TGIF | (with finishes).

I actually made it to the end of this week with most of my to-do list done. I can’t remember the last time that happened, but I know it was last year. I also know the bright blue sunny skies and warmer than usual (y’all it was 66 degrees here this afternoon!) temperatures had a lot to do with it. It all feels like cause for celebration … and being present.

Thinking about … reading projects. Yesterday afternoon I watched the Modern Mrs Darcy bookclub class I missed on February 1 “Hallmarks of a Great Book Project”. My sister and I chatted about the class and potential projects this week … she is firmly “nope!” and I thought I was too, but now I’m reconsidering. One of the project categories was “actually reading books”. and I realized that I do have two projects already in progress – reading Louise Erdrich’s backlist and reading a carefully curated Bibliobrunch shelf. I love the idea of being a completist about an author. I read all of Claire Fuller last year and loved it. I committed to Sarah Winman last year and still have two books to read. and I think I’m going to try Maggie O’Farrell this year. I also want to read the short lists for the Aspen Prize, Women’s Prize, Booker Prize, and NBA Fiction Prize.

Grateful for … finding balance. literally – my mom finished her PT this week and “passed with flying colors” (her therapist’s words) – and figuratively – that would be me.

Inspired by … a new knitting pattern from PetiteKnit – did y’all see this?! (Ravelry link) – to start thinking about warm(er) weather knits. I think this would be a perfect seasonal transition piece in favorite Holst Garn Coast held double … the only thing holding me back is choosing a color!

Finished (finally) … Musselburgh AND Revival … if all works as it should, you can click the images below and see their Ravelry pages.

and you can bet I’m looking forward to sharing that glorious WIP up above in a future (not too far away!) post … I have had the best time knitting it!

What are you looking forward to this weekend? (and do you DO reading projects?)

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  1. Love your hat (and sweater) and that vest pattern is wonderful. I have been thinking about a vest for awhile but haven’t quite found the right one. I think I need to get back to sewing now that the room shift has been completed. Hooray for your mom too. Happy Friday!

    1. I’ve been thinking about a vest, too! it’s really a very practical piece for our climate and I have NONE in my wardrobe! (what color do think I should make? gold? lilac? green?)

      1. I used to have a black cable vest that I wore over white tops all-the-time! Green might be nice but I know how much you want more yellow/gold in your wardrobe 😉

  2. Hooray for complete to-do lists and finished knits! I’m not even sure what a reading project is . . . so I guess I don’t do them! hahahaha!

  3. I think this is also going to be the year I complete all of Maggie O’Farrell’s backlist. I’d like to read more of Sarah Winman, too, and that’s certainly a shorter list. And I’m excited to see what’s on the Aspen short list; there are several on the long list that I’ve already read and some I already wanted to read (and two of them I’ve just gotten from the library in the last 24 hours!). It goes without saying that there will be a lot of Louise Erdrich on my list this year, too. I think it’s going to be a really excellent year of reading!

    1. did you see she’s got a new book coming out September 1? I think I’m going to try to finish my backlist project before then (six books in six months seems really doable right now!)

  4. I’m going for more Sarah Winman, too and I only have a couple more Maggie O’Farrell to read. Biblio just wrapped up and my TBR has SO many more books! The yoke on your sweater looks amazing!

  5. Your sweater start looks glorious and your sweater finish is beautiful. As is your hat. No reading projects for me – that would feel too much like homework – LOL. I just read for pleasure and there are plenty of books to accommodate that!

    1. I finished the body of that sweater-in-process yesterday and put it on my dress form so I could admire it 🙂 it’s the prettiest thing I’ve knit in a long time! and yes, reading for homework doesn’t sound like much fun at all, does it?!

  6. The yoke of your sweater is gorgeous!
    The only reading project I’m doing is the Erdrich read along that you are hosting.
    This weekend is a quiet one for me. I had cataract surgery on Thursday and the next one is scheduled for next Thursday. I have to have a negative covid test on Monday so I’m sticking close to home. Thankfully, I can still read, knit, stitch and watch the Olympics!

  7. Love your sweater finish and your lovely sweater yoke! I don’t mind planning projects, but reading projects are just not for me. Reading is the one place I do what I want, when I want!

  8. Lovely knitting, Mary. And I’m so glad your mom has “graduated” (top of her class, even) from PT. That’s such a good thing! Enjoy your reading projects. Me? Not my thing. (As I’m sure you’d have guessed.) 😉

    1. Thanks, Kym – it felt like a good week for sure! and I love all the comments about reading projects … and how all over the place we are about them!

  9. Your Musselburgh hat is perfect and love your finished sweater. Lovely knitting! Not sure what a reading project is, but hope you enjoy!

  10. Well done to your Mom! That is just the best news ever! 🙂

    And I love your Musselburgh Hat!

    In my old age, I am much smarter about my weekly lists… I divide them into 3 categories… start, progress, finish. It has a greater success ratio than a singular list ever did…

    And I am in Kym’s Camp with reading. 😉

  11. Love the vest! No reading projects unless you count that I am planning to read the next installment from Jacqueline Winspear and Elizabeth George’s latest Lynley as soon as they are released.

    1. Thanks, Jeannie – I ordered two colors of yarn on Saturday – will decide which one to make the vest once I see it in person. and 🙂 that Birkin yoke is one of the prettiest things I’ve knit in ages.

  12. The hat and finished sweater look wonderful on you. The new cast on is beautiful. Other than this years Erdrich – along, I prefer to read to my own liking so perhaps I don’t do reading projects. I do belong to a wonderful local book group and usually read all of the selections.

    1. my book projects are ALL to my own liking – wanting to explore an author in more depth … going to write a post about my plans … soon!

  13. Love the vest! Great news for your mom 🙂 No projects! I’m taking a music theory class and I have homework. What the heck was I thinking!

  14. Those icy blue wreaths of leaves on the dark background is stunning. I gasp every time I see it!! And your finished hat and sweater are both lovely, as usual. You are an inspiration, as usual!

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