Beaufort 2022.

Welcome home me! Our 12th(!!*) visit to Beaufort was memorable in all the good ways. I just spent a few hours looking back at this year’s photos and previous years’ blog posts (#beaufort) and wow. This place is rich with memories for my family and I’m beyond grateful to add another entry to our Beaufort Album.

Thankfully, Beaufort appears to have weathered COVID well – there were plenty of shops and restaurants open, and a good mix of old favorites and new choices. We ate out once – lunch on Friday, with a lovely view of the waterfront from the patio … and our server’s thumb 😉

Here we are after lunch

out to lunch on Friday – me, Lydia, Karen, Charlie, Polly

and here’s what the rest of the weekend looked like:

morning walks with Lydia – almost 11 miles over the four days

late afternoon and evening walks with others

checking out the sights

Robert Smalls’ church and home … and lots of benches!


Five Crowns, Bananagrams, and UNO Flip

pretty flowers, and even some #blueskyblooms

porch time

Sunday afternoon

a little yarn shopping – the shop changed owners last summer and the new owner is delightful, and she has wonderful taste in yarn

yarn for another Ankers Summer Shirt and Ship Shape (Ravelry links)

and of course – plenty of good food and drink, shared with some of my favorite people

The late April weather was perfect (maybe our new favorite time to visit?) and for the first time ever, we enjoyed church on TV. Charlie is still playing the organ for a church in Hilton Head and their services are now live-streamed. and he still played plenty of Bach.

Just like the town of Beaufort, our weekend was a fine mix of old and new … amazingly, we have not set the weekend for next year’s visit, but I expect that might happen soon.

*We first visited in 2007 and decided quickly it would be the destination for our (mostly) mother-daughters’ annual weekend. We missed 2011 for my dad’s health, 2013 for Katie’s wedding, and 2020-2021 for COVID. and now I am officially done counting up the years and I think it’s going to help that 2022 = 12 years, 2023 = 13 years, etc. It will be easy to remember!

16 thoughts on “Beaufort 2022.

  1. Welcome home! What an amazing trip. So glad you were able to make it back this year and the weather looked gorgeous. !!

  2. This is a highlight for me each year. You all mean so much to me. I am glad we have a connection that will never be broken.

  3. What a wonderful tradition Mary. It’s always fun to see your Beaufort adventures! Our annual Charlie sighting! 🙂

  4. Having family members that are friends and you can share such a delightful weekend with them is priceless!

  5. What a lovely trip. Pictures are so pretty and it looks like a marvelous time was had by all! Welcome home.

  6. I’m so glad you had such a lovely trip, Mary. I thought about you. . . So glad you were able to get away to such a special place with your special people. XO

  7. You look so darn HAPPY in those pictures, Mary. So glad you got to resume a beloved tradition! And what gorgeous flowers. Beaufort looks intoxicating!

  8. This looks like such a great weekend and I’m thrilled you could finally do this again! I love all the photos and I want to sit on that porch!

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