TGIF | Early June.

Hello friends, it’s Friday! I’m still adjusting to the rhythm of getting out of the house in time to host a hybrid meeting at 10am (I got pretty comfortable these last two-plus years hopping into the shower at 9:30 and just showing up on screen) … it feels nice (right now anyway) to make a little effort and for sure seeing folks in person feels priceless. I hope that feeling lasts (and lasts)!

Thinking aboutgetting unstuck. (and thank you for all your kind, helpful, encouraging comments on that post!)

Grateful for … Lucy McBath’s leadership on gun control legislation. Here’s the post she shared on Instagram yesterday (I added those orange hearts when I shared it to my stories).

Inspired by … kids raising money for a worthwhile cause! They set up this cookie and lemonade stand near the lake – it’s a busy street in the afternoons and there was a steady stream of cars stopping, and even a few pedestrians. I was happy to pull over to make a donation, and delighted they said I could share their photo!

Finally … officially photographed! (details on Ravelry here.)

Katie, Sara, and I are joining the March for Our Lives in Atlanta tomorrow. I’m hoping for a great turnout and very grateful the girls are handling the logisitics (all I need to do is get myself to Katie’s in the morning).

Wishing you the best weekend available!

10 thoughts on “TGIF | Early June.

  1. This looks like lots of positivity and things moving forward in a good direction (and all while wearing a new sweater)! Way to go!

  2. How amazing that you’re joining the march. I’ll be thinking about you today! Your sleeveless top is so pretty and it looks great on you. You’ve styled it perfectly 🙂

    And as always – love your porch knitting picture!

  3. Those are some enterprising young people doing some fundraising for a good cause. I laughed at the “Venmo accepted” sign! The top looks fantastic on you.

    I hope the march today is a success. We have one here and I tried to get my kiddo to go, but she’s still uncomfortable around crowds.

  4. Hope the march was both fun and a success. So nice to see the kids raising money for such a good cause (love the pink car!!). HOpe your weekend was a good one.

  5. Hoping the march felt good, and powerful…
    The new knit top looks great on you! And I *love* the shorts. Would my memory be correct that you made those? Seems I recall seeing them in a past sewing post (and loving them as much the first time around!?)

  6. Woefully behind but catching up. I can’t believe how big those boys are (even though I have a similar batch of kiddos… but still unbelievable)!! Love all the family photos — with your mom, your sister, your daughters, the boys. xoxo

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