TGIF | Early February.

Hello friends and happy Friday! I hope this post finds you warm and cozy, with a beverage of choice. As I write this, I’m bundled in my coziest sweater (in an outfit that looks a lot like the one I shared on Ravelry, except with slippers instead of boots because … inside!) It was 64 degrees here at midnight and now it’s 43, with a hard freeze predicted tonight. Nothing like what many of y’all have/are experiencing … still … brrrrrr….

January book journaling … yikes! I got really behind last month!

Thinking about … my January reading and how I want to reflect back on Reading Better this year. I did get all those tiny covers pasted onto pages, along with my notes, and I started a summary page. Trusting the thoughts will come together and I can share a proper post about it next week.

Grateful for … Sara getting settled into her new home. The photos below are a combination of ones I took on my last trip down there Tuesday and ones she took on Sunday. I’m beyond impressed with how well everything came together!

Clockwise from upper left – living, dining, master bath, master bedroom, kitchen

Inspired by … an uncharacteristically empty weekend and a cold forecast to get back to my Birkin (pictured above). I’m having a ball with the colorwork! and putting the leftovers from Shifty to good use. I had planned the rest of the dark purple for a short-sleeved pullover, but using up the leftovers and getting more color into my wardrobe seems like a better choice (and it’s way more fun to knit!)

Fun … happy sigh. I took Holly with me when we visited Sara on Tuesday and she found the sunniest spot!

Here’s to each of us finding our own sunny spots this weekend!

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  1. Sara’s home is lovely! Enjoy the quiet weekend – that sweater is amazing. Lots of cold weather here should allow for some serious cabling around here!

  2. Sara’s place looks amazing — well worth the wait! I think Holly has the right idea. I know it’s all relative, but I’d love to have 43 degree temps right now (we woke up to 10 with a wind chill of 1 and more snow on the ground). I’m sure you’re very happy to be a knitter with sweaters and socks right now, putting you in a much more comfortable place than many of your fellow Georgians.

  3. I can always find Mylo in the sunniest spot in the house, too. A hard freeze in your neck of the woods seems rather cruel. We are around 18 this morning, but I hear we’ll bounce back up to the 50s by Friday. Winter is very strange this year. No snow!

  4. Sara’s new home is so full of light! I know 43 is cold in your neck of the woods, so stay warm in your handknits. Our high for today is supposed to be 20, with 12 tonight, and that’s too cold in our neck of the woods!

    1. I love the light in Sara’s home … and can only hope it’s not too much come July/August?! Sending warm and sunny wishes your way for this week!

  5. Your Birkin looks gorgeous!! I love that wreath of leaves around the top – it’s what drew me to the pattern in the first place!

    Yay for Sara! Her place looks so pretty and I’m sure she’s excited to be moving in. August, our big cat, is VERY good at finding the sunniest spots, even during the heat of summer.

    Your entire post is bright and sunny and I just love it. Thank you for bringing joy into my life this morning!!

  6. That Birkin is stunning, the color combo is fantastic. Sara’s house looks beautiful, I think it deserves a proper post all it’s own.

    1. 🙂 Sara’s house is so pretty … and as soon as I have more to share (y’all have seen all the photos I have!) I promise I will!

    1. Thanks, Tina – I’m almost done with the colorwork, which means almost done with the yoke … I can’t wait to see how it looks!

  7. I do love all the light in Sara’s new place and I agree with Carole that it deserves a post all by itself! Your Birkin is gorgeous Mary – you sure do have a way with picking colors and then knitting them together. Colin & Mailing (now in Austin, TX) have been having colder weather than us! And they had snow…and freezing rain. So much for Mailing’s plans to bike to work. Mabel tends to find sunny spots, but she also loves going out and rolling around on the icy cold patio. She’s crazy!! Hope your weekend has been good and not too cold.

    1. LOL – the photos I shared are really the only ones I have … maybe I’ll get to visit again when the window treatments are ready. I’m looking forward to seeing how she grows into the place. She’s got so much room and the area is very cool. I’ll bet Mailing is back biking to work this week – it’s supposed to be sunny and 60 here on Wednesday!!

  8. Love the new sweater and Sara’s place looks great! I love places that have tons of sunlight. Blue skies and sunshine are wonder drugs.

  9. I have had the yarn for a Birkin of my own in my stash and ready to go for YEARS. Every time I think seriously about casting on, I read about the fit-issues people have had with the pattern . . . and put it aside again. I’m charmed with the sweater, though, and would love to give it a try. I think I’ll see how yours turns out before committing to anything . . . Sara’s house looks like a show model! Just lovely!

  10. Sarah’s new home is very calm and stylish; it must be lovely to be able to pop over. And those are lovely optimistic colours in your knitting; strong and bold, way to go :). It’s 35F here today, but we’ve been out for a good tramp across the hills all bundled up, taking a flask of mint tea with us.

    1. I am beyond excited to be able to visit Sara without needing a plane ticket or a passport 😉 … and a flask of mint tea sounds lovely for a bundled-up walk!

  11. I have the same thoughts Kym has on Birkin… fit issues (they are the same ones that I am finding with Ranunculus, I think) I like your colors though! Just gorgeous! And speaking of Gorgeous… Sarah’s home is just that! Here are to a week of sunny days (and hopefully a bit warmer than we have been!)

    1. There were lots of fit issues with the first iteration of the pattern, but she re-wrote and re-released it last year (I think last year?!) … updated sizing and re-worked a lot of the yoke … we’ll see! and yes, here’s to a week of sunshine!

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