TGIF | Late January.

What a week! Here at chez mere-et-filles, we’ve had upended plans (Sara’s closing was delayed … which meant lots of logistical shuffling), a sick dog (again, and again she seems to have rallied), and another surgery for Marc (this time oral surgery to remove a “scary lump” – his oral surgeon’s words – from his jaw). As I sit here Friday evening, we seem to be beyond the hardest parts and I’m glad to share a look at Right Now:

Thinking about … how to balance Looking Back and Looking Forward with being Present. I want to find space for all three … I just need to figure out how that works in a healthy way.

Grateful for … these last TEN months with Sara. She closed on her new home today; she’s moving in this weekend. Living with someone creates a special kind of intimacy. and that kind of bond with my adult daughter is a blessing I cherish. I’m also grateful to be helping with the move! Setting up a kitchen is my special talent … and this is going to be my fourth time sharing that with Sara.

Inspired byKirsten’s peek at a rectangular Pressed Flowers! (honestly, Obsessed by is a better description, but TGOF just doesn’t work.)

Fun … my sister is celebrating a birthday on Sunday and we gathered at my mom’s this afternoon to celebrate.

also, Bananagrams with five players goes really fast!

Thankfully there isn’t any snow in our forecast, but I know that’s not the case for many of you. Sending y’all our best Georgia wishes for blue skies (the photo above is from yesterday’s morning walk) and wishing everyone the best weekend available. I’ll see you next month!

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  1. Upended plans seems to be a theme in your world lately but look at how graciously you are rolling with those shifts. I have not played Bananagrams but I have been thinking about those poetry words that you put on your fridge and thinking that might be fun.

    1. There’s a Bananagrams Jr edition – Ellis might have fun with it, too! and I LOVE the idea of shifting magnetic words around to make poetry.

  2. Well – what a week you had. I hope life runs a little more smoothly this weekend. I love the birthday photo. It makes me happy to see families together. Sending some good thoughts your way.

    1. Thank you, Jane – being together still feels weird and uncommon enough to evoke real gratitude … I hope that feeling remains even when All This is behind us!

  3. Any one of those upended plans would be upsetting, but a whole week of them does not sound like fun. I hope that trouble comes in threes and that means that trouble is over and has left. Enjoy moving in and setting up the kitchen. I hope it all goes smoothly (and at least it’s not complicated by a snowstorm)!

    1. There was a dusting of snow in Atlanta Friday night – the ground near Sara’s home was white when we arrived on Saturday morning!! thankfully, it didn’t impact anything … just looked pretty. Holly and I are headed back down today and I’m planning to get some photos to share with y’all.

  4. I haven’t played Bananagrams in ages! I’m sure Sara is excited to move into her home and how wonderful you are helping. Such a lovely photo filled with smiles and happiness, your Mom looks great and hope she is recovering well. Enjoy your weekend Mary 😊

  5. What an exciting time for Sara! She’s fortunate to have your help with all of this, too. I hope everything with Marc is okay and happy birthday to your mom! Now I want to play banangrams!

  6. Oh my… I am sorry there was so much kerfuffle this week. But congrats to Sarah on moving and Happy Birthday to your sister!

  7. I hope by now things have calmed down a bit. I think one of the many lessons we’ve been taught by this pandemic is how to roll with the punches, but nonetheless I think we’d all like for things to be as boring as possible! I hope the move went/is going well — and that you don’t feel too lonely when Sara is officially moved out! Thinking positive, healthy thoughts for Marc, your mom, and Holly.

    1. Thank you, Sarah – things are still a little crazy, but I think we’re headed in a good direction. Holly & I are going to visit Sara again today and I plan to take some photos to share with y’all.

  8. I hope things have calmed down for you and that you have a good weekend and coming week with no surprises!

  9. As always, late to the party (trying to stay away from the computer over the weekends . . . ). I hope Sara is enjoying her new home. I hope Marc’s is healing well — and that his surgery was not TOO scary. I hope Holly is back to her usual dog-self. And I hope that you can enjoy a more relaxed week! XO

    1. It’s never to late around here! Things are still crazy, but I’m thinking by the end of the week maybe (??!!) we’ll start to find a new normal.

  10. Sending warmest good wishes and prayers for Marc’s recovery – such a roller coaster :(. Hoping that ‘present’ helps you to keep your balance … I loved having my daughter here in lockdown and she also found it a very special time – may those shared experiences be squirreled away to nourish you in lean moments.

  11. I’m a little late…catching up. Echoing Karen, I sure hope that “scary lump” turns out to be not so scary. Sending healing wishes to Marc. and to Holly! Happy belated to your sister and congrats to Sara on her new home. Things sure have been busy for you – hoping you can have a restful week.

    1. Thank you Vera! Thankfully the lump wasn’t scary – but yikes! – the recovery has been rough. He got a stronger antibiotic yesterday and already it seems to be helping. I’m having fun helping Sara get settled – Holly and I are visiting again today and I’m hoping to get pictures!

  12. Can’t wait to see/hear more about Sara’s new place. Life does have a way of keeping you on your toes. At least we are another month closer to spring!

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