TGIF | Early January.

The view from my journaling seat this morning … all the important things are right in front of me. There is daylight peeking though the blinds because I was there a little later this morning. My mom had a very encouraging report at the doctor yesterday and I didn’t need to head over to her house for the day shift. It’s been a little weird being home all day, but the afternoon nap was most welcome, and I finally cleaned out my knitting bag.

I’ve lost track of the days, and I feel a little like Scrooge waking up to find out it’s Christmas, except for me it’s realizing this is (still just) the first Friday of the new year and there are still three full weeks left in January. I know January can be a slog, but I feel like these next 24 days are gonna fly by!

Thinking about … embracing Google, for sure the Chrome browser. I’ve admired Sara’s computer skills up close for over nine months, and I asked her to give me some pointers. Her #1 tip – switch to Chrome. I’ve been a dedicated Safari user since I bought my first MacBook and maybe it’s time to change. Learning something new is a good way to exercise my brain, right?! We’ll see … I just made the decision yesterday and I’ve been able to use Chrome today for a few things, but – ha! – it knows nothing about me … and I couldn’t remember enough of my WordPress login credentials to write this post there. yep. we’ll see!

Grateful for … yesterday’s good news about my mom. The doctor was very impressed with her 21 year old hip! The tendons that tore (and allowed the hip to dislocate) will need a good three months to heal but she’s cleared to stop wearing the full-leg brace and to drive. He also prescribed three weeks of in-home physical therapy. My mom and my siblings have agreed we can end the 24/7 company and we’d like to help our mom stay home through January. That comes down to us continuing to visit her (instead of her coming to us), and doing her grocery shopping. January is a great month to stay home, and the omicron surge makes it even more appealing. Like I said in yesterday’s post, there is much gratitude with and through embedded here. and we are experiencing all of it!

Inspired to … (finally) finish 2021. I have a little more reflecting and a little more documentation to do … stay tuned for what might turn out to be a full week of blog posts!

Looking Forward and Fun … Season 2 of All Creatures Great and Small starts Sunday. I’ve seen Season 1 at least three times and I’m pretty sure Marc’s into double digits. We are so excited for some new shows!

I’m also looking forward to catching up with all of you (it’s going to take a while) – wishing everyone the best weekend available!

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  1. Glad to hear your mother got such a promising report! I’ve been using Chrome as my browser for several years, and like it a lot.

  2. Delighted to read of the good news for your Mum, and she must feel very reassured by all your willingness to help. I’m feeling a bit behind here too, as it’s suddenly the end of the first week in January. We had family all through Betwixtmas and it was lovely – but the things I usually do, I didn’t, and am feeling a bit at sea. I’m another who’s been using Chrome on my MacBook, but I also like Firefox. And I’ve been using DuckDuckGo recently on my phone on the advice of my tech-y husband and son, as it stops Google following me around everywhere! Hoping you feel steady and more centred very soon x.

  3. I have a Dell so I’ve used Chrome for a long time but I do use Safari on my phone. I think once you get your passwords transferred over you’ll adjust quickly. I’m so glad your mom got a good report from the doctor, what a relief that must be for you and your siblings. I’ve been waiting for All Creatures Great and Small, thanks for letting me know it’s coming back Sunday!

  4. I’m so glad to hear that your mom had a good report and I hope things continue to go well for her.
    I’m looking forward to All Creature Great and Small too!
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  5. What a relief about your mom! Whew!

    I’m also a Google Chrome user and just love it. I also have Chrome on my phone and everything syncs beautifully. I’m always relieved when I don’t have to enter a password for anything!

    I’m also VERY excited about ACGAS – I feel like I’ve been waiting forever! I’m also excited about the season finale of Dexter: New Blood on Sunday.

  6. That’s great news for your mother and the rest of you! I hope her three weeks of therapy and staying at home works wonders. I’ve used Chrome for years, and once you get your passwords and preferences imported it should be almost seamless. I haven’t seen the first season of All Creatures (loved the books), so I’m off to see where I can watch it. Happy January!

  7. Excellent news for your Mum. She’s lucky to be so well supported, and I hope makes a speedy recovery.

  8. I’m glad to hear such a good report on your mom, and I think you’re all wise to make her stay home for now. Heck, I’d be happy to stay home myself and am for all but the most necessary things! Kiddo is headed back to school in person next week and will be double-masking (surgical + cloth) until the kid-size N95s I ordered come in.

    I am a Firefox user myself, but the other two members of my family use Chrome, so I’m sure I’ll make the switch at some point. Perhaps when I get a new laptop (mine is five years old and starting to show its age).

  9. I am thankful your Mom is healing well. I have used Chrome for quite some time. It works well for me. I love the photo of your early morning time. Enjoy the time at home.

  10. Yay for the good news for your Mom. How fortunate you and your siblings are close by. Looking forward to All Creatures tonight!!

  11. Such great news about your mom! Here’s to strengthening and healing so she can live without fear of movement. I use Chrome, but there is one account (a bank account) that works only in Safari. I really don’t understand and I know it might be a setting, but I do not have a Sara at hand. Smith and I were talking about how quickly January is going. by. It is nearly mid-month and we feel like we’re still in 2021. Time to move on! xo

  12. Well since I just first listened to ACGAS it appears as though I’ve got to watch season 1! Great to hear the news about your mom. Here’s to a smooth road of healing.

  13. I am so glad to hear that your mom is doing better! That is a very very good thing!

    Here is to a meaningful and slower January! 🙂

  14. I’m so glad your mom is healing well, and that you’re all close by to share in the caring-for-her. She is a lucky mom, that’s for sure. I know how disruptive it is to have a parent with health needs . . . and how odd it is to lose track of time when you’re dealing with All That. Like you, I have toggled back and forth between Safari and Chrome. I consider myself “ambidextrous” now, but I really do prefer Safari (old habits die hard). Yes. Chrome does a lot more, but I don’t seem to need a lot of what it offers (if that makes sense?). For the time being, I’ll continue using both. 🙂

    Be gentle with yourself as you “catch up with yourself,” Mary. There is no rush . . . take your time. XO

  15. What wonderful news about your Mom! Much to celebrate there! Whew.
    And as for Google Chrome…I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with a browser. “Til now. In fact, as funny as it sounds, I told Troy that I feel like a turtle, and Google Chrome is my ‘home’ I carry on my back. As historically a paper + pencil person, through and through, I love how my Chrome account is consistent, present, and thorough on my behalf. Does all this sound weird? Probably. Do I mean every word of it? Yes.

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