings. We will have 100+ until Wednesday and after that “real” September will kick in (fingers crossed). You have a full calendar! Enjoy it as long as you love it. The new puppy will change your world just like that *snap*. 🙂 xo

  6. This is my favorite time of year! Our weather has been so nice, 80s during the day and 50s at night, a few showers today, but still nice.
    I admire all that you do through your church. I work with a small group to address social justice and economic needs in our community, but we are a minority. I am so torn about whether to stay and continue to work for change or leave the church.
    I’m excited about your new puppy, hope all goes well. Have a great weekend, Mary!

  7. I have not heard of #thebermonths but what fun and I do love them all. September is usually a beautiful month around (always felt sorry that the kids had to be in school for such lovely weather).

  8. New puppy, how exciting! The “ber” months mean hearty soups for dinner and being able to sit outside in the afternoon/evenings without melting! New and vibrant colors outside.

  9. Wow – your new commitments leave me feeling a little dizzy. You are so brave!

    I love my spin bike (also not a peloton, I have a pro-form) and it’s been life changing for me. Sounds dramatic I know, but it’s true. It’s the only type of “vigorous exercise” I enjoy doing and I’m really thankful to have found SOMETHING that’s kept me active. I think you’ll love it too, especially if you order a special padded seat cover because ouch. There’s an adjustment there and our seat cover has made all the difference for me.

    And a puppy! What fun. I can’t wait to meet the new baby 🙂

  10. Wow and Yikes!! You’ve a lot going on and plenty of commitments…be sure to leave time for YOU (and taking care of you). Here’s hoping that the spinning, etc. will help with your arthritis (not fun, I know). And a new puppy – exciting. I’m another lover of September and the other Ber Months. I’m thankful to live in an area where we have four seasons.

  11. oh a PUPPY! What blessings! I’m glad the PT is going to help in the long run. When I hurt my back 5 years ago (?) I did PT and a personal trainer and I have religiously done my exercises and to this day it keeps everything ‘good’. Best money I ever spent!

  12. It sounds like a good “berseason” is heading your way, Mary! Lots of exciting things in store for you and your family. XO

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