TGIF | Late March.

A few weeks ago I wrote about luxury being the fulfillment of all five senses at once. I didn’t encounter that this week 😉 but I did have moments (plural!) that fulfilled a whole TGIF all at once … something to ponder, to be grateful for, to inspire, and to spark joy … I just spent an embarrassingly long time sharing one of them on Instagram. What I want to share here is really more than just one moment … but they all happened in one day – yesterday! – and I’m still feeling that “high” they gave me.

!!!blue sky blooms!!!! from my morning walk

Yesterday was a typical fourth Thursday of the month – in the morning, I met with a small group of women at a local senior living facility to knit/crochet hats for kids, and in the evening attended a church leadership meeting. because it’s Lent, I also had an online class at 5pm. and because it’s March, that leadership meeting opened with welcoming this year’s confirmation class.

Here’s how that played out TGIF style.

Thinking about … exploring some new-to-me biblical scholars. This week’s Lenten class included a bonus conversation with the authors of After Jesus Before Christianity. I listened to that conversation on my walk, came home and ordered the book.

Grateful for … the multi-generational connections. Senior ladies not quite old enough to be my mom celebrating grandkids getting into the colleges they wanted. Confirmands too old to be my grandkids joining the church.

Inspired by … the faith statements of those confirmands. The practice in my church is that, as part of the confirmation process (it begins in January and culminates this upcoming Sunday when they can join the church), each confirmand prepares – and reads out loud, to our small group of leaders – a Faith Statement. I’ve previously mentored two confirmands, but this was my first year observing just the “end product” … and what inspired me was just how much these Faith Statements weren’t end products, but clear works-in-process.

Fun … I attended that church leadership meeting in person. First time I’ve been out by myself in the evening in over two years. I got home just before 9pm and Marc was already upstairs. I poured a glass of wine, mixed a bowl of pretzels and almonds, and sat down to read. I almost finished the book before I needed to get to bed. It felt weird and normal and amazing. and fun.

I’m reminded (yet again) that one good memory, no matter how small, helps. and one good day can make up for a … lot??!! of not-so-good ones. What a gift that we have such selective memories.

As always, I’m wishing you the best weekend available … and a T-G-I-F moment (or two)!

8 thoughts on “TGIF | Late March.

  1. I’m sitting here reading your post and smiling — because I can tell how much joy you’ve gotten from all these experiences.

  2. Multi-generational communities are such an important part of our lives, I think. For all of us! So glad you are finding fulfillment in yours.

  3. What a beautiful post. It warms my heart. Sunday was our third time to in-person church since the Omicron surge and it has been so nice to sit in the pew and listen to music and an inspiring message. We drove through and picked up some fancy coffee before coming home. The weather is brisk but we walked in the March wind and were better for having been outdoors.

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