TGIF | Mid-April.

Happy Friday, friends! It is full-on SPRING here in Atlanta and the warm sunny blue skies have done wonders for my frame of mind. The forecast shows lots of rain and cooler weather for the weekend, and I am taking all my PRESENT lessons to heart and celebrating right now!

Thinking about … how I might transition my Lenten practice of 30-45 minutes of spiritual reading each morning to a more permanent morning routine. That early time is my best “reading to learn” time and I am loving the possibilities. Lent officially ends tomorrow, but the Easter season extends through May. more to come.

my sister Karen, me, my sister-in-law Lydia

Grateful for … these two ladies. friends who are family. who live close enough to get together for a Friday lunch and choose to do that (together!) when they have a day off work. also that we were all knitting. and oh my are we looking forward to next weekend’s trip to Beaufort!

Inspired … My morning didn’t go quite as planned and I had extra time (!!) before church at noon. I decided to visit the labyrinth (for the first time since last November) and it was lovely. Five months brings a whole new season. That pink dogwood pictured up top is in full bloom – beside the camellia that’s now just glossy green leaves. I found a seat a bit out of the sun where I could look up and see the leaves rustling in the breeze, showing so many shades of green. and I committed to making spending time in this space a regular practice.

Fun! … I’d pegged this bit for the “inspired” spot until my day handed me the gift I described above … and I think it works even better as Fun! My new favorite Olive & June polish is called “You’re Doing Great” and it’s the perfect orange-red-pink. It also pairs perfectly with Kate Baer’s What Kind of Woman. I know I’m a little older than Kate’s target demographic, but her poems help me connect with my daughters … and I hope with ALL women. We might be navigating different life places, but we are all … women. If I were a poet, “You’re Doing Great” is the poem I would write for all of us. it would likely be just that one line, repeated over, and over.

my latest manicure

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

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  1. Very few signs of Spring here so I’m enjoying your beautiful photograph! Kate Bowler has a new seven week study guide for the Easter season which I intend to do. It won’t fill your daily requirement, but you might find it interesting. My study group has really enjoyed her “Good Enough” devotional and handouts during Lent.

  2. Few signs of Spring here so I really enjoyed your beautiful photograph. Kate Bowler has a new seven week downloadable devotional for the Easter season. It’s once a week, so it won’t fill your daily needs, but you might find it interesting. My study group has really enjoyed her Lenten devotional “Good Enough.”

  3. So glad your Lenten practice is inspiring your mornings to come, Mary. I, too, find early morning–before anything else–to be the most meaningful time for spiritual reading. I suppose I feel the most receptive at that time; my mind is at its quietest. And something about the dark lends itself to introspection, for me.
    And that is one of my favorite books of contemporary poetry! I read it for my Summer Book Bingo last year–coincidentally 🙂 Happy weekend to you.

  4. Your time at the labyrinth sounds lovely, I would enjoy a visit to a place like that. Great picture of you with Karen and Lydia!

  5. It makes me smile just hearing about the things that are bringing you joy! I thought we were fully into spring here — everything is blooming and greening up — but the weather report we heard this morning said we might have some snow tomorrow morning, and it looks like a chilly start to next week with highs only in the 40s. I guess I’ll be able to wear my new sweater a few times before it gets packed away!

  6. Still waiting for spring here although the glimpses we have had are lovely. Was hoping not to wear wool on Easter but . . . Can’t wait to hear about your early morning reading time. I am on the sleeping later route these days but my afternoons have been perfect for some focused reading time.

  7. I hope you had a good weekend, Mary. It looks like your lunch with your sister and SIL was wonderful – what a great way to enjoy the present while still looking forward to your trip!

  8. I love the idea of time at/walking on a labyrinth – and even better with glorious blooms in view. What a nice picture of you, Karen and Lydia – enjoy your upcoming trip!

  9. Lovely to read your up-beat words and imagine you resting in that beautiful place … Smiling because here in our cool climate we’d be looking to sit IN the sun at this time of year, not out of it :). Wishing you many blessings in your early morning space …

  10. love the photo of you with your family friends, a happy picture! Spring is trying it’s best to be here and this weekend will be glorious! I’m all in!

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