Looking Back | June.

The power of story is to heal and to sustain. And if we are brave enough to tell our own story, we realize we’re not alone, again and again.

Suleika Jaouad, Between Two Kingdoms

June’s story took me to some new places – literally – two days away at Lake Lanier, downtown to March for Our Lives, and to Katie’s new home – and figuratively – my first statewide call for Moms Demand Action (not pictured above). and gave me ample opportunity to re-visit many of the “places” I know and love – books, knitting, morning walks to the lake, and enjoying all the bold colors that truly celebrate this season.

I shifted the morning walks to be a little earlier. I try to leave by 6:40 (sunrise is 6:30-ish these days so I’m not walking in the dark) to avoid the heat; getting home and showered by 8 gives my hair time to air-dry (always a happier place) before I have to leave the house – never earlier than 9:10. It’s working well – and days when I can capture colors on the water … well, that makes it all worthwhile. Morning lake views featured a record (I think?!) seven times in this month’s collage:

The collage features a few photos of knitting that I know I haven’t shared here (or even talked about!) I need to do a proper FO post for one (and by then maybe two?) sweater, but here are bigger photos (click the images) and a few words for the four projects shared above.

Left to right (all links to Ravelry): 1. I finally attempted matching stripes – it worked! (also, it took me nearly SIX months to knit these socks, which goes to show how little I’ve been “out and about” this year). 2. Silk Tee – I finished this – wove in the ends and blocked! – last month and still haven’t even tried it on. maybe tomorrow? for sure next week! 3. I unraveled this scarf to knit something new. 4. Twofer (which I did “officially” finish and share here).

Here are a few other things that made my Happy List last month: my neighborhood bookclub is meeting again in person. the Women’s Prize short list – and the winner! Atlantic Crossing & Ridley Road on PBS and Somebody Feed Phil – a new season – on Netflix. homegrown tomatoes (this is Marc’s 3rd year with his garden and I think he’s mastered it). Connecting with cousins – my dad’s brother and his daughter’s family stopped in Atlanta for three nights on their way home from the beach. Here we are (minus the two teens who refused to be in the photo!) after a lovely lunch out

and that feels like the nicest way to close this list.

How about you? what made your happy list in June?

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  1. I participated in Week in the Life in June, first time in years. It was fun and I took lots of pictures. Now I need to get them printed. Early walks are on my happy list too.

  2. Love all the bold colors! Getting back to my favorite activities fencing, and road cycling. Hard physical activities are always the booster I need.

  3. I feel like June is always a happy month, what with the amount of daylight, plants growing, and lots of activities outside. Around here, it’s usually the most comfortable part of summer, too. Highlights for me were random days off from work (the personal days I had to use before they went poof), getting together with friends to finally celebrate a baby’s naming, and having my kiddo around all day after the end of the school year.

  4. June is such a glorious month and you captured that so beautifully this month Mary! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Beautiful pictures Mary. Getting together with family is just the best. Glad Marc’s garden is coming along – nothing beats the taste of a tomato fresh from the vine!

  6. happiness in June…
    spent time with my family
    book group discussions
    time with friends
    learning mahjong!
    the beautiful weather

  7. June is my favorite month of the year! It looks like yours was full of good things, Mary.

  8. June…married 35 years! A few days away, good books, zooming for a change, lots of deck sitting.

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