TGIF | Hello March.

Calendar March got off to a bad start around here; I was ready to say See Ya Later before we’d barely said Hello. So I’ve decided My March started Wednesday, and I still get 30 days!

the oak tree in our front yard

Thinking about … shedding some leaves and branches. Today’s meditation from the CAC (link) drew a parallel between the oak tree that “clings so fiercely” to its leaves to our own unwillingness to let go, so we can live vulnerably and authentically. The author named her “leaves of choice” as busyness and productivity, drive and efficiency, achievement and success. Honestly, I share (some of/all of?) those leaves. The author suggests that we need to look beyond merely pruning the dead stuff to “pruning open”, a technique that Japanese gardeners use with their beautiful maple trees

When a Japanese gardener “prunes open,” he or she cuts away not only dead branches and foliage, but also often a number of perfectly healthy branches that detract from the beauty inherent in the tree’s essential structure. Pruning open allows the visitor to see up, out, and beyond the trees to the sky, creating a sense of spaciousness and letting light into the garden. It also enables an individual tree to flourish by removing complicating elements, simplifying structure, and revealing its essence. The process of pruning open turns the tree inside out, so to speak, revealing the beautiful design inherent within it. . . .

As I’m looking find new ways to engage with this world, with COVID, with my neighbors, and with that empty chair, it feels like a really good time to shed some leaves … and maybe even a few healthy branches. Enabling a clearer view to the outside – and the inside – feels like a good path.


Grateful for … signs of spring. The weather this week has been glorious – sunshine and highs in the 60’s and 70’s. The daffodils are out, trees are budding and/or leafing (we saw bits of green on the cherry trees this morning!), and all the boys (young and old!) are wearing shorts. We have another cold, wet spell next week and then maybe … maybe!?! … it will be Real Spring. I actually wore a spring cardigan yesterday! and this morning I cleaned off the porch and swapped the last of my winter decor for spring (gone are the velvet pillows, mercury glass trees, and sugared fruit – now it’s cotton pillows, painted eggs, and a bird’s nest). The photo at the top of this post was me this afternoon. Knitting on the porch with an audiobook is a true happy place.

Inspired by … Lent. Like I said above, I need a new season, and one focused on spiritual growth is especially welcome. I’ve started two books, subscribed to a daily devotion, signed up for a weekly virtual class, and committed to getting back to church (in person!). I also decided to document the season in a new journal 🙂 It’s only three days in, so too soon to tell much, except that I’m still in.

Fun … I went out to lunch with Katie today and have plans (!!) to see my sister and another friend next week. My county is green on the CDC dashboard right now and I’m welcoming the invitation to gather in person again. and on a totally different note, I’m experimenting with a few different chairs … I’ll report next week on the Goldilocks Experiment.

Wishing y’all a lovely month with clear(er) views.

xxoo –

13 thoughts on “TGIF | Hello March.

  1. That pink sweater and smile are perfect for this post. Yes to 30 days of March. After February, a short month, March always seems so long! I am loving my SSP shawl knitting and dreaming of weather that will have me knitting on the deck. Until then, I am happy to seem tiny shoots and new life coming up in the garden.

  2. Such lovely photos Mary and agree with Juliann about your sweater. I like the thought about shedding a few leaves and branches, and love the analogy of the Japanese pruning. Thank you so much for sharing 😊

  3. Pruning . . . good for the garden; good for the gardener! (Or . . . the soul, if “gardener” doesn’t quite suit you.)
    Open up to the sky! Let the light shine in. XO

  4. I think pruning is an excellent idea, even when it means shedding things we might like to do . . . it opens up room for quiet reflection when we can see more clearly.

  5. I’m so jealous that spring is really coming in your neck of the woods. We’ve had little tastes of it (things are starting to bud or emerge from the ground) but it’s been bitterly cold. This weekend we’re getting a taste of springlike temperatures but then back to rain. I’m just waiting for the huge mound of snow in the synagogue parking lot to finally melt completely!

  6. You look so beautiful in that sweater and the very idea of true spring just lifts my soul. It is gray here, but this is the back and forth season we call sprinter. The cold air is not quite ready to move on. But, signs of spring are everywhere and the lenten roses in my garden have grown to 4″. I know they will bloom on time!

  7. Yes-am hoping spring has sprung as my car needs to be desperately washed! Love the idea of pruning open, both literally and figuratively. It really allows for strong growth and sometimes really big flowers.

  8. Pruning is good and necessary for many of us after a hard winter. We’ve had a few glimpses of spring, but I know it will arrive eventually. That is a very cheery spring cardigan, and I hope you can find a Goldilocks spot and Goldilocks moments as Real Spring makes its way into your life.

  9. It also enables an individual tree to flourish by removing complicating elements, simplifying structure, and revealing its essence. — I just love this. Thanks so much for sharing it because I’m going to be thinking about it for quite some time. I’ve printed out the entire passage and pasted it into my notebook!

    I’m looking forward to learning what books you’re reading. I’ve picked up The Gifts of Imperfection again. There’s so much to learn!

    Your photos are gorgeous. Enjoy your spring weather! Everything is still icy and snowy here, with the occasional pits of mud. Lovely! 😉

  10. I was thinking about you as I read my Lenten passages today… thinking that Lent will be welcome as you mourn Holly. I hope that this season brings you peace and that you find moments of joy.

  11. Love your pink sweater and your smile. I also love the concept of open pruning (new concept to me) – how wise!! Your SSP is looking so good. I long to cast on for mine, but with everything going on I’m finding it too difficult to focus. It will happen…just now now. I think you and Juliann are reading the same devotional – it looks interesting.

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