Making in 2021.

Still looking back at 2021 … this time the things I made. For the first year since 2017, all of my FOs were made from yarn, over 18,000 yards of it!

that tiny type at the lower left says 18,820 yards in 22 projects: 8-1/2 pairs of socks (4-1/2 were gifts), two baby gifts, one cowl, one prayer shawl (gifted to a confirmand last spring – this was the only project I crocheted), and twelve sweaters (one of which – Noten – lower left – I accidentally felted and gave away to my petite friend Lauren).  You can see the whole list on Ravelry here.

I got very much out of the habit of sharing much about my knitting here. I also got out of the habit of updating projects on Ravelry, which is still my go-to place to remember what I knit when, what yarn I used, gauge, mods, etc. When I went to add photos for that last finished sweater (Caramel, top row, 2nd from the left), it didn’t even have a project page. oops. Ravelry is now up-to-date for everything I’ve finished … and I should be getting to the WIPs soon, too.

Here are more photos of those last three sweaters. Click the image to see the details on Ravelry.

Shifty has been in steady rotation since it debuted on Christmas. I’ve worn Caramel a few times … and Humulus just once. Turns out a long-sleeved pullover in Lopi wool isn’t terribly practical for this climate. The temperatures for the rest of this month look lower than usual (y’all, there’s even more snow in the forecast!) so I know I’ll be able to wear it at least a few times. It was a really fun knit – I do love the topdown colorwork yoke sweaters – and expect to try a few more this year.

I’m also going to keep knitting socks, knitting from stash as much as possible, and trying to keep Ravelry up-to-date. … mostly, though, I’m just going to keep knitting!

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  1. “Mostly just keep knitting” sounds good to me! Socks are fun, aren’t they? I do love the colors you chose for Humulus, so I’m wishing for some colder weather for you to wear it comfortably. shifty really turned out nice too.

    1. I do love to knit socks – and lately, with so much going on, it’s nice to have a project I can pick up and put down – and carry over to my mom’s – without needing to remember anything special about the pattern. (next week is looking VERY good for Humulus!)

    1. I knit my mom three pairs of socks in 2019/2020 and had enough leftover from each to knit a third sock. Sara said she didn’t mind mis-matches, so I knit the leftovers up for her. I have one more of those jumbo skeins and I think this time I’ll just knit three socks for my mom so she can alternate them. (and thank you – I’m loving it here!)

  2. You knit so many lovely sweaters last year! Here’s to some cold weather so you can enjoy wearing those last three!

  3. You made some really beautiful things, Mary! I let Ravelry slide last year, too, and I’m working on getting it all up to date so I can share with the blog.

    1. Thank you! I fell out of the Ravelry habit (gosh, I used to go there every day!) and need to find a good rhythm (weekly?) to keep it updated … and then, of course, having photos to post is a good push, too (not to mention sharing the projects here!)

  4. Your sweaters are gorgeous! I did get a laugh out of the 1/2 pair of socks because that is my problem with knitting socks, I get bored after the first sock and never finish the second!
    Your new site looks great!

    1. I’m loving the new site – thank you! The half pair of socks came about when I knit up the leftovers from the three pairs I knit for my mom the year before. Turns out those BIG German skeins are enough for three socks, not just two, and I knit up the leftovers for Sara.

  5. I am so out of the Ravelry loop! But I do search for patterns there. I love the new site Mary and your knitting is just wonderful and oh so inspiring!

    1. I search for patterns AND rely on my own projects for notes and ideas. Knowing how I use the site makes me feel like I need to keep up for others. I

      1. (oops! still learning about this “reply” feature) … I love seeing other people’s projects and notes and that reinforces that I need to document, too.

  6. Oh wow – what a fun post! And what a year of making! I’m hoping to knit lots of socks in 2022, but we’ll see what actually happens :p

    And your Shifty — so gorgeous! I hope you get lots more wear out of it.

  7. What a lovely post Mary and such beautiful finishes! I love your sweaters, they are truly gorgeous. I’m excited about this year and hope to do more knitting, especially cardigans. I don’t use Ravelry too much but do have a knitting journal that I keep all my project notes in, as well as photos. For me the process of writing it down is more enjoyable. Enjoy your day 😊

    1. Thank you, Tina! I do love writing about my reading in a paper journal … but I procrastinate about that, too. I think it might just be spending time on the documentation that is hard! and I wish you lots of happy cardigan knitting this year!

      1. You are so very welcome and Thank you so much! I’ve never kept a journal for my reading, that would interesting to try.

  8. Bravo to you for all that knitting! I believe I count 12 sweaters? That alone is simply amazing. I find I’m better at keeping up with my projects on the blog and Ravelry but not as good at making progress; sounds to me like you’re spending your time focusing on the actual knitting!

    1. yes, twelve sweaters! I started out strong, had a bit of a slump mid-year, and then finished STRONG in November and December. Maybe between the two of us we can find a balance of actual knitting, and actual documentation!

  9. I made a very conscious decision to step away from Ravelry and have not missed it a single bit. But woo… that is some impressive making!

    And I wish for you a bout of “sweater weather” ( I simply love a Lopi sweater and wear one almost daily from November to March!)

    1. Thanks, Kym – I’m really glad to have all those projects summarized in one place! and of course I’m already (over?) thinking about what to knit this year.

  10. Love the sweaters- and that’s a LOT of yardage. I somehow managed to still read posts, before you moved but got an Under construction for the comments. Here’s to 2022 and all that it has in store.

    1. Thanks, Lydia! I think two of the sweaters used doubled yarn, so that helped the yardage! I’m going to be concentrating on lace and fingering yarn this year, so expect another sizable total! and YES – here’s to 2022!!

  11. You are an impressive knitter. Your sweaters are all so beautiful and fit you so well. Even if you wear the Lopi sweater two or three times a year you’ll love its warmth and its beauty will be appreciated by all!

  12. What a fun post. Your sweater knitting is amazing. I have to say that Shifty is gorgeous. The colors are breathtaking. I hope you have some cool weather so you can wear those pretty sweaters.

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