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Elorie! (Ravelry link)

I finished this one last week and it took a couple of tries to get photos. Yay for blue sky mornings with a few clouds to debut a blue sweater that goes perfectly with white jeans!

Elizabeth Doherty patterns are always perfect; all I have to do is follow her instructions, and knit. The slipped stitch patterns on the yoke kept me entertained and the plain stockinette body went quickly on size 10 needles.

This pattern also gave me a chance to use a lot of other needles that hadn’t been out to play in years – sizes 10-1/2, 10, 9, 8. along with a 5 and 7 for the neckband. whew!

I used the pattern-suggested Quince & Co Kestrel, which I purchased back in March 2020 (yep, this one has been in my queue for a while). The yarn was great to work with and I love how it finishes – especially because I washed and dried in the machine! The yardage on each skein isn’t great, but I avoided having lots of ends to weave in by using a sort of sewn join (of course it didn’t occur to me to take photos, but if you ever want me to share details, just let me know). I was a little worried about all those joins, but they held up fine in the wash (and dryer). This is good, because the linen is going to “grow” quickly, so I expect I’ll be washing and drying after every couple of wearings.

… and here’s one final photo for a laugh (you’re welcome)

Happy Friday – and wishing you the best weekend available.

15 thoughts on “FO Friday | Elorie.

  1. That sweater is so lovely! I might need to move it back to my queue. And I definitely want to hear more about that sewn join.

  2. Another beautiful sweater…beautifully modeled–AND, I love your shoes! Are those brown leather ballet flats? I swooned. Happy weekending to you, Mary.

  3. It looks so great on you! And I have to say WOW to a sweater that: 1) was knit up using Size 10 needles (!); and 2) can go in the washer and dryer (!!). You’ve styled it perfectly and this is such a fun post! Well done!

    (are those Tevas?)

  4. It looks fantastic on you! I have a feeling you’re going to be wearing it a ton, too — it looks like it’s really comfy.

  5. It looks great, Mary. Really lovely design — and a perfect color for you, too. I’ve always loved the look of that pattern. 🙂 I’ll be eager to hear what you think of the Kestrel, longer-term. I knit a tank with it . . . but ended up giving it away. It just stretched out too much, and made me a little nuts! (I have pretty much zero luck when I knit with linen.)

  6. That is a lovely sweater! But oh boy… you are so right about the incredible growing Kestrel. It really is not nice…that growing fact… it’s really rather ugh. (I can’t make 2 washings anymore… it’s one and done now, sadly.)

  7. Another beautiful sweater off of your needles. Someday I’m going to knit an ED pattern. I believe I have one in my Rav library.

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