TGIF | Late August.

Whoosh! does anyone else hear these last few days of August whizzing past? or feel the slightest whisper of a coolness in the air? or see the morning sun rising noticeably later? When I purposefully pause, I sense all of these. I’m reminded once again about the cycle and the constancy of the seasons … and I lift up a quick prayer of thanks.

and early this Friday afternoon, the last one in August, I’m hurrying more than usual (because our two favorite boys will be here any moment for a sleepover!) to share a quick post through my favorite lens:

Thinking about … deadheading.

Pinch them off,
the faded lovelies,
to make room and energy for more.

The gifts, the successes,
the magic moments,
let them go.

The marigolds of life
will persist.
Glory unfolds infinitely.

Give thanks, 
trust deeply,
and deadhead your victories.

Steve Garnaas-Holmes, August 24, 2022 (link)

Grateful … Marc is now nine months post-surgery … and still cancer free. This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the beginning of his journey with prostate cancer (a UTI that landed him in the emergency room) and we are beyond grateful to be celebrating it with good news.

Inspired by … this year’s Booker Prize nominees. I’ve now read ten of the 13 titles on the long list

shelved on Goodreads here

and it’s been such a rewarding experience! I’ve enjoyed every single title and three on that list are favorites for the year (Moons, Maps, and Colony). I’m planning to read one more (After Sappho) long list selection before the short list announcement on September 6, but I feel like I know MY short list prediction already: Trust, Colony, Glory, Trees, Maps, Moons (I do love that the crazy long titles are easy to shorten). I shared my thoughts about The Colony last month (it was one of my five-star books) and this month I’ll be sharing short reviews of Moons and Maps. Do you have short list predictions? please share!

Fun … I did start Night Groove.

Wishing you a weekend with time to notice the season … and at least a few bits of fun!

16 thoughts on “TGIF | Late August.

  1. I absolutely love the poem you shared Mary…it’s so perfect and timely. I’m so happy to hear about Marc, that’s so wonderful and praying that he remains that way too. I feel the fall coming in the mornings as it is starting to get light later and look forward to cooler that hopefully will be do soon. Love your knitting, you always choose great patterns! Have a wonderful weekend enjoy 😊

  2. That’s wonderful news about Marc! I’ll be interested in your review of Trust. It’s in the pile on my book shelf waiting for me to get back to a “real” book. Still finishing a book on my Kindle that I started on our trip. There’s been scant time for reading since we returned.

  3. Love that poem but G for the win! Such wonderful news. I’ve no predictions for the short list but have read three on the long I believe (who am I!) so I’ll be paying attention. I think Colony may be my next choice after a couple of book group commits I have. And yes, I feel it in the air…

  4. So good to hear that Marc is doing well…sending wishes for continued good health. I’ve definitely noticed the slight move towards Fall and am loving it.

  5. Time does fly — and I’m glad to hear that Marc continues to be healthy!

    We had a couple of days recently where I could sense fall coming, but we’re going to be back up in the high 80s and humid this weekend, so I don’t think summer is quite done with us.

    I’ve now read four the books on the long list (Small Things, Colony, Oh William, Maps) and am awaiting Moons from Blackwell’s and Trust, Nightcrawling, Booth, and Trees from the library, though I expect the short list will be announced before I get through them and might drop one from the list (I’m sure you can guess which one). So far I’ve either really liked or loved all that I’ve read, so I think it’s a pretty good list!

  6. Yes, I too can notice the slight tinge of yellow in the leaves as I look at large wooded areas. It’s hard not to get depressed knowing the leaves will soon be falling off. Already the driveway gets covered in the small leaves (first to come off) when it rains.

  7. That poem reframes the tedious task of deadheading into something wonderful. I’m grateful to hear that Marc is doing so well at 9 months out. And I hope you had a great sleepover that included lots of actual sleeping!

  8. To Mary, Marc, and your whole beautiful family: Here’s to celebrating that beautiful hyphenated word…’cancer-free’!! xo

  9. Such good news about Marc and the boys being with you and that beautiful sweater progress. Also love, love, love that main photo!

  10. I’m glad you husband remains healthy. Cancer treatment is definitely a journey. I hope you enjoyed the sleep over. The sweater looks to be another beautiful project.

  11. Great news to hear that Marc is healthy. Having the boys with you is a fun way to celebrate! I got through all the long-list. It’s the first time ever I’ve read most/all of the list, but it was one of the best list of books I’ve seen. They are all strong novels. I can’t wait to see what the judges think. I’m switching Trust for Nightcrawling.

  12. It is wonderful that Marc is healthy and cancer-free, and I’m sending all good thoughts that continues. Leaves are falling (mostly because they are so dry), and the sun is rising later and setting sooner, but I’m still waiting for those whispers of coolness!

  13. Oh my gosh, that WHOOSH was the entire month of August! I can’t believe it!! I’ve seen some colorful leaves, some falling leaves, and I’ve been noticing that my pergola lights come on a few minutes earlier every night. Soup weather’s coming…

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