What I’ve Been Up To.

…is not nearly as exciting as you might’ve imagined (if you even noticed I’d been absent for a week)! Mostly same old, same old:


woohoo! I split for the sleeves yesterday and am now on stockinette-in-the-round cruise control for six more inches!


Sunday afternoon … have you read this series? it’s tons of fun if you like time travel with a healthy dose of humor and a bit of romance … as I (apparently) do!

Morning walks.

from yesterday

But we did have visitors over the weekend. Our two favorite boys (and their parents) were here. It was kind of crazy, kind of exhausting, full of laughter, and I’m so glad we live close enough (in a house with plenty of beds) to be available at the drop of a text. Sara was available for Saturday dinner (also at the drop of a text) and we had our first Family Dinner of the year.

Saturday is for Sports (Sam and Charlie both play baseball, and Charlie also plays lacrosse) and then Showers

and in the midst of all that, it’s Spring. The days are getting longer – and some days anyway, warmer and sunnier. Thankfully, last weekend’s hard freeze did not kill all the cherry blossoms and Katie reports that the dogwood in their backyard is blooming, too.

I know at least a few of y’all won’t see Spring until next month … I’m sending out all the warm, sunny vibes. and looking forward to catching up with everyone in the next few days.

15 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To.

  1. The boys are growing and what fun that they can drop by now and then. Your sweater looks pretty. We had a beautiful warm (for Ne.) weekend. I can see the buds beginning to swell on the trees. Yesterday a front went through and we had a mix of wet snow (that melted on the ground) and rain. However, the moisture is much needed.

  2. Gentle walks in Spring sunshine, happy get-togethers with family, a bit of pretty knitting interspersed with light reading … sounds just right at this time. Hoping you can continue to wend your way through the weeks at a pace which feels right for you, given all that has happened in recent months.

  3. So happy to see a post from you today. Those boys are so handsome and look like a lot of fun. And yay for spring in your neck of the woods! We’re getting close; patience is required!

  4. Nothing like to little boys to keep you busy and exhausted! Our dogwoods are just starting to bloom. Our favorite for spring.

  5. Spring has arrived for you in full force with skies like that and sports teams practicing. We’ve had a couple of warm days so daffodils are blooming, but no leaves on the trees yet, and we’ve still got plenty of frosty nights. It’s great when you all live close enough to get together!

  6. I am guessing that everyone was worn out at the end of the day over that busy weekend! The sweater is looking great — no surprise there! — and will probably be perfect to wear as soon as it’s done. I noticed that our dogwood was getting some big buds right before we left town, and I hope I don’t miss its bloom!

  7. The boys are so cute and they look like they get along well! Having a house full of laughter would be so nice, but, also, exhausting! 🙂 We have crocus, jonquils (precursors to daffodils) and hellebores. I hear we could be in the high 70s by next weekend! I’m so ready for warmth.

  8. What a lovely post to read this morning!

    Put One Damned Thing After Another on my list for the local book store trip this Saturday. Thanks!

  9. Those boys look like they can be quite entertaining .. love those smiles! Such a lovely post to read today Mary… walks, knitting and family time sound perfect to me 😊

  10. The boys certainly are growing fast and they look like imps! What fun to have them (and their parents) all over and nice that Sara could join you too. Spring is emerging here and I am so happy to see it!

  11. That sweater is looking amazing!! The boys… SO BIG!! And SPRING! I actually saw a few things poking through yesterday and it was THRILLING!

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