TGIF | Late June.

Hello friends. Here in the U.S. we’ve had a day … that comes at the end of a week, following more weeks, and months, and … it’s hard. I find myself needing to
– celebrate Congress actually passing a bill – that will become law once it’s signed by President Biden – that promotes gun safety;
– add my cries of disgust, disappointment, sadness, and anger to the Supreme Court’s rulings around gun safety and abortion; and
– express my deep gratitude (and still processing all the other emotions!!!) for the House Committee’s work to investigate January 6 and educate the American public about what really happened.

AND I need to be true to myself … to search for those moments of joy, gratitude, and growth in my life, and celebrate them here. because it’s especially days like these where I(we) need those moments.

Thinking about … Book Words! Kendra Adachi is lazy-geniusing how to choose books we will (or might) love. She talked about it in her podcast this week and shared a snapshot in this Instagram post . Basically, you Name What Matters about books – and it helps if you can also name what oh-my-please-never matters. Here are words I LOVE: lyrical, sparse, smart, magical, redemptive, thought-provoking, interesting structure. and here are a few I DON’T (usually): thrilling, poignant, dense, dark, dual timelines, steamy. I actually wrote “creative” in both lists and I’m not even sure what that means! What are your Book Words?

Grateful for … my second COVID booster shot (and also MOSTLY for being past the 36 hours following that shot). I saw my doctor Tuesday morning and we had a lengthy discussion about it. We agreed it was necessary, but there were a lot of variables playing into the timing. Here are the two factors that decided me (sharing in case they’ll help you!):
1. I’m about to spending a lot more time with a family with young kids … who are out and about in camps and school … and their parents (YES! Katie and her family are moving NEXT WEEK!!) Improved immunity is a good thing.
2. The waiting period between boosters is four months. It seems like there’s going to be an updated vaccine available “early fall” that will include Omicron. Being able to get another booster in October is a good thing.
and there you have it. Not gonna lie – those 36 hours were tough. but compared to the risk of time in the hospital. or worse. well, that’s easy.

Inspired by … my book journal. I know book journaling is a tricky topic, but it’s really just about doing what matters to you … and I decided last year that what mattered to me was keeping a paper record – we’re talking paper, pens, glue, scissors, and washi tape! – of all the books I read. Last weekend I added the last book to my SECOND journal (173 books!). Y’all, I have documented over 320 books this way!!! I shared a video of me flipping through the pages of that journal here … and here are few sample pages from that video (if you click the images you might even be able to read my writing … “MIGHT” being key, and obviously … well …)

Finished … Heidi published the Twofer Tank pattern yesterday so I can share modeled photos! I really do love this top – and I say I’m Team V-neck, but maybe I need to try the opposite side. What do y’all think? (Ravelry links to my project here and to the pattern here)

Please take care of yourselves. and make it a point to find moments of joy and gratitude this weekend … if you’re reading this next week, I’d love for you to share what you found in the comments – unless you’re compelled to share Book Words, which would bring joy and gratitude to me! xxoo.

12 thoughts on “TGIF | Late June.

  1. I can mostly relate to your bookwords. Personally I might add ‘grammar’ as a LOVE and ‘romantic’ as an I DON’T

  2. Thank goodness for books and the respite they have given me from the horrors of what is happening in real life! Every time it seems we’re making some progress, we are set back in some big ways. I am so angry and so exhausted. If I didn’t have books and knitting, I think I would be a miserable person to be around!

  3. his decision hit me hard. Yesterday it was friends that got me through. Being with them (you) at least made me think about the books I love and the laughing we did chased away the tears.
    Book words: absorbing, lyrical, nonlinear, fascinating and unique story telling, humorously serious, and provoking, for just a few.

  4. My word for the week (?? Perhaps the rest of the summer for sure…) is FRAGE (coined by the Sarcastic Lutheran) and it fits perfectly for the fear and rage I am feeling… a SCOTUS that is taking away rights faster than we received them (Guns having more rights than me is really bothering me) miranda being a “maybe” now? And people coming right out and boldly saying that Plessy-Furgeson/Brown V Board of E are next (along with birth control, sexual freedom, and marriage equality.)

    My heart is broken, I am terrified for my daughters, and grand-daughters, and really for all marginalized people in every corner of this now starkly divided nation… The Ship of Hope has sailed… I can find none.

  5. AS Karen says, the noise of the world is loud! I’m trying to remain peaceful and quiet (not easy). Beautiful sweater Mary = love that color.

  6. The new top looks darling on you. I like the V-neckline for the front. I love the peek at your book journaling. I want to give some thought to the book words as that seems like a useful thing to do. As Karen says, the noise of the world is loud. It is also frightening. I’m ever so grateful for friends, in person and in this blogging community.

  7. That gun safety bill totally got overshadowed, didn’t it? It’s too bad because that is SOMETHING to be happy about. It’s not perfect, but it’s progress.

    Thanks for that video of your reading journal – so inspiring! When I first read this on Friday night, I ended up sitting at my desk until way too late and working on my own. I’m going to try to share some things from it either this Wednesday or next.

    Book words I am FOR: WWII, France, toast and tea, delicious food, leather satchels, family secrets, and secret gardens. Those details will pull me in every time 🙂

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