TGIF | Hello April.

Happy Friday, friends, and Hello April! I love Fridays and a month with five of them is going to be a favorite even if it starts out with a yellow layer of pine pollen, and includes that ominous Taxes Due date. Here’s how I’m greeting this First Five Friday month of 2022:

Thinking about … my spring/summer knitting. I have a few sweater quantities of cotton and linen blends; I want to knit some color into my wardrobe and need a few new staples. These three sweaters are first up in my queue (click the photos to see the pattern pages on Ravelry)

I have a “few” full sweater swatches for those first two, so I’ll probably start there. I’m also contemplating a new afghan for the family room. Am I crazy to think about knitting an afghan when we’re going to be turning on the air conditioner?

Grateful for … a new month. a fresh start. a month without any (planned) doctor visits or tests. and a month that promises longer days, bright colors, and maybe … something that resembles a new normal.

Inspired by … National Poetry Month, Modern Mrs Darcy’s Bookclub (we’re reading poetry in April!), books I LOVE written by poets, Lenten devotions featuring poetry … to pick up some new-to-me poets and read them. cover to cover. On my short list: Kate Baer, Joy Harjo, Natasha Trethewey, E.J. Koh (I’m fascinated by poetry in translation).

Fun … our girls’ weekend in Beaufort is happening this month! We haven’t been since 2019. (and I haven’t left the metro Atlanta area since October 2019!!) The “girls” are me, my mom, my sister, and my sister-in-law. We are going the weekend after Easter and the weather should be pleasant. It will be wonderful to just get away – we aren’t planning on doing much besides meeting up with Charlie, walking the historic streets, and visiting Sea Island Presbyterian. It’s just three weeks away; I’m going to let myself get excited about it!

What T-G-I-or-F do you have in store this month. I’d love for you to share. Life is always better when we do it together!

from this morning’s walk … just because! Happy Friday! Happy April!

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  1. I’m so excited that your girls’ weekend is a go! I am looking forward to things starting to grow outside (and starting seeds inside), reading more poetry, and spinning some more color. I’m also looking forward to Passover and having all the family around the table.

  2. I love seeing your flowers and blooms, it’s a harbinger of things to come here. I’m happy for you that your girls weekend is happening soon!

  3. The Daily Pullover is one of my favorite knits. It works so well for life (weather) in the south. I have just started a fifteen-skein afghan in Quince & Co. Tern. The last time I made an afghan, I was in my teens. It was a crocheted granny square in the colors of the seventies – avocado, harvest gold, and almond!

  4. I’m so happy to be back reading about our shared interests. . . Knitting and reading and thoughtful writing.
    Something bumped me from receiving your blog posts via email, so I signed up again and I’m getting caught up and enjoying it all!
    Blessings Mary


  5. I’ve started planning Christmas sweaters for the girls. The boys got their Affiknity ( ) sweaters last year, and I think I’m going with the Petite Knit No Frills Sweater ( ) in Valley yarns Hampden, alpaca/wool/silk. Have ordered a few skeins to swatch.

    And, no, an afghan is not crazy… Once the A/C is on, it’s fair game in the knitting department (says the woman in NCFlorida, where I’m still winning the fresh air game, though just barely; thank goodness for the evenings that cool things down).

    I’ll be working on my Kiki Mariko as we head into summer, in hopes of using it as a hearth rug in NC when our home is finished being built.

  6. You’re not crazy about the afghan. FIrst of all, air conditioning puts no season to afghans. Secondly, they take a long time to make so start early. Enjoy making the Daily Pullover. I made one in February, out of Linen Quill. It is my current favorite sweater. I also enjoyed considering summer yarns from your article.


  7. So happy you’re going to be able to “get outta Dodge” with your “girls.” That’s something really wonderful to look forward to, Mary. XO

  8. Such a lovely post…I really like the sweaters you are planning to make and hurray for a girls weekend!

  9. I’m also planning to knit an Isabell Kraemer top this summer – I’m thinking Cloudesley (Rav link: I can’t wait to see which project you choose.

    You have so much to be excited for! The Girls Weekend sounds fun. I’m amazed that you have HYDRANGEA blooms in your neighborhood right now (at least, I think those are hydrangea). Mine are still just brown sticks without any leaves. Soon!

  10. I was just thinking of you and wondering if you would (finally) get back to your girls’ weekend away. YAY!!! That should be lovely. I like your sweater choices for new knits – especially Liai!!

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