TGIF | Mid-July.

Hello friends and hello to this middle-of-July Friday. I’m loving that there are still more than two full weeks – and two more Fridays! – left in this month.

Thinking about … another dog. likely another miniature schnauzer, maybe a puppy, maybe a boy (like I said … “thinking”).

Grateful for … a moment of calm to enjoy the fresh blooms on my kitchen counter.

This was yesterday at 6:45 p.m. – 15 minutes before I was expecting six neighbors for bookclub. All I had left to do was pull the food out of the fridge and pour the SmartPop and pretzels into the bowls. I sat down to knit (added five rows to the body of my JiJi) for the first time that day. Marveling that this would be the most people in my house since 2019. and that I felt ok about it. I do wish we could’ve been outside, but it was hot. We discussed Dani Shapiro’s Inheritance (Goodreads link) – perfect for a neighborhood bookclub! of course we also talked about plenty of other things and it was lovely.

I’m also really grateful to Marc for tending our outside so well, and cutting those blooms … I took the photo below today and can’t even tell five stems were missing!

Inspired by … my first local Moms Demand Action meeting. It was Tuesday evening, in a neighboring county, just six miles away. There were about 25 people there, four leaders for that local chapter, a handful of seasoned volunteers, and a bunch of newbies like me. The leaders spent most of the hour educating us about the current state of things nationally, in Georgia, and locally, describing ways to get involved, and then answering questions. The presentation was concise and compelling, and the energy was … inspiring! I put my name on the list to help with BeSmart, “a framework designed to help parents and adults normalize conversations about gun safety and take responsible actions that can prevent child gun deaths and injuries.”

I’ve already received an invitation to an orientation/training session (next week!).

Fun … It was midnight before I got into bed last night, so I read just two pages of my new book (This Time Tomorrow – Goodreads link). I am IN LOVE with this epigraph. also, I see Ian McEwan has a new book coming out this fall. and I think I need to re-read Atonement!

Meanwhile, I’ve made ZERO progress on the yarn/book project since Tuesday and my JiJi needs some attention if I have any hope of taking a finished cardigan to Santa Fe … I am glad I still have 16 days 🙂

Wishing you the best weekend available!

12 thoughts on “TGIF | Mid-July.

  1. Lovely hydrangea blooms, and I envy your in-person book club! I’ve been trying to get together in person with a friend for two weeks, but she’s been exposed to covid – once each week. The BA5 variant seems to running rampant through NJ. Hope things are better in GA!

  2. My daughter adopted her miniature schnauzer from a breeder in Ohio that breeds support animals and matches a dog to the person… Puke is very yummy… he’s from

  3. The flowers are so beautiful. I had to move my plant and I am pretty sure I won’t get blooms this year but that is okay. I am close to having my needles cleared off so that means a new sweater is in my near future.

  4. How did you choose to join Moms Demand Action? I am considering that or Every Town for Gun Safety.

  5. Your hydrangeas are so lovely! Ours have not been faring well in the heat, despite our regular watering — the colors have mostly faded. I’m excited about a possible new puppy! I’ll be interested in hearing about your book club’s discussion the next time we Zoom.

  6. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! Mine have been eaten by deer. I had two sad looking blooms on bare branches…not a single leaf left! I doubt if it will survive.
    I joined the Fiction Matters Patreon community this week and am looking forward to learn more about it.

  7. Sounds like a great organization-glad you feel plugged in. On a different not-are we really midway through July?! When did that happen?!

  8. Sounds like a lot of good things going on there– and such good, hard conversation to learn more about ( and put to practice!). I had to smile when I saw your hydrangeas, as I’m looking at a very similar image on my own Island here :). Good luck with your trip preparations– and have fun with the puppy

      1. …puppy dreaming and planning!! Good grief, I should never leave comments on blogs by way of a phone. It never goes well for me!!

  9. What beautiful blooms. How nice your book group could get together in person. We are going to try to do that in August. However Covid numbers are up in our county so we may be back on zoom.

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