Spring Cleaning (ish).

I mentioned a few weeks back that I’d swapped my winter decor for spring. and that was true for all the living spaces I share with Marc. My study was still a mess (books, notes, notebooks!, yarn, projects … egads I can barely find space to think about checking my email!)

Yesterday, I took advantage of that extra hour of daylight before dinner to tidy my study. I shelved and re-stacked books, put notebooks away, and then dumped the entire contents of both knitting bags (sorry, big missed photo opportunity there!). First I sorted – and gave a smile to pre-Christmas me who thought she’d knit herself a (washable) ear-warmer from the boys’ Christmas sock leftovers, and the pre-pre-Christmas me who planned to learn to crochet crosses by watching a YouTube video (I do still need to learn to crochet those crosses, so more coming at some point!), and the me-of-late who was just too distracted by all the other things to keep things tidy. As I type(,edit, retype) that last bit, I realize how seldom I pause to give myself that grace. and if you see yourself in any of those words, please know I see you, too, and I’m giving you all that grace!

Then I carted the two empty bags upstairs to the closet and brought down one … did y’all know I have a fall/winter knitting bag AND a spring/summer one? perk of working in a yarn shop?!

And finally, I carefully put the two big projects* currently in play (can we rename WIP to CIP?) into the new bag. and moved that bag from its “holding space” place where Holly’s bed used to be to the practical space beside my chair. and then I remembered to take a photo.

There is something about a clean, lightened space that must be genetic. It inspires us! and I felt that energy today. I knit on both of those CIP projects

SSP on the left and Elorie on the right

and managed to boo-boo the increase round on Elorie (the round that come after what I shared above). So I’ve ripped back, counted more carefully, and it’s fine now. (whew!)

and of course now that corner looks like this. and it’s fine too.

Some things are fine now. and some aren’t. I’m grateful I made my corner one of the ok places.

In closing, this prayer that Diana Butler Bass has been sharing in her daily emails (including this one that made me think – a lot!) has been helpful for me and I share it with you in that same spirit:

Loving God,
We pray for the people of Ukraine,
for all those suffering or afraid,
that you will be close to them and protect them.
We pray for world leaders,
for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices.
We pray for world leaders,
for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices.
We pray for world leaders,
for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices.
~ from the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

*there are actually four WIPs – the two I shared above, a (second!) sock, and a washcloth. The sock lives in my handbag, and the washcloth lives in my prayer shawl ministry bag. Neither gets much regular attention, but maybe that will be changing. Tomorrow is an Opera Wednesday! and I turned the corner on the washcloth at our ministry meeting this afternoon.

14 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning (ish).

  1. I think I like CIP but not sure how to pronounce it. Your little corner is looking cozy and full of joyful bits. I need some more linen to knit a few more wash clothes – thanks for triggering that reminder. Wondering about the new journal you mentioned a few posts back and if that is working out? I did my own spring tidying around here this morning and grateful for the evening light and the new view of a tiny bit of sun through the trees.

  2. That’s a lovely, comfortable-looking corner, glowing with soft colour. I can see why you like to be there. Such an uplift comes from tidying … and when things seem chaotic out there in the world, I know it can start to creep into my inner space too (in all kinds of ways). As always. I love to see what you are reading :). Wishing you brighter, calmer days as you knit things together in your life again.

  3. Your corner is so cozy. It must have been hard to let go of the way it was – big hugs for finding a way forward. I love these peeks into your life and how you organize/manage your knitting and reading. Here’s to a fresh spring.

  4. I’m in the home stretch of some CIPs and am looking forward to a knitting bag dump and re-organizing. Also, cleaning of my space so it’s ready for all the warm weather things. My recent quilting projects has created some extra dust.

  5. I hope that the tidying and reorganizing also helped with the emotions of losing Holly; I imagine putting something where her bed was was hard.

    The projects are looking good, especially that pop of hot pink in the shawl! Perhaps we need to start referring to them as PIPs — projects in progress?

  6. I am nodding to Kym’s comment…I was thinking that very same thing! It does feel so good to declutter and reorganize. It frees the mind to think about other things! Your corner does look so inviting!

  7. I love the look of your corner. So inviting. I’ve been in the mood to spring clean and I’m trying to do a little bit at a time. If I over-do it, I feel it in my back. So easy does it for me, but it will get done!

  8. We’re in the midst of major painting so things are getting cleaned and sorted like crazy! Your corner does look cozy and I’m sure Holly is there with you in spirit.

  9. Decluttering and tidying up always makes me feel better. Like others I can imagine it was hard to put something in the space that belonged to Holly. Your corner looks very welcoming.

  10. I ordered a new bag but it will be here in May, which will be my time to regroup and organize (although I only have two projects). Your chair looks cozy and what you need to keep working is at your fingers tips. I love being able to reach what pops into my head and make a note or a change in what I’m doing. The way the sun comes into your space gives it a spark. How wonderful to see its grace.

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