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Whew, friends, it’s been A Week. Like all of you, I watched horror unfold – yet again – in a classroom in Texas. I joined in prayers of lament, called my representatives in Washington*, signed up to march on June 11, and donated money to causes and campaigns. I also did a fair amount of scrolling that made me feel better in the moment and ultimately, just raised my blood pressure (maybe like many of you?!)

And. I also had in the back of mind that I needed to find joy. Last night, at my church leadership meeting, the opening devotion was about hearing too much noise. and needing instead, silence, and hugs. seed planted.

Thinking about … listening. I finished Marcus Borg’s Days of Awe and Wonder this morning and paused long over these words, from Frederick Buechner, quoted on page 229

Listen to your life. Listen to what happens to you, because it is through what happens to you that God speaks. It’s in language that’s not always easy to decipher, but it’s there, powerfully, memorably, unforgettably.

Listening to Your Life, by Frederick Buechner

Grateful for … the opportunity to listen to Katie … and to share how proud I am of the mama she is to my two favorite boys.

Inspired by … listening to my heart … I took myself to the park this morning for the first time in months. It’s still very weird to walk here by myself, but this morning I welcomed the silence on the path (there wasn’t much of that when Lauren and I walked!) so I could enjoy the “noise” of the running water (image above), the birds, and the rustling leaves.

Fun … listening to my gut and then my head … I fiddled with the Sille pattern and ended up with a sleeveless top that works!

click the image to see my notes on Ravelry

On the way to the park, I listened to Sarah and Beth (podcast link). It’s another must-listen and I love the words that Sarah shared to close out her piece in this week’s newsletter: “I wish ‘better’ for all of you…wherever you find it.”

xxoo, M.

*…to express my thanks. and to let them know I’m fully supportive of their efforts to pass any and all legislation that might help. Lucy McBath is my Representative and she got into politics because her son was killed with a gun. and of course I have TWO Democratic Senators. I left voicemails for the Senators (including a tearful pledge for Warnock that I was supporting his re-election campaign) and spoke with a staffer in McBath’s office. Sadly, redistricting means she won’t be my Representative after this year (and I’m likely to be back in the position of calling to express displeasure, not thanks when I call that office), but I’m supporting her run in her new district (she won the primary!). I made a lot of calls and left a lot of voicemails in 2017-18, and then I didn’t … it just seemed like a waste of time. So for everyone who thinks their time has been wasted this week … nope. not at all.

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  1. I have begun sitting on my patio in the morning/late afternoon. I read. But, I sit and reflect on different things. I listen and watch the birds. It not only lows me down, but, relaxes me. Sometimes when get up to go in the house, I find I have been there for a couple of hours.

  2. Very hard week, indeed. I did find some solace in Morgan Harper’s book, Peace Is a Practice.

  3. On my walk today I heard a noise that I didn’t recognize. I stopped and looked up to see a blue heron trying to chase the crows away from a tree. I hope there is a nest. Those boys are just wonderful and looking so grown up!

  4. Love your finished top Mary! I find that the quiet of our backyard is the most restful place to escape the noise of the world. Being able to sit on the patio with coffee, knitting or a book is now a morning routine.

  5. You make an excellent point about thanking the representatives who support the things we want. I often feel, living in Massachusetts, that there’s not much I can do, but I am going to call Senator Warren and Senator Markey and thank them.

  6. We had a wonderful representative in Congress for many years who is now deceased. I remember Louise saying that you MUST contact her even when you know “you’re preaching to the choir.” Being able to say I’ve had “x number” of calls or emails from my constituents is critically important. I make sure to contact my representative and my senators although I do know I’m preaching to the choir. It’s been a very difficult week, and it’s hard to find hope that anything substantive will be done to protect our children.

  7. It seems like we’ve all been saying “what a week” almost every week, almost always due to violence. I’ve written letters, made donations, and tried to knit some peace into my life. Your park is beautiful; I would want to walk there all the time. Sille looks beautiful also!

  8. You are very lucky to be represented in Congress by individuals who agree with you. I have 2/3, and the one who doesn’t is on his way out, so I’m hoping he’s replaced by someone with views closer to my own. I think you’re right that they need to hear from us even if we know they agree with our positions — but I wish we didn’t have to contact them so often. I got an email back from Senator Casey this morning (a form email, but I understand) thanking me for contacting his office and listing all the legislation he supports related to gun control. I’m sure I’ll get a similar response from my member of Congress, though I’m sure if I get a response from Pat Toomey it’ll be full of NRA talking points. Grr.

  9. That sleeveless top looks gorgeous on you! And such a good, important point–a call to say thank you. I’ll bet they don’t get enough of those.

  10. This is Utah, any talking is a waste of time. I talk to people in my bubble just so I can survive.
    Your Sille is so beautiful and fits perfectly. You’ll have many days ahead when it’s just.the.thing. Wear it well!

  11. Your sleeveless top is just lovely. Enjoy it!

    Thank you for this quiet post full of lovely pictures. There’s so much work to be done, it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed by it all. But there’s always a place to touch down – listening to the birds, watching the flowers bloom, and laughing with the little ones. Those things all help me stay grounded!

  12. Great thoughts, Mary. (although, I called and asked my senators to not just talk the talk… but to actually bring a bill! And my gosh, Toomey listened! He is part of the bi-partisan group trying to do something in the senate)

  13. Love your new top! Happy you were able to make the arm holes work out. As for contacting my senators, I’m in Texas. I emailed both Cornyn and Cruz. Cruz’s voicemail has been full, but email seemed to go through. I don’t hold any hope there but he’s gonna hear from me. Received an automated email from Cornyn. I know he has been in favor of some small steps. I put my hopes there.

    I am grateful for you Mary, and the other knitters in the online community. It’s nice to know there are others out there who think like me.

  14. What a beautiful summer top. Those little boys are precious. My representatives don’t agree with my views but still I believe they need to hear from me. We have work to do.

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