TGIF | mid(ish) August.

Hello friends and hello to a Friday afternoon that ushered in (way!) cooler temperatures and – sadly – not the promised rain. mixed blessings. which seems to be the message from the universe about so many things lately.

Thinking about … that fall sweater took me here Friday night

The yarn is Holst Coast (a favorite light fingering wool/cotton blend) and the pattern is Isabell Kraemer’s Night Groove (Ravelry link) … through a several hour detour with other patterns and yarn combos (thanks to the colorways suggested in this Instagram reel) on Saturday morning … and finally to this. another SSP. this time in two colors and in wool.

It is for sure a cool weather piece. and if I were a betting person, you’ll see the start of Night Groove in this space next week.

Grateful for … catching up with Sara. She took off a few days from work this week and I drove down Wednesday for dinner and a sleepover. It was my first time seeing her place since Mother’s Day and 🙂 the punch list from when she moved in (back in January!!) is done … and she’s made such a lovely home. I brought groceries to make salmon (with anchovy butter) and fresh tomato salad. We had fun catching up, cooking, eating, and staying up way past my bedtime (hers too, at least on a weeknight) playing games.

The game is Wavelength (have you played?) – she’d played a board game version with friends and we played a version on our phones … very fun. even if it seemed like we weren’t often on the same wavelength, it sparked a lot of great conversation. and apparently we are on the same wavelength without any question! … about the smell of fish 🙂

Inspired by … the legacy of Frederick Buechner (David Brooks wrote this lovely tribute for the NYTimes – gifted link). I’ve been inspired by his spiritual writing and this piece is the one I copied for my journal

Literature, painting, music—the most basic lesson that all art teaches us is to stop, look, and listen to life on this planet, including our own lives, as a vastly richer, deeper, more mysterious business than most of the time it ever occurs to us to suspect as we bumble along from day to day on automatic pilot. In a world that for the most part steers clear of the whole idea of holiness, art is one of the few places left where we can speak to each other of holy things.

Frederick Buechner, originally published in Whistling in the Dark

Fun … we started a new thing this week – on Monday afternoons, I’m picking up the boys from school and we have a mini Marmie & Poppa camp!

I never got to do the carpool thing (from school – I did it plenty for away tennis matches) with my girls; it’s pretty special to be able to do it now. The boys end up being at our house for about two hours. which is the perfect amount of time for a snack, an art project, a game, and some outside play. (also, Marc and I both slept great Monday night, which was a bonus!)

Hoping you found some TGIF in your week, too – and as always, wishing you the best weekend available!

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  1. You got some great family time this week and I’d love to see more pictures of Sara’s house. I never did the pick up line either – I worked and Hannah always rode the bus. Jackie is starting preschool in September (3 half days/week) and I have volunteered to pick him up on Friday afternoons for some Nana time.

  2. What a fulfilling week with your loves, Mary! Wavelengths–must check that out. Sounds like a good one… And I’m always keeping an eye out for games the gamut of my crew would enjoy.
    I’m on the other side of that pick-up coin. After spending ~1.5 hrs/day doing pick-ups + drop-offs, I’m looking forward to having ‘walkers’ for the first time in our lives! My kids will be walking the 4/10 of a mile to school (+ back) this year. A whole new world, for all of us! Enjoy yours 🙂

  3. I think you and Sara are also on the same wavelength with regard to your wardrobe choices! 😉 I’m glad to see she’s recovered from COVID and you two could spend some quality time together. And hooray for weekly mini Marmie and Poppa camp! I have a feeling that you’re making some great memories for the boys; I still remember my early days of school when my grandmother picked me up and walked me to her apartment, where I’d hang out for a couple of hours until my parents picked me up.

  4. It’s lovely that you are able to reconnect with Sarah and the boys! Around this time of year I always feel a little sad that I’m not involved in back-to-school preparations and excited young students but I am glad to see that you and Marc are holding your mini Marmie and Poppa camp.

  5. The mini camp with the boys will be so fun for you! Kids have a way of changing routines. So glad Sara is feeling better after her ordeal with Covid. Fortunately, mine has been pretty stead improvement. Love all your knitting, so beautiful! Love the quote and that is points out how music, art, and literature can be holy in and of themselves. (I love Maali!)

  6. Sounds like a lovely time spent with Sara, glad she’s doing better. Lovely knitting! I just casted on a sweater and thinking about casting on another one too😊

  7. I can’t wait to see your start on the new sweater – there are some incredible color combos out there! And yay for a new SSP – love those colors, too.

    So glad you had such a fun time with Sara and then with the boys at camp 🙂 And very glad that you were gifted with a great night of sleep on Monday, ha! Enjoy your week!

  8. This reminds me I had yarn all chosen for a SSP and then forgot about it! Maybe that will be a new start for me. I missed that Sara had been down with Covid…glad to hear she is ok and that you were able to spend time with her. And yay for mini camp! I think you and Marc will have as much fun as the boys!!

  9. How fun that you and Marc get Monday afternoons with the boys! (Fun for them, too, I’m sure.) How far away is Sara living now? I didn’t realize she was at a significant distance . . . but I’m betting since you haven’t seen her house since May, she is!!!

  10. How nice you had time with your family. As Karen says, that is the best. The boys are going to have so many fun memories from the time they spend with you and Marc.

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