TGIF | July 8.

Wow, is it really Friday again? already?! yes it is … and today’s post is celebrating … today!

Thinking about … how being present helps to create community. The latest issue of Presbyterians Today landed in my mailbox yesterday and I flipped through the pages this morning. This article stopped my flip. I love that being present is a practice that creates community. as are listening, being vulnerable, celebrating (always!), and seeking common ground.

Grateful for … those morning walks to the lake. Here are two views just minutes apart from this morning’s walk. I love pausing on my walk to take these photos, and then, when I see them here, I get to appreciate them again. (also grateful for the iPhone camera.)

Inspired by … the weather in Santa Fe to knit a cardigan for my trip.

left: the current forecast for Santa Fe and right: the yarn and pattern for the cardigan I “need”

I love the idea of nights in the 50’s … and a cardigan is such a practical layer. It’s one I can use back home. also, isn’t that pale blue the perfect neutral?! it goes with black, navy, and pretty much any other color I might have. Also – I’ve knit JiJi twice – and both times it took me well over the three weeks I have left til my trip. Surely that was just because the finishing is a bit … finicky? … and if I set my mind to it, I’m sure I can finish in time? (I even have buttons … clearly this project is meant to be!)

Finished!! yep, here’s the silk tee – finished, photographed, and all official-like 🙂

here’s the link to my Ravelry project page.

Sending out all my best vibes for a good weekend … and if you had a T-G-I-or F moment to share from today or this week, I’d love for you to write it in the comments. Thank you!

xo – M.

10 thoughts on “TGIF | July 8.

  1. Yes, that blue is a perfect neutral and the silk tee is adorable. Happy Friday!

  2. Your finish (silk tee) is gorgeous and your planned cardigan seems perfect (great color too). I’m just thankful it is Friday. Weeks where we have a Monday holiday always seem extra long for some reason. Crazy but true. Happy Weekend!

  3. The silk top is perfection on you! And if anyone can knit a Jiji in three weeks (or less), it’s you! I would think that after knitting it twice already, you know the pattern well, so that should save you some time.

  4. Your pale blue yarn looks like the color of my new Allbirds sneakers and it is a great neutral! Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Oooh, I love that silk tee on you. And that Jiji is going to be perfect! I’m a big, big cardigan gal. (And a big layer-er when traveling.) And you’re right–that pale blue is a perfect neutral! Enjoy the Santa Fe anticipation.

  6. Lovely knitting, Mary! And a cardigan will be the perfect layer – wherever you may be. 🙂

  7. beautiful sweater!! It is hot here most of the time during the day and by night time I am done in and don’t go outside much if at all. I wish I was an evening person then I would!

  8. love your silk tee! And that cardigan is going to be perfect. So glad that you have so much to look forward to!

  9. Your knitting is always spot on! Look at all that monsoonal moisture! You may keeo your curls!

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