TGIF | Mid-January.

Well friends, we’ve made it to Friday. again. and it’s time (again!) for me to look at right now through one of my favorite lens:

Thinking about … re-reading Four Thousand Weeks. I just read it (in November!!) and I wasn’t blown away, but I did give it 3 stars and two pages of quotations and notes in my journal. My assessment then was that I was too far into my 4,000 weeks for the book to make a difference. well. two women from my small group talked about it (one is slightly older and one is younger). Katrina Kenison shared a beautiful post about it. and then Krista Tippett interviewed the author on the On Being podcast. I revisited my notes when my small group friends brought up the book and I couldn’t help but notice the connection to my 2021 OLW Choose. hummm… and only 3 stars?! January 2022 me wonders if maybe November 2021 me was just not in the right place for this book. so … re-thinking. and likely to give this one a second chance.

Grateful that … my mom finally had her first physical therapy visit! It was yesterday (two weeks after she visited the doctor and 3-1/2 weeks since her injury) and we were both – I think! – pleased with the therapist’s demeanor and approach. I’m cautiously optimistic that therapy will continue as prescribed (the doctor and insurance both need to sign off on the therapist’s recommendation) and my mom will be back to her independent self by mid-February.

Inspired by … finishing Middlemarch to commit to another BIG book. I finished Middlemarch this morning. happy sigh. I started to get anxious about how the multiple story lines might play out a few days ago. and like we knitters do when we’re anxious about how much yarn we have to finish a project, I knew if I just read faster, my favorite characters would avoid disaster. (spoiler alert – my quick reading averted disaster – whew!) In any event, I’d promised myself I would pre-order The Books of Jacob (it comes out Feb 1) and commit to a buddy read with Margene if/when I finished Middlemarch. The Books of Jacob is 955 pages. Middlemarch was only 785. I think it could be the only book I read (with my eyes) next month. and I am all in for that, too!

Fun/Finally … y’all! I am no longer “your internet knitting friend who hasn’t knitted a Musselburgh” … well, I guess I am just knitting one, so we’ll see!

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Any chance you’re re-thinking something too? in any event, wishing you the best weekend available!

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  1. Mary your Amaryllis is so beautiful! I am thinking about making another Musselburgh hat, itโ€™s pretty mindless knitting once you get the increases finished. I have never read Middlemarch but want too, I should do that this year. Great news about your mom !!

    1. I’m so glad I finally read Middlemarch – I’ve been hearing about it for years. I read it slowly to begin (started in October!) and then picked up speed last week because I got so invested in the story. Highly recommend!!

  2. Love your amaryllis and love the update on your Mom. I’ve been thinking about a Musselburgh (everyone is making one!!) and Middlemarch – WOW – maybe I should pick that up?

  3. 4000 weeks is a new idea for me – might see if my library has the book or better yet, listen to the author talk. My amaryllis is finally starting to open up too. That yarn for your Musselburgh is lovely. Happy Friday

    1. I meant to tell you about Four Thousand Weeks when we talked … it must be finally catching on here because the library waits are months long and I got it quickly back in November. I think you’ll love it! Those are the second round of blooms on my amaryllis – delightful to have color in the house right now.

  4. I’m glad your mom is making progress and I hope the PT helps her the way it should. Love Middlemarch and your Musselburgh hat is going to be fabulous in that yarn!

    1. Carole – I remember that you told me years ago to read Middlemarch … I’m so glad I finally did! This is the first morning in a while that I haven’t spent at least 20 minutes immersed in that world. I miss it.

  5. Katrina Kenison’s post was so lovely; she has the distinct ability to put into words almost exactly what I’m feeling but she says it far better than I ever could. I put Four Thousand Weeks on hold but we’ll see how I feel about it when it’s actually my turn. I hope to finish my Musselburgh this weekend – it’s cold and I could use it! Your yarn is lovely and the colorway is beautifully named.

  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed Middlemarch (and I’m chuckling at the “reading faster to avoid disaster” comment!). It’s a book I know I’m going to have to reread one day, when I’m ready for a tome again. I’m also glad you’ve jumped on the Musselburgh train. I’ve been wearing my version this week to combat the cold and have been extremely cozy on my walks.

    1. January reading has started out really strong again – I can only hope it’s a sign that 2022 reading will be as delightful as 2021!

  7. Your amaryllis color is so rich! My fingers are crossed that your mom will make progress with her hip.
    I’ve been thinking “What am I getting myself into?!” JK Holding a book the size of BOJ could be bad for my wrist or could be just the thing to strength bi-ceps. I might listen to some of it, too. Anyway, I am looking forward to reading another book by Olga Tokarczuk and buddy reading with you.
    I’m about 2.3s of the way through my Musselburgh. I need to settle down and get it finished (it’s very cold here!).

  8. Such good news for your Mom…now let the insurance gods be with you! Middlemarch was definitely a 2021 treat for me. And Musselburgh…I was close, got the pattern but…jumped into a big cable project instead. I’ve been wanting to do a big cable sweater for quite a while and now I have the time! (Olivier pullover btw…)

  9. Y’know . . . there’s nothing wrong with a 3-star book. To me, a 3-star book is a good, solid read. (Not every book can be — or even should be – 4 or 5 stars. I mean. . . you gotta have some standards!) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m glad your mom’s PT is off to a good start!

    1. I agree … generally(?!) … and what I’ve been hearing about the book from all those other places made me think I could’ve gotten more from it than I did. also – I generally find most non-fiction is 4-5 stars … so I have high expectations going in, which is a good thing – and typically those expectations get met … so when they don’t, it stands out!

  10. I am glad your mom’s PT is off to a good start as well! That is very good news and welcome to the Musselburgh Bandwagon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. The news about your Mom’s Physical Therapy and progress is encouraging. I imagine it is a relief to see good progress.

    1. …and now it’s late on Tuesday and we still haven’t heard back about next steps. sigh. we are getting good at waiting (and waiting. and waiting).

  12. What a fun coincidence…rereading Four Thousand Weeks is on my radar, too! It was not only a 5-star read for me (well, a 5-star Listen), but I made an asterisked note to purchase it. (I intentionally keep a very limited hardcopy library.) I’m looking forward to going back through my bookmarks and digging in–again! (Thanks for the OnBeing link–that’ll be a nice addition to a re-read.)

    1. I’m looking forward to diving into this one again – planning to do it on paper so I can highlight and write in the margins to my heart’s content!

      1. My thoughts exactly ๐Ÿ™‚ (I was actually driving across PA and Ohio while listening to this on audio–the rest of the family sound asleep as we drove home from the cottage last year. I just kept hoping I could Bookmark While Driving without any accidents! Terrible, terrible…I admit.) But so good.

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