Hello May.

We need to pay attention. Really pay attention. Lest we become blind to the awe and wonder that fills our days.

Marianne Borg, from the Foreword to Days of Awe and Wonder, by Marcus Borg (p. xii)
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Hello May!
I started this book yesterday morning – reading the Foreword written by Borg’s widow Marianne and the Afterword written by Barbara Brown Taylor. I filled up several pages in my journal taking notes. Paying attention to the awe and wonder that fills our days feels like the perfect attitude for May … not only because it fits so well with my OLW – Present, but also because it helps immensely to have that focus & filter to process the local, national, and international news and my own life.

I’ve written before about how finding joy is essential to my faith. and maybe paying attention to see the awe and wonder that fills our/my days is, too. Seeing awe and wonder leads to joy. at least for me.

So this month, I’m going to pay attention. really. I’m going to see that awe and wonder and pause to give thanks.

I’ll start with the rhododendrons I saw on my morning walk. spotted with raindrops from an early morning thunderstorm (that woke us up before 4am) that ended just before my walk.

…I’m also supporting people and organizations that will ensure EVERYone has the same privilege/opportunity I do to find that awe and wonder. and for sure my vote in our Georgia primary is going to continue to reflect that.

xxoo, M.

14 thoughts on “Hello May.

  1. Straight to the heart here, that’s for sure, Mary. You say it succinctly + beautifully.
    It’s taken me some time, but I’ve reconciled the critical need to embrace joy in the midst of all the, well, hell, to put it bluntly, of our times. You really underscore that here, and after a few days of angry tears, I appreciate landing here this morning.

  2. Thank you for the reminder that awe and wonder do exist, at the same time as war, division, loss of reproductive rights, and the overall feeling that the world may be going to hell in a handbasket. I need that reminder and I need to pay attention.

  3. I read this book in 2017 (thanks Goodreads!) but think I’ll pull it off the shelf for a reread.

  4. Very nicely put Mary. These days are dark and disheartening, but it is important to take a moment, pause, and find the wonder and awe. It’s there, even in our darkest hours.

  5. These are certainly troublesome times. Looking for joy, awe, wonder, and hope . . . are our best ways forward.

  6. In these difficult times we need to seek out awe, wonder, and joy everyday and hope for better times to come. Thank you for sharing this, Mary!

  7. Thank you for writing this. I’m really trying to enjoy the small things right now thanks to all of the news. We’re on such a rollercoaster and it’s important to ground ourselves with joy.

  8. I think you’ve got the right approach — when faced with horrifying news/events, giving in to despair doesn’t do any good. We need to find joy where we can and use the lift it gives us to fight back against injustice.

  9. That rhododendron is so beautiful! I really love May 🙂

    Now, if my weather would just be May-like! LOL

  10. Raindrops on blossoms always brings me awe and wonder. As does the blue sky (feeds me full every time I look up)! Awe and wonder are synonymous with joy and delight. At least they’re the two words I think of most often when I see something that lifts my heart. (I love that true feeling of a flutter in the heart.) Watching for awe is how I get through the days that seem to get darker and darker. My world is not so dark and by being present I feel more helpful and less dire.

  11. Words to embrace Mary! The times are challenging for certain. And I’m with you regarding EVERYONE. We had a small town election this week and there was a lot of contentious chatter about. Good news-reason was elected!

  12. Awe and wonder are in the smallest of details. Children are very good at helping us see them.

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