TGIF | and happy birthday.

My sister-in-law Lydia is celebrating a birthday today and my sister made that gorgeous summer pudding for “cake”. We (the two of them, plus me, my mom, and my brother) gathered on Monday to kick off Lydia’s birthday-week! The only thing better than celebrating a birthday is celebrating in person … and having my sister make the cake is truly the “icing” on that celebration. Happy Birthday, Lydia!

Thinking about … (on that theme of family who are friends) reviving our short-lived cookbook club. Ina (amazon link) and Deb (amazon link) both have cookbooks coming out this fall and Karen, Lydia, Polly, and I are all in to try again with one of them. Our idea is that the four of us take turns hosting and we each prepare a “course” – appetizer, main, side, dessert – to make up the meal (and that we “cook the book” … no repeats!). Ina and Deb both write great recipes for good food. I’m hoping to explore both cookbooks cover to cover … and I’m not sure yet which one I’d vote for. Opinions welcome!

Grateful for … kicking off a new church program year, with continuing and new opportunities for spiritual growth. and especially for the teachers and leaders who make all these opportunities possible. I’m going to be co-leading (with Kristin, our Director of Children’s Ministry) a new Animate Sunday Morning small group … I had an hour-long call with Kristin this week about what we’re going to do and I haven’t been that jazzed after an hour long call in … ?? (interested folks – we’re using this curriculum)

Inspired by … the shorter days (it’s noticeable now where you are, too, right?) and the promise of cooler temperatures, lower humidity, and … pink edges on the hydrangea blooms!!! (do you see that on the image at the top of this post?) … to reconsider my next knit. Typically I’d be squeezing in one last summer top, and maybe?? I’ll knit something short-sleeved in fall-ish colors? we’ll see. I still have (see below) another sock to decide.

Fun. finished … a sock!! and y’all – how pretty is that toe?!

I read this post back in 2018 when it was first published and started adding a decrease into my grafting, but I added it into the first and last stitch. I had a few minutes this afternoon and re-read the post … and shifted that decrease to the 2nd and 2nd to last stitches and whoa! Fun! Finished!

and so is this week.

Wishing y’all the best weekend available.

10 thoughts on “TGIF | and happy birthday.

  1. Happy Birthday to Lydia! And that pudding cake looks fabulous!! I’m excited for your cookbook club to start again…either book would be great, but I think I would vote for Smitten Kitchen. The weather softened a bit and I have windows open and the AC off! Glorious. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. What a delicious look dessert! No vote from me– I’m a big Ina fan but know nothing about Smitten Kitchen. Maybe I should??! And that sounds like a delightful book club but I would really feel the pressure!

    The days are definitely getting shorter here. I am happy for the shift!

  3. Happy birthday to your sister-in-law Mary! I’m inspired by shorter days too. I’m noticing that it’s not getting light as early now, which means fall is on its way. Love your sock and what a great looking toe!

  4. Loving your cookbook project/club! I’m currently working my way through Tieghan Gerard’s HalfBaked Harvest, and I’m loving it. I think I’d love it more with 3 favorite people alongside me, though!

  5. I want some details on that pudding — it looks fancy! I was just thinking about your cookbook club not too long ago and wondering if you’d be starting it up again. I also love that you refer to those two (Ina and Deb) by their first names. We talk about Ina a lot in our family! I’ll have to let everyone know about Ina’s new cookbook.

  6. It was truly the best way to kick off birthday week! Can’t wait to get back to the cookbook club, and am inspired to pull out the Ina and Smitten Kitchen books I already own-its been a while- Happy Friday!

  7. Cookbook clubs are great! I was in one for several years (until too many of us moved away), and it was such fun. I hope Lydia enjoyed a wonderful birthday. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday to Lydia and can I say, I’m all in for a birthday week. I am a fan of the Smitten Kitchen recipes but haven’t tried many from Ina. That is a pretty sock. It matches the pink edge of the hydrangea. Have a good week.

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