TGIF | Still July.

Hello friends and happy Friday! Even though it’s been a week (which at times felt like longer … and at times seemed like just a few days?!) since I’ve posted here, yep, it’s still July. Those daisies above are a nice metaphor for my mood right now – a bit beaten down by the recent downpours (actual rain, news?!, navigating new relationships at church 🙂 ), a bit faded (and loving how the spent petals are a lovely shade of purple in the early sunshine), a bit standing straight, arms(petals) wide open, and a face pointed toward the sun. I know I’ve shared versions of that metaphor here before … but usually this feeling happens in August. Still. July!

Thinking about … what my Favorites bookshelf tells me about what I should be reading.

on Goodreads here

I started thinking about this Monday evening – in July, my church bookclub has a social gathering in lieu of a book discussion. I found myself in a conversation about “favorite books of the year”. 1. Treasure Island 2. (me) Lonesome Dove (could’ve been Middlemarch?) 3. Pride & Prejudice. That’s some serious backlist. and my Favorites shelf tells a similar story. I am looking forward to a handful of new releases this year (and I am excited about Tuesday’s Booker Long List announcement!!) … and I am wanting to take a deep dive into books that folks have already been talking about for 50-100 years.

Grateful for … audiobooks and shallow learning curves. I started my Santa Fe JiJi on July 9 …

and thanks to Bloomsbury Girls, Finding Freedom, Quiet, Cartographers, Book Lovers, and A Mind to Murder, I am nearly done (105 rows in) with sleeve #2. I loved every single one of those books. and I’m sure it’s not just because I was knitting.

Inspired by … my August 1 trip to Santa Fe to research “curl friendly” hair products, especially leave-in conditioners. y’all, this is A Thing. If ANYONE reading this blog lives somewhere where it’s dry AND you have curly hair, please let me know in the comments!

Finished!!! … books shelved, yarn binned. done!

The week did throw me some real curveballs – I ended up spending way more time on church stuff (some energizing and some … not so much) and maybe I just need to start planning that into my week? but for now I’m happy it’s Friday, and I have time this weekend to catch up with y’all. Here’s to making this the best weekend available for all of us!

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  1. Some of our flowers are looking like that right now, the dog days of summer are taking their toll on some of those blossoms and some of our people, too! Thanks for catching us up on your week. (It will still be July NEXT Friday, too!)

  2. Of course you are almost finished with your sweater! It’s looking great, and I have complete confidence that it will be done and well used for your trip. The book- and yarn shelves are looking excellent, and I’m sure that you are feeling better now that that particular project is complete. I wish I had recommendations for curly hair + dry climate; my only experience is dealing with hair that is curly in humid air.

  3. You’ve certainly got a lot of irons in the fire, but you’ve also got them under control. Your Jiji is beautiful and will be perfect for overly air-conditioned circumstances. As you know we have may of the same favorites and I hope we have more great reading ahead from the Booker list!

  4. Your daisy metaphor is a good one. This morning, I caught myself writing August instead of July in my journal. I love the new book and yarn storage shelves. I hope your weekend is restful.

  5. I’m feeling spent like your daisies with continuing triple digit temps and no rain, but that means more time for reading as I sit still and try not to work up a sweat. I’m looking forward to the Booker Longlist on Tuesday (and maybe starting Lonesome Dove?)

  6. Sounds like a very, very good week there! And I loved seeing your sweater/book progression. Now awaiting a Santa Fe photo with you modeling it! 🙂 (If you don’t get a reader response about the curls/dry climate, feel free to shout and I’ll check with my best friend. Serious curls. Colorado resident. And she’s often in Taos/Albuquerque, SFNM for work + pleasure. Happy to consult with her!)

  7. Hope your weekend was a good one, Mary. And, yeah . . . that’s a late July garden for you! 🙂

  8. Lovely book shelves and yarn storage – looks so nice! I remember reading Lonesome Dove years ago and loving it (and then it was a TV series that was reallly good too). Excited for your trip to Santa Fe – I bet your just LOVE it!!

  9. So exciting to have something new to wear on your trip. Love how organized everything looks. I’m no help on the hair situation, but there have been times when my straight hair has seemed straighter?! 🙂

  10. I recently finish Bloomsbury Girls and The Cartographers, both of which I loved. I couldn’t get into Book Lovers and returned it to the library. Also finished This Time Tomorrow, also good, and A Painted House–an older John Grisham book for our book group. Enjoyed that as well. Next up is Geraldine Brooks, Horse. This week my reading time will be more limited. After two weeks with my daughter and her family, I’m faced with all kinds of commitments and projects that need to be completed before we leave on our trip to Scotland.

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