Present | May 2022.

In a time of drastic change one can be too preoccupied with what is ending or too obsessed with what seems to be beginning. In either case one loses touch with the present and with its obscure but dynamic possibilities. What really matters is openness, readiness, attention, courage to face risk. You do not need to know precisely what is happening or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.

Thomas Merton, Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander (via my Centering Prayer group)

I chose this word because I needed it. and May seemed to take every opportunity to reiterate that choice. Even without the “drastic changes” Merton contemplates, I’m still stuck thinking about yesterday and wondering about tomorrow. and that key word is “stuck”. Because until I can get unstuck from those thoughts, I don’t have space for the possibilities of today. and I know that today has possibilities, maybe even good ones!

So, I’m getting back to basics. quiet mornings

… and that list of intentions.

Thank you to Carolyn for hosting this monthly check-in, and to all of you for reading.

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  1. Present is often difficult to focus on, but even ten minutes of meditation seems to help me )for at least those ten minutes)!

  2. That photo at the lake is stunning. What a gorgeous spot for a cup of coffee.

    When I am intentional about being present, I recognize how often I am NOT present. And I recognize that it’s a lifelong journey and EVERYONE – even the most devout monks and nuns – have to practice the skill of being present.

    This seems like a really good word for you this year. I love it when words are challenging and nestle into our lives to practice forever. Thank you for continuing to share your journey!

  3. One year, back when my word was balance, I came up with a list of things I needed to experience each day in order to help me feel balanced. I ended up with a list of 5 things . . . and they remain my basic foundational practices for each day. Whenever I feel “off” (out of balance, stuck, whatever. . . ) I make sure that I’ve been making time and space for those 5 things, and it makes the world of difference for me. Here’s to getting . . . unstuck. XO

  4. Getting unstuck can be so tough — there’s a reason why we call it being stuck! I hope that focusing on being present helps to get you there. That view with a cup of coffee is certainly a good place to start!

  5. That’s a great reminder. I don’t like being stuck, and find it very freeing [even celebratory] when I get un-stuck!

  6. I think that intentional living really helped me live in the moment… less what if’s and what might be’s… it was a huge help for me. I hope you find a way to get unstuck… and soon!

  7. I think getting back to basics is an excellent way of getting unstack and feeling present.

  8. Quiet mornings are simply the best…and often a life saver of sorts for me. Wishing you a peaceful time and room to get unstuck. That is a gorgeous view Mary!

  9. Getting unstuck can be very difficult. I hope your early morning practice and basics is helpful. It seems like a good idea to me.

  10. June feels right as a time for being present and enjoying each moment. Your picture of the lake is certainly a beautiful moment in time.

  11. This is real ‘word at work’ stuff here. And not easy. (I’ve been thinking of you this week, as our words–again, like last year–feel related. And I’ve felt…challenged.) Here’s to the work of letting go (another way to think of ‘getting unstuck’? in order to be present with What Is. Or, sometimes, what could be! xo

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