Looking Back | July.

Any story could be a comedy or a tragedy, depending on where you ended it. That was the magic, how the same story could be told in an infinite number of ways.

Emma Straub, This Time Tomorrow

July’s story didn’t really take me anyplace new, but wow! did we love seeing more of Charlie and Sam. It’s been a while since I could count their faces (or their backs, carrying golf clubs on the 26th) four times in this grid! I also saw more of Katie (sadly, not pictured) and even saw Sara twice (and again, sadly not pictured).

When I think back to last month – without the help of photos – I remember early morning walks to the lake, glorious hydrangea blooms, Marmie & Poppa camp, finally getting my bookshelves organized, and knitting a cardigan (shown finished on the 29th). Clearly the month held a lot more!

Compiling the grid – which is all photos where I press the button – I don’t necessarily have to be the one to hold the camera (see July 4 – with Rob’s helpful arm) reminded me of a story I don’t think I ever shared here.

Karen, Lydia, me – thanks to Marc for the photo

Our first family bookclub! We met on a Sunday afternoon with snacks and wine and had a lively, in-depth discussion about Take My Hand (Goodreads link). Connecting over books is one of my favorite things and it’s special when it’s with family who are friends. This is a great book to discuss – the case that inspired it was new to us (and still timely, perhaps even more so given the current activity around abortion rights), we loved the historical aspects (especially since we’re all familiar with Montgomery – Daddy grew up in southwest Alabama), and agreed the story was well-constructed and well-written. We chose Sense & Sensibility for our next book and plan to watch a movie adaptation together. I’m sure we’ll also have some lively discussion, hopefully about much less serious topics.

That photo also reminded me that I still haven’t shared (or yikes, even made a Ravelry project for) a third Ankers Summer Shirt (Ravelry link). Its last WIP photo made the grid on the 7th. I finished it on the 9th (before I started that cardigan 😉 ) and wore it for the first time the afternoon we had our bookclub. Sadly, I spilled spinach dip on it and after I washed and re-blocked it, I forgot I needed finished photos! Coming … soon!

Here are a few other things that made my Happy List last month: hosting my neighborhood bookclub. plans to read (most of) the Booker long list. Hotel Portofino on PBS and re-watching much of the first six seasons of Grantchester (1-5 on Amazon Prime and 6 on PBS) to prepare for Season 7 (which we’ve seen four episodes of and love!). getting oriented with Moms Demand Action and BeSMART. the return of Saturday night snacks on the 23rd (even though they lost the competition for a place on the grid).

What made your happy list in July?

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  1. Your Ankers top looks great! I’m hoping you were able to get all of the spinach dip off of it when you washed it?? Yikes! 😉 I love how well-read that copy of Take My Hand looks! It makes it seem fascinating so I’ll be looking for my own copy – thank you for the recommendation!

    So glad that July had so many happy moments. I can’t even remember July at this point and I’m always so impressed when you’re able to write such rich and full Looking Back posts.

  2. July seems to have been packed full of good things and good memories too! Love your finished projects. I’m with Katie, you always have such wonderful “looking back” posts 😊

  3. whenever I am with either of my kids I am hard pressed to remember to photo anything. My daughter does not like to be photographed so it’s been over a YEAR for a photo!!

  4. I am jealous that you are able to have a book club within your family. I come from a family of readers, but we don’t necessarily have the same taste in books. Your collage of photos really shows all the wonderful things that are possible in summer: time outside, time with family, time reading, time knitting.

  5. July sure was packed with good things! I’d love to be able to discuss books with anyone in my family, but they are not big readers (or really readers at all).

  6. Such a joyful post! A family-who-are-friends book club–what fun. How fortunate you three are!
    Thinking back, our week with both Audrey and her boyfriend here were a highlight of the month, celebrating togetherness with young people we adore and can’t wait to see again.

  7. You made the most of July. A family book club sounds like fun. My sister and I often talk about our reading and I do enjoy that. May August hold as much joy as July.

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