Around Here.

I hung the last photo on the Advent tree this morning.

I took that photo in Central Park in December 2009 and it’s still one of my very favorite photos of the girls together.

We are still waiting for the amaryllis to bloom.

The house smells wonderful.

Barefoot Contessa’s parmesan thyme “crackers” (which I might’ve sliced a bit too thick?)

Holly’s afternoon walk was delightfully pleasant with breezy blue skies.

I’m especially grateful for yesterday’s visit with my sister. We had lunch and watched White Christmas (an annual tradition that took a little break the past two years).

and yes! I wore my finished Caramel sweater … and yes … I’m very behind on Ravelry and FO posts.

Yesterday was even more special because – in an “abundance of caution” – we aren’t going to the big family gathering next week. We are still planning tomorrow with Katie and her family and we’ll get together with them again before the new year. Otherwise, my calendar is pretty much empty. so of course I’m thinking about all the books I could read.and maybe even knitting one more sweater?Those are size 8 needles. I knitted more since the photo and I might be ready to separate the sleeves tonight – while we watch Love Actually (yep, we saved the best for last!)

I’m also thinking about Finishing Regular and want to check off a few more boxes (Ravelry, Goodreads, my book journal, One Little Word) so I can really say So Long 2021 next Friday! We’ll see. that stack of books and sweater knitting are pretty enticing.

Wishing everyone the best weekend (and the best Christmas, if that’s your thing) available!

xo, M.



12 thoughts on “Around Here.

  1. I am really looking forward to next week and a return to just being instead of getting ready. If the forecast is correct, I will be bundeled up with quilts and knitting and staying out of the elements. That all actually sounds pretty good to me too.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! I really liked The Midnight Library. I read it for a book club through a used book store a few towns away from me.

  3. Merry Christmas, Mary! The house looks beautiful and I highly approve of your quieter plans. I’m glad that you’ll at least be with the immediate family, and I hope that as I type this you’re enjoying some coffee and quiet.

  4. I know today will be full of joy and laughter for your family!
    For me, even though we are still cautious about meeting up with people, I feel more connected because of the friends I have through Zoom. We are, at this point, old fashioned, Mary! Few people enjoy connecting in that medium. I’m enthralled that you’re reading Nancy Drew!! I grew up in love with her adventures. My sisters passed them around when one of us scored the books through the libary. I really loved Red at the Bone. You will, too! Merry Christmas, Mary! I look forward to our next get-together! xo

  5. I’m glad you had the afternoon with your sister. That book stack looks mighty enticing. I have never heard of A Nancy Drew Christmas and I have read that series more than once. I just finished The Madness of Crowds. What a treat. I also thought Red at the Bone was very well written. Enjoy.

  6. Your house looks delightfully Christmasy, and all those books and that cozy sweater are delightfully enticing! I haven’t read Nancy Drew in decades, but I’m off to check out Nancy Drew Christmas. Hope you and your family have had a lovely Christmas weekend.

  7. Catching up on blogs a bit, and it looks like you were ready for a joyous holiday. I certainly hope it was joyful, fun and loving. Those crackers look wonderful. I’m not a huge parm fan, but I bet I could switch out some Jarlsburg or gouda cheese to make them. I may have to give that a try. I cannot wait for you to read “Crossing to Safety.”

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