TGIF | Mid-March.

I walked to the lake yesterday for the first time in months. The neighborhood’s planned “infrastructure improvements” tore up the sidewalks and then got stalled due to weather and materials. There were still a few bits of muddy no-sidewalk, but most of it was back in place. and seeing the lake on the cusp of spring, with the sun shining, was balm to my soul. I was reminded – again! – how much getting outside, working my body, feeling the sun, seeing glimpses of green matters. Last night I had the best night’s sleep since I can remember. not sure those two things are related, and 🙂

I’m glad it’s Friday. and welcoming the chance – once again – to look at my life through my favorite lens.

Thinking about … how to keep thinking about – and living with?! – the war in Ukraine. Pantsuit Politics shared an excellent episode today that helped me put words around what I’m feeling

I started listening to the Daily where they were on the road with Ukrainian refugees, and I was sobbing so hard in my kitchen I just had to turn it off. I thought, I get it. I understand, and I don’t think anything good comes of me just being overwhelmed by this for the rest of the day when there are people here in front of me, around me who need me as well. It is just complicated. ~ Beth

And I think the only thing that does seem like something we could do is to bear witness and put in our communities and our hearts in our conversations that things are different now. This is different,  our understanding of our place in the world. ~ Sarah

Pantsuit Politics, March 11, 2022 (link)
from the bulletin cover

Grateful for … our church’s annual Gifts of Women service. It’s this Sunday and I have a small speaking part (celebrating our church’s Women’s Ministry). These past two weeks as emails have been flying, finding liturgists, tweaking the order of service, making plans … I couldn’t help but remember that the last time we had this service was March 8, 2020. That was the last Sunday we gathered in person before closing the (physical) doors for COVID. This feels like turning a corner – in a very good way. Also, Marc played golf today (not just practicing, he played, with friends!) … just nine holes, and still, it’s another corner.

Inspired by … my Lenten devotions/practices. Knowing that my mornings were going to feel empty, I started a lot – a book, a daily email devotion, an online class (and another book), a weekly podcast, and attending church regularly. So far, it’s been wonderful. I have so much good stuff to ponder. and all of it is really helping me stay present through these hard days, and this season. This week, I want to highlight the podcast, A Plain Account (Spotify link), hosted by Alicia McClintic and Megan Pardue, two (maybe not even!) thirty-something pastors who share their thoughts on the weekly lectionary texts. During Lent, they’re focusing on the Old Testament texts and the implications on/for/around land. The first episode was Deuteronomy 26:1-11 about bringing our “first fruits” to God, in thanksgiving, remembering His gifts to us. The bit I keep thinking about is those “first fruits”. Megan phrased it as “What’s in your basket?” I’m pondering what’s in mine.

Fun.Finally … I cast on a sweater. Y’all, it’s been weeks since I knitted a sweater, and months since I started one. This is Elizabeth Doherty’s Elorie (Ravelry link) and I’m using the pattern-called-for Kestrel that I bought in March 2020. So far the pattern is pretty easy, but it’s a lot of needle management. I’ve used THREE different sizes to knit that small piece! Much of the slip-stitch pattern (which comprises the yoke) is knit on a 10-1/2, so it goes quickly. and I’m loving the subtle texture of the different patterns.

and that’s it for me. Wishing you the best weekend available. and an easy time with that lost hour tomorrow night.

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  1. Walking to or near water has been one of the saving my life activities lately and I loved how Diana Butler Bass writes about this in Grounded. I do miss the ocean but I am grateful for my river and thinking in a whole new way about water and dirt these days.
    Excited for your worship service and that new sweater and longer days ahead.

  2. Walking along the water is a life refilling thing for me… what a lovely treat for you today.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Taking a walk with a stunning blue sky and the sun out sounds restorative to me! I’m especially envious because we’re supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow. Mid-March snow will probably melt quickly, but it’s still not in my spring plans. I have to compartmentalize my Ukraine concerns, especially after the bombing of the maternity hospital. I’m going to keep praying, donating, and hoping.

  4. I’m happy you were able to get out and walk to the lake again. And it sounds like you have a LOT filling your days and that it’s all good, too!

  5. I’ve really come to realize in the last few months how much my daily walk helps me to stay on an even keel. Even when it’s frigid outside, there’s something about fresh air and being out in nature and getting my heart rate up that helps to keep my stress levels manageable. I wish I had some water to walk to (I will in a week, when we go to Florida!), but for now I’m making do with seeing little green shoots push up through the dirt and buds forming on trees.

  6. My “water feature” is a canal where a trail I walk daily runs along our property line (and garden). It’s not so picturesque but it can be very lovely. I had an “accident” a couple of weeks ago and had to stop walking while I healed. I now feel I can walk (sans Mylo) part of the path again and I am very excited to have this water/walk back in my life. Here’s to keeping our equilibrium.

  7. Glad you found the walk so invigorating and refreshing. A good night’s sleep FTW 🙂

  8. I’m so glad you were able to walk to the lake again. What a way to recharge. Thanks for sharing those quotes about how to continue living our lives while knowing that there’s so much suffering happening right now. It’s hard.

    I hope you’ve had a restful weekend and are able to enjoy your Sunday.

  9. All good things, Mary! And especially getting out for that walk again! I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. XO

  10. Delighted to read you had such a good night’s sleep … hoping that fresh air and being by water continues to be nourishing and soothing. Indeed, it is hard to know how to be with the news these days, especially when our ability to respond usefully feels so nebulous. And yet, somehow, it feels a necessary solidarity despite the apparent uselessness of it. Your sweater is such a lovely shade … those needles would terrify me.

  11. I think movement and fresh air and sunshine definitely contribute to a good night’s sleep! This whole post feels like a breath of fresh air, I’d say. I hope your week is off to a good start.

  12. Walking outdoors is life-giving for me. This post is lovely. The news coming out of the Ukraine is heart-breaking while the response is heartwarming.

  13. Oh yay for turning corners! And the Lake! with my back “issues” I have not been walking and I miss it. But, I was worried about an uneven trail or ice…I can’t fall!! but soon, I hope.

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