Looking Back | March.

How we spend our time defines who we are. There is no magical future. Today is our future.

Mary Pipher, quoted in Kate Bowler’s Good Enough

In my mind (and my heart), I’m tempted to look back at this month as the one with the empty chair. But these photos remind me it was so much more, and that empty chair hosted some wonderful times with books (that look back coming soon), knitting, FaceTime & Zoom, and more than one afternoon nap.

Life Draining: the continued war in Ukraine. learning that two friends are very ill (one in hospice, and one learning her cancer has returned). sleepless nights.

Life Giving: all the texts, emails, phone calls, and conversations acknowledging Holly’s passing. books&reading&book connections. afternoon naps (and early bedtimes). Yogi bedtime tea. and a host of “agains” – a manicure routine, seeing my sister in person, Met Live in HD, and a dinner out followed by a live author event. A morning devotion practice for Lent that is giving structure to my days now that I don’t have to take Holly out in the mornings. Jesus De/Constructed Course with Tripp Fuller and Diana Butler Bass (giving me life and so many new ideas to ponder).

SPRING! on my morning walks

A (short) Happy List: All Creatures Great and Small season 2 (hands-down the best TV we’ve seen in months!). Signs of spring on my morning walks; also getting back to the lake. Spring playlists. Knitting! (I started and finished a sweater – sneak peek of an FO post coming soon there on the 31st and had great fun with SSP – it’s not called Slip Stitch Party (ravelry link) for nothing!)

What made your Happy List last month?

15 thoughts on “Looking Back | March.

  1. Not being as afraid of my new “ride” as I thought I would be, and visiting with Andrew make the top of the list. Blooming flowers and trees are right up there too!

  2. Recently I listened to someone much wiser than I will ever be who shared that they saw the Ukraine invasion continuing on… in the term of years. That all is just so upsetting, on so many levels.

  3. It feels awful to go on in the face of the war and atrocities in Ukraine, yet we all need to grasp as many life-giving things as we can. Even if they are an appreciation of spring flowers and hope and prayers for very ill friends. I should have taken a nap this afternoon and that would have made my happy list, but instead, I’m tinking back because of mistakes I made in cables.

  4. I totally agree about the second season of All Creatures Great and Small. I was hesitant to watch it because I didn’t think anything could compare with the first. I’m so glad I was wrong!! Utterly DELIGHTFUL. You’ve given me an idea to watch it again. Thank you!

    Your knitting looks cozy and cuddly – my favorite kind! The flowers – lovely! Your chair – full of memories. ❤️

    Ukraine. There aren’t words. I am shocked and devastated every time I turn on the news. And I keep hoping that the US would do more. So I keep giving money to my favorite charity, World Central Kitchen, and follow their hard and good work. I know that my pennies will be put to good use and feed families who desperately need it. I don’t like feeling so helpless, but know that it’s nothing compared to how Ukrainian families are feeling right now.

    (Your toes are gorgeous 😘)

  5. All Creatures Great and Small is a fantastic series and I loved season 2. Beautiful knitting and such lovely spring flowers.

  6. morning routines are what ground me but you know that. I have been thinking of the word Abundance and what it means to me in regards to my life, family and ordinary habits.

  7. Oh, Mary, you must be LOVING that De/Constructed course! I know how highly you think of DBB–what a treat!
    (We’re huge Yogi Bedtime tea fans here. Yogi tea fans, period. It’s kind of funny how much joy I glean from the words of wisdom on their tea bags!)
    So happy to hear March filled you up in so many rich ways.

  8. I’m just happy that March wasn’t a slog as it so often seems… now I’d like the rest of spring/summer to a) actually arrive and b) slow down just a tad!

  9. This post is a great reminder that even amid the sad and troubling news, there is still much to bring us joy. March for me brought time away from home in a warm place with long walks, good reading, LOTS of knitting, and color.

  10. I’m so glad you are finding slivers of happiness and joy amid the heavy feelings of loss and sadness.

  11. So sorry to read of your two very ill friends. Happy to read that you do have so much joy in your life. I always enjoy your looking back posts and this one is no exception. We also loved All Creatures.

  12. All of life’s events seem to be coming at you, the good and the bad, the sad and the hopeful. You face them all with grace and with a full heart to give them the needed attention. The blossoms are keeping me happy even when the wind is cold and our puppy has back trouble. Life is full of “always something”.

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