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Well friends, it’s the end of another week. Our plans for today were rescheduled due to COVID exposure, which is, I guess, our new normal … and I’ve been seeing the bright spots in the resulting free time. Not that I tackled any of the to-do’s still left on my list. nope! I took a longer than usual walk, finished a book, and enjoyed the space in my day.

Thinking about … a(nother book!!) project to mark my milestone birthday in November. Last fall, I decided not to tackle something as big as I did for my 50th, and I didn’t feel like I needed a whole year to do something smaller. So now I have about six months left of my 60th year (which will end on my 60th birthday) … how about making a big dent – as in SIXTY! – in my ever-growing TBR list!? I started making a list and without even thinking too hard I had 60. (Click the image to read the words. Titles in purple are ones I don’t yet own, including four that haven’t been released yet. The paper covers are leftover from last year.)

Grateful for … a second cancer-free check-in for Marc. Wednesday was his sixth month post-surgery and his blood test showed negligible PSA. He’ll have two more three-month check-ins and if they’re both that good, he’ll move to every six months.

Inspired by … a story I saw somewhere on Instagram showing an orange seltzer topped with espresso to try mixing a non-alcoholic drink! Nespresso is featuring a limited edition “Exotic Liminha” and I ordered a sleeve to try it. This morning, I mixed up a 2:1 batch of mint simple syrup (the mint is already going gang-busters in our herb garden), chilled a can of lime seltzer (nothing fancy – just the Kirkland brand), and brewed a pod of the espresso (it’s a double shot – 2.7 oz) and put it in the fridge. After lunch, I mixed my drink. I started with a highball glass full of ice, added the espresso and a teaspoon of the simple syrup, stirred, and topped with the seltzer. Y’all … it’s delicious. and it’s non-alcoholic. and doesn’t taste like it’s missing anything because of that.

Now I’m inspired by the possibilities! I other other seltzers, other herbs and spices, and plenty of espresso (including lots of decaf!)

Finished … here’s a sneak peek at Laia! Marc took the “official FO” photos, but I haven’t had a chance to review them yet. I was pleasantly surprised with this finish – it fits great and I think the Lindy Chain is a perfect summer yarn for it. More to come…

We shared these words from Steve Garnass-Holmes in our prayer group this morning. I leave them with you.

I give to you a heart of serenity,
the grace to be undisturbed
even as chaos surrounds.

I give to you a heart of harmony,
that you may be forgiving,
knowing you are forgiven.

I give to you a heart of hope,
confident in the grace that moves
unseen and vast.

I give to you a heart of acceptance,
to be present with what is
even if it is not what shall be.

I give to you a heart of wholeness,
that you may know you belong
and all that is within you be healed.

I give to you a heart of gentleness,
to live graciously with all,
even those who are not at peace.

I give to you a heart of love,
that you know you are my Beloved,
and be at peace with all.

Peace, by Steve Garnass-Holmes

16 thoughts on “TGIF | Bright Spots.

  1. So much good here! A beautiful prayer there…I love the universality of it. Very fun book project to wrap up the last 6 mos. of 60. HOORAY for Marc! Big, big celebration there. And the drink. I have to say, nothing about it *sounded* appealing to me (I take my coffee black)–but it *looks* fabulous!! A fun one to try come summer, for sure. (Especially since I’m always looking for ways to use my–yay!– simple syrups. Happy weekend to you 🙂

  2. What a beautiful prayer/poem. Thank you for sharing it. The sweater looks wonderful. Hooray for your husband’s good check-up. Have a good weekend.

  3. I love that poem and I need a heart of serenity right now. I love your book project and I see a few on the list that are on my list/shelves too. Looking forward to seeing more of that beautiful pink sweater

  4. Your book project sounds amazing – I’ll be here to cheer you on!

    And thanks for the drink recipe – it sounds delicious. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love the poem and the sweater. Not sure about fizzy coffee, but am willing to be your guinea pig! Yea for 6 months of clear results!

  6. So happy to hear Marc’s good news! I would never think to combine coffee with mint or lime, but I am intrigued by this idea. I now have a Nespresso machine (my parents received one as a housewarming gift when they moved into their place and never used it, so I took it off their hands), and this seems a good a reason as any to try it out.

  7. Marc’s news is the best! Your book project is quite amazing and you have some great reading ahead of you this year. There are a few I know we’ll be reading together and some we can make buddy reads. The poem of Peace is one we can all keep close in this moment.

  8. I’m so glad that Marc’s checkup went well! Thank you for sharing such a lovely poem…I need to read that everyday!

  9. Beautiful words Mary, thank-you. So very happy to hear Marc’s good news! And the drink…anything with coffee in it sounds worth trying to me!

  10. Wonderful news about Marc!!! And another beautiful top. 😍 If anyone could finish a book challenge like that it would be you Mary. I remain in awe of your knitting and reading abilities. 🤩

  11. What a beautiful poem(prayer) Mary, thank you so much for sharing it with us. Such great news about Marc too! I absolutely love your finished tee, which reminded me I need to order some Lindy Chain yarn for a couple to projects I’ve been thinking about. As always, you have a wonderful reading challenge that you’ve created for yourself and in know you can do it!

  12. The absolute best is Marc’s news! YAY for that. You reading list looks intriguing (some I have read, some are on my TRB and some I’m not sure about…). The poem you shared is simply beautiful. I love the line: “the grace to be undisturbed.” — sometimes that is SO HARD!!

  13. I am echoing all the cheers for Marc’s excellent news! That is really wonderful! I hope your weekend was full of good things!

  14. I am so pleased to read of Marc’s good news for you all … Thank-you for the introduction to these lovely prayers – they are very insightful and inspiring. Pretty in pink! What’s not like? Looking forward to the Big Reveal photo- shoot!

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