TGIF | Two Weeks Left in 2021.

Yeah. Two weeks. and one week from right now, I’ll be watching our church’s Lessons & Carols livestream (or, depending on how long it takes me to write this post, maybe settling in with a glass of wine and putting the finishing touches on whatever we’re having for dinner!) Here’s another look at right now:

Thinking about … finishing regular. Emily P. Freeman talked about it on her podcast this week. She walked through five steps – Be Kind, Be Growing, Be Honest, Be Yourself, Be Done – and I realize this is just what I need. I initially thought the Be Growing piece maybe not so much, but maybe even accepting I’m going to end this year “just being done” is a growth step? I finished knitting the boys’ Christmas socks just before I sat down to type this post. I’ve baked cookies (our cookie swap is tomorrow and I’ll have a dozen varieties to add to the two I made). We do still need to decide menus for next weekend, and we even have time scheduled to do that. Younger me would consider myself quite ready for Christmas. I’m looking forward to a slower pace these next two weeks to get current me just as ready.

Grateful for … a good prognosis. Following hectic (and sometimes scary) weeks full of tests and procedures, Marc was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October; he had surgery on November 18 (a full month tomorrow) to remove his prostate. The pathology reports came back earlier this month – clean margins and negative lymph nodes. He’ll continue to have quarterly PSA tests, but his doctor says he’s “90% sure” he won’t need further treatment (which would probably be radiation). It was weird not sharing any of this here while it was happening, but Marc says it’s ok now. He hopes his story might encourage other men to get tested – and treated if necessary. He’d also say the surgery is easy, but the recovery is hard; and I’d add that he’s doing really well with all of it.

Inspired by … finishing up those Christmas socks to also finish Shifty. I made a start on the second sleeve before I set it aside, and given the warmer than usual temperatures, I think it might be the “right” sweater for this Christmas. So I’m going to pick it back up and see. it feels very Me!

Finding Joy … in watching those amaryllis – the photo above is from this morning and that middle bulb is even closer to bursting now! I wouldn’t be surprised if all three bulbs bloom before the weekend is over.

so … this post took a little longer than I planned. We might be sitting down to dinner by this time next Friday (I’m sure Marc would love that). I plan to be back next week with something … about knitting? reading? miscellaneous whatever? … something.

and in the meantime, where are you finding joy right now?

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  1. Sending hugs, thankfulness for clean margins, and all best wishes for low PSAs and continuing good recovery. I’m counting Just Being Done as a win, growth or not. We’ve all had another tough year in many different ways, and Just Being Done will at least allow me to start with a clean slate in 2022.

  2. I just love that view of your tree and the amaryllis. I hope you have a great cookie swap. I just might need to make cookies – or talk someone else into baking and sharing them.

  3. I love the photo of your amaryllis with your Christmas tree, so beautiful! That is such good news about Marc. My Dad has gone through the same thing, it’s not easy for them but it’s good when tests come back in the range things should be. Hope your cookie swap goes well! I need to make more cookies this weekend. As far as finding joy, I find it every day with our fur baby who is just a bundle of love. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. That is such good news for you, and just in time for Christmas. I wonder if you have a lily now? It is lovely to enjoy Christmas once you are done.

  5. Very happy for you and Marc that surgery was successful. The whole experience of diagnosis, surgery and recovery is so much harder (and easier) than we could ever imagine. The whole things is kinda sureal when it is behind you. You have a good reason to leave 2021 behind. Your amyrillis are beautiful and I can’t wait to see them blooming. (Mine are being slow!)

  6. I am so glad to hear the good prognosis for Marc! That’s got to be a huge relief and a great reason to celebrate. I hope the next two weeks bring calm and joy.

  7. That photo is so fabulously festive! So happy about Marc’s recovery and prognosis. I’m finding joy in a house that is finally settling down and catching up on blog reading!

  8. Glad to hear that the prognosis for recovery is excellent! It can be a very scary time. Your home looks absolutely festive! Enjoy!

  9. The photo of your tree and bulbs is lovely. Thank goodness for Marc’s good prognosis. Joy – in-person church, baking cookies on a cold afternoon, the little angels that belonged to my grandmother and mother-in-law, recovering my spinning mojo, and a relatively quiet next week are bringing me joy.

  10. Adding Marc to my daily prayer list, I’m glad he has a good prognosis and I’m amazed you kept it a secret – I’d be busting at the seams but I can see for the ‘wait’ until the official word. I love the ‘be’ series and wrote them all down. Something to reflect on this year. May you be blessed this holiday season!!

  11. I am glad that all is well for Marc on this journey and I am glad he had you to be with him in this journey. Sending good thoughts for continued good numbers!

  12. Oh my! Thank goodness for successful surgery and good numbers/clean margins for Marc. I’m sure you were both on pins and needles. Wishing Marc continued good health!

  13. 2 weeks left in 2021-it’s totally crazy to think there’s ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS LEFT IN 2021???!! Am throughly enjoying the quiet and stillness of this holiday season, and the twinkle lights. I did see the forcast for Christmas day was supposed to be 80. . .

  14. I am so glad to hear Marc’s surgery was successful and he has a good prognosis! I hope he continues to have a good recovery and that this Christmas brings you and your family peace and joy!

  15. So happy to hear the great news about Marc’s results. I’m findind joy in my quiet life, reading, knitting, dogs, and friends.

  16. I’m so happy to hear Marc’s good news! I know that has to be a huge relief for all of you!

    I’m just plain DONE with this year (not to mention last) and what’s bringing me joy is looking forward — with HOPE — to next year. Please please please.

  17. I’ve been a bit behind on reading blog posts . . . so please forgive me for not commenting earlier. I’m so, so happy to hear that Marc has gotten such good health news! That’s such a relief! I wish you’d been able to share what was happening — although I TOTALLY understand why you couldn’t/didn’t — as I would have liked to wrap you in virtual support as you traveled this path with Marc. I will be holding you both in my heart. Sending all the best juju and love. XOXO

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