TGIF | Mid-May.

Friends, we made it to another Friday, and that’s always something to celebrate. It’s also my nephew’s 27th birthday and that’s an even better reason! Here’s a look at more of my Right Now through my favorite lens.

(Not) Thinking About … Summer Book Bingo. It had a nice run and I’m really grateful for all the fantastic reading we shared over the past summers. If you’d still like to play along, I did update the link so it says 2022. Please feel free to grab, play, share, and have fun with it! (Link)

Grateful … to have a Good News to share!

Katie & Rob (and my two favorite boys) will be moving to Milton – that’s the city name mostly covered by the 18 minute flag – next month!! a mere 7 miles from us – without any highways (and apparently there’s a pizza place on the way). To say we are delighted would be an understatement. That little triangle of green just before the last left turn (almost to Katie’s) is a ball field … we expect there will be a lot of baseball in our future!

Inspired byKym’s recent SSP finish to pull mine out and take stock. This was the project I was working on for the last few weeks with Holly and just wasn’t ready to have it be finished. I knew I was getting close, so I set it aside at the end of March. Imagine my surprise when I counted the stitches and realized I had one more row to knit before it was time to bind off (I guess end of March me knew that, but mid-May me forgot) … per the pattern. I have a decent amount of yarn left, and I think I’m going to add some more ribbing. That pink finishing POP! was one of the things I loved about the colors I chose, and another inch would be great. It feels good to have this project out again … with a plan for finishing it.

Finished! … the Daily Pullover (not a Ravelry link) made its official debut – as in got photographed AND updated on Ravelry – today! I actually finished the sweater back in April, and even wore it in Beaufort (Friday), but it just didn’t work to get photos. So I brought it home, reblocked it (for that “just finished” look), and waited for a better day. which was today.

I’m delighted with everything about this sweater and plan to knit it again (at least once). The question is when and in what color (I have three possibilities in stash … at the moment!)

And that’s a wrap for me this week. Wishing y’all the best weekend available.

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  1. I’m thrilled for you that Katie, Rob, and the boys will be a mere 7 miles away! Ryan is almost an hour away, but it’s a lot closer than CO and it’s so nice to have him with us for family birthday celebrations and get-togethers. Your SSP is lovely and I’m glad you’re ready to finish it. I wish you happy memories of Holly as you knit more bright pink.

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize they were going to be that close. Love the FOs and I’ll have another by tomorrow-yea. Can’t wait to knit this pullover as well. This Friday the 13th was very scary unless you count the amount of protein we ate at lunch !!!!

  3. I’m so glad to hear it’s official! I predict a lot of pizza dinners along with baseball in the future!

    The sweater looks great — the collar is my favorite part! I can understand putting the shawl aside given the emotions connected to the time you were knitting on it, but I am also excited to see it done. And hooray for book bingo!

  4. That is great news and the sweater is so pretty. I also love the shawl colors.

    I have been thinking I wouldn’t do book bingo and had been working on a list of books (from my huge to be read piles) that I really want to read this summer. There is a series of 3 books from Nora Roberts that I have had for years and the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series that I want to finish up along with some others.

    1. I read the first Sookie years ago and thought it was a hoot – and even better than the TV show which I loved. Enjoy your summer reading!

  5. What exciting news for your family! And I love your finished pullover – so pretty. And your SSP shawl looks like so much fun – how surprising that it’s already nearly finished!

  6. I’m so happy that Katie & Rob and the boys are moving closing to you and Marc! Hurrah!

  7. So many good things to celebrate!! Mid-May is treating you well. What delights. And thanks for updating Book Bingo and giving the option!

  8. How wonderful that those boys will be closer! That is certainly something to celebrate! (perhaps with a Pizza Party! lol)

  9. You must just be over the moon, Mary! It will be so nice for you all to be that much closer — with an easy drive AND pizza. The knitting all looks great, Mary. That is such a nice pop of pink — and the sweater looks like a good wardrobe staple. Nicely done.

  10. So much good news in your post. The sweater is fabulous, the shawl is amazing (love your color choices) and having the boys near will make for a very busy and fun summer!

  11. Love your sweater and your SSP shawl (great pop of pink!!), but mostly I love hearing that Katie, Rob, Charlie & Sam will be moving closer to you!! Woo-Hoo!!!

  12. Seven miles between you and that little family sounds heavenly. I always marvel at how knitting projects reflect my emotions at the time I am knitting them. I hope the cheerful pop of pink reminds you of bright days with Holly.

  13. How wonderful to have family closer! (and a smidgen envious!) – you will have so many lovely times together … You look wonderful in your new jumper, and that colour really suits you.

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