TGIF | Making Me Smile.

Hello friends and Happy Friday … already! It’s Mid-winter break around here this weekend; the kids are out of school, traffic is light, and some folks are even traveling (to warmer places)! I snapped the photo at the top of this post on today’s morning walk. The cherry trees at the front of our neighborhood always bloom for President’s Day weekend, and those fluffy pink blossoms against the blue sky were a much-needed smile for me this morning. Here are a few other things making me smile right now:

Thinking about … Spring! I’m even looking forward to washing all my winter sweaters for the joy of packing them away.

Grateful for … good test results. Today marks three months since Marc’s prostate surgery; he had a PSA test this week and it was almost zero. He sees his surgeon next week and thinks he’ll be released to resume “normal” activity. not gonna lie, also grateful to be thinking about Marc playing golf again!

Inspired by … Kendra’s (The Lazy Genius) new polishes for Olive & June to get a bright red polish on my toes. I’ve ordered her signature “You’re Doing Great” for my fingers and look forward to flashing red-orange nails for weeks! (that red on my nails above is not Kendra’s red but clearly I’m already on board the “red nails” train.)

Nearly finished … Birkin! I snapped those photos yesterday afternoon after deciding the sleeve was gonna be fine. I’ve since finished that sleeve and started the next one (oh my aren’t we glad we only need two!)

Marc and I are headed to Sara’s in the morning to help install window treatments and a few other things, and I’ve got a Monday lunch planned with my mom, Karen, and Lydia (yay for the holiday!) In between I hope to finish Birkin and a few more books, and find a few more smiles.

What about you … what are you looking forward to this weekend?

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  1. That blue sky and pink tree are perfect for a Friday post! Your Birkin is really beautiful and so happy that you and Marc got good news. Enjoy your weekend

  2. I’m so glad for Marc’s test results. I hope window treatments help Sara feel more settled and cozy in her new house.

  3. So many happy things in this post! I am quite jealous that you can see things blooming already. After our brief thaw on Thursday (it was in the 50s and rained all day), I saw some of our hyacinths and tulips starting to poke some leaves through the ground, but we’re still at least a month away from anything even thinking about blooming, and now it’s all frozen again. Marc’s test results are wonderful news, and your Birkin is looking stunning!

    We’re also enjoying a long weekend. Kiddo had off from school yesterday and is off Monday as well (it’s the end of the term, so they have the two days off to allow the teachers to get grades together), so I took the two days off so we could have some time together. We baked challah and made Friday night dinner last night for us and my brother and sister-in-law, and we’re thinking we’ll do a family movie night tonight. She doesn’t have Sunday school tomorrow, either, so it’s four days in a row to sleep in!

  4. Love the sweater and the good test results! Doing all the things on my list-a good combination of work and play. Technology is making me smile today-am glad to have the internet to help me figure out this whole free motion quilting thing.

  5. I’m so happy to hear Marc’s test results, and it’s always fun helping kids with window treatments and other home-related things. Your Birkin is lovely, and your photo certainly looks like spring. Enjoy!

  6. Yay for Marc’s test results…and the promise of golf! Nothing better than blue skies and pink blooms. We had snow squalls yesterday! I am not amused. LOL

  7. Wonderful news for your husband. The cherry blossoms are beautiful. Thinking about color coming back into the landscape makes me happy. And yes to two sleeves and no more.

  8. I am so happy to hear about Marc’s good results! That’s just fabulous news, Mary. And your Birkin gives me hope for maybe (actually) making one for myself one day. . .

  9. I’m so glad that Marc had good test results!
    I love seeing your photos of spring blossoms, it is still winter here!

  10. Congratulations to Marc (and you!) for such positive test results. What a journey!

    And I’m loving all the spring talk in this post. Keep it coming!! And that Birkin — SO LOVELY!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, Mary!

  11. Your news is SO great! Yay! For Marc and getting out to golf just as spring is breaking. Birkin is fantastic. I love the colors and they way it fits on the shoulder shows off the colorwork to great advantage.
    Smith’s cousin and daughter (25) are here for the weekend to ski which is such a boost for us. (they are here from NH). We’re in a deep freeze and spring feels far away. You’re blossoms life my spirit!

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