Hello June.

Hello friends and Hello June! I’m playing a bit of catchup today (and likely for a few more days) because my June started like this

…two days at the lake house my mom has rented for the holiday week. I went up early Wednesday and came home yesterday afternoon. It was relatively quiet (I have a story from last weekend to share with my May looking back post next week – and that story was decidedly not quiet, except for the sunrise) and full of some of my favorite things. sunset. sunrise. toasting a New York Times crossword finish (with my sister). lazing by the pool with a book – and a VIEW!

This morning, already three days into the month, I finally sat down with a blank journal page. Hello June!

It’s hard to believe that those boys (the calendar photo is from last summer) will be calling a new place home by the end of the month (June 29 is the official move date). It’s also hard to believe my Friday mornings are back at church – my small group and centering prayer meeting are now hybrid. Today was our test run hosting from the church – Zoom logins from “new” devices, figuring out seating/camera/microphone placement, remembering how to talk “in person” – and it all went surprisingly smoothly.

I’m letting myself look forward to a few more things: getting involved with Moms Demand Action (saying I’m “looking forward” to this feels weird; but I’ll be doing it with Katie, I have the time, and goodness knows it’s necessary and urgent work); test-knitting Heidi Kirrmaier’s newest design (I got word this afternoon I’m officially in the test group!); Saturday morning visits to the farmer’s market downtown; summer reading and my BookshelfSixty (more to come!); and of course more porch time and family time.

What are you looking forward to this month?

13 thoughts on “Hello June.

  1. Spending time at the lake sounds like a lovely way to relax. Your test knit looks like a fun one, perfect for the summer! Enjoy your reading 😊

  2. I’m excited about your test knit and about all the changes you have in store this month! I’m looking forward to having my kiddo home with me after her school year ends on Tuesday as well as some time off.

  3. That is all such good and happy stuff to look forward to in June! Many celebrations of the ordinary. Which, we know, is really extraordinary. Cheers to it!

  4. June is my favorite month of the year. The weather is often perfect, we celebrate Dale’s birthday, have our annual trip to Maine, and this year we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, too!

  5. Lovely views! I do love June… and how is it already the 5th! (in a few short weeks Winston will be TWO! What???)

  6. June is the best! I try not to plan it too rigidly, so who knows what’s in store. Hope you enjoy every moment of your month. XO

  7. I hope you get to enjoy all the June views with reading, good company, and a delightful beverage!

  8. What a lovely way to start June! I am doing my best to soak up some of the relaxation that emanated from this post.

    I have no idea what to expect in the coming weeks. I’m looking forward to the first two weeks in July – we are taking those weeks off from homeschooling and Matthew will be off for the first one. So I’m shooting for a strong finish in June!

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