Looking Back | May.

The question is, shall it or shall it not be linear history. I’ve always thought a kaleidoscopic view might be an interesting heresy. Shake the tube and see what comes out. Chronology irritates me.”

Penelope Lively, Moon Tiger

In many ways, chronology irritates me too, but … the magic of these monthly collages is that they tell a story without any words. Of course I think the words matter too (hence 100-ish posts here featuring a monthly collage followed by words) and yet … wouldn’t it be cool to put those 3,000+ images into a kaleidoscope and see what comes out. I wonder if I’d even recognize some of those images without the chronological perspective? I’d certainly like to think I could name and place the faces. does anything else really matter? I’m still pondering that question, while taking photos and choosing one to represent each day. and now I’m totally obsessed with the idea of printing ALL those photos and tossing them into the air (how tall is a stack of 3,000 photos? I think I’ll need helpers!) and seeing how they land!!

Case in point. I was fascinated by the magnolia blooms this month. in my yard, on my morning walks. they’re cool to watch and oh my goodness they smell amazing.

I’m sure I’ve always been just as fascinated. and I’m not sure when the tree in our yard started being that interesting.

I think I’ve already shared enough about the life draining stuff … I’m going to move right into the rest of the regular program:

Life Giving: learning to really be OK about cancelling (and hopefully rescheduling) plans. knitting in person with friends. making dinner for Leslie’s family, and then being there with them when they celebrated her life. helping Katie raise money for Moms Demand Action. seeing Marc share golf with Charlie and Sam.

A (short) Happy List: porch time. Mother’s Day with my girls, and then with my mom (all in person!). Julia and Hacks season 2 on HBO Max (a treat from switching to DirectTV streaming). Coastal Grandmother playlists (embracing the “coastal grandmother” vibe?!). Sam’s dimples. Lake time with my family.

Looking Back always gives me perspective. These posts never fail to remind me more of the good than the bad. I’m sure this tendency to self-select a positive story is self-protective. I also think it’s hopeful.

What made your happy list in May?

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  1. Beautiful pictures – that must have been an awesome weekend in May. My joy is in June with the kids up from Texas for a full week!

  2. What an awesome May you had! My joy in June is that some things are just beginning to calm down personally. I almost feel like I can begin to deal with one thing at a time (except today was a mess of three small crises happening when I was in a meeting for two hours). Now it’s time for a White Claw and tomorrow will be better!

  3. I also think it’s hopeful and why a gratitude list can be so powerful. It reminds us that not EVERYTHING is bad right now, despite how we might perseverate on it.

    Lovely post full of wonderful pictures. May was full of good memories for you!

    My favorite part of May was how often we spread out the quilt under the maple tree and covered it with water bottles, cut up veggies, and books. Here’s to more of those afternoons in June!

  4. Look like May was an awesome month and what wonderful new memories you have captured! Too have found magnolia blossoms beautiful and intriguing too. I miss seeing them 😊

  5. I think it’s always best to focus on the good things in life, Mary. I’m glad your photo collages help you do just that! (I love the golfing buddies. What fun for all three!) XO

  6. I see several strong themes in your month of photos: family, reading, knitting, and nature. All good things, and all things that also brought me joy. I’m not sure I’d recommend printing all those photos (because who needs more stuff?), but surely there’s some digital tool that will show you photos in a random order. I occasionally get a random iPhoto collection shared with me on my phone, and that’s always a fun little trip back down memory lane.

    Also, can I tell you how much I love Coastal Grandmother as a persona? Seems like a new social media lifestyle brand! 😉

  7. What a great month… and while you have those glorious magnolias, we have forsythia and while they don’t have a magical aroma they glow so beautifully which is such a treat after so many grey days!

    One great thing about May being over… that means school is done and that means more FaceTimes with the kids! 🙂

  8. All the celebrations, even if it means being another year older, and ending it at the lake was the best way to welcome in June.

  9. blessings abound in this post! loved seeing your husband with the boys sharing his love of golf. Life works in funny ways and perspective helps us digest it.

  10. So many great photos and moments here… I think, if I had to pick, my favorite smile would be Sam with his fish! My gosh! (And, wow, he looks grown up there.)

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