TGIF | Early December.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! It’s been a wet, gray day here but not too cold (Marc’s sister who lives in St. Paul just shared that they’re expecting a foot of snow in the next 24 hours – whoa!). I spent the afternoon finishing the first sleeve on Humulus and listening to Stanley Tucci narrate his delicious memoir Taste. Except for church on Sunday morning, I’m not planning to leave the house. Bring on the cozy and the twinkle lights! and a quick reflection on right now through one of my favorite lens:

Thinking about … what to knit next. socks for the boys? a coat for Holly? a hat for me? … a sweater?! I’m not quite sure how it happened (well I know it was one on-line order at a time, but you know what I mean?!) – I have ELEVEN sweaters worth of yarn sitting on shelves upstairs. and plenty of onesie/twosie skeins for smaller projects. I could finish Humulus tomorrow, so this feels like a question I need to answer soon-ish.

Grateful for … audiobooks and short stays on sleeve island. also Christmas playlists, candles, enough yarn on hand to have options, and amaryllis that seems to grow as we watch.

Inspired by … all the photos of twinkle lights on mantels to try it myself. ♥ thank you!

Finding Joy … in passing along traditions and these boys’ smiles.This is Marc & Sam last Saturday at sundown. the 7th night of Hanukkah, so lots of candles to light!

Wishing you the best weekend available!

16 thoughts on “TGIF | Early December.

  1. I love everything about this post Mary! Like you I have several sweaters worth of yarn to think about knitting up and trying to decide what I want to do. I am thinking about a cardigan but need to finish up everything on my needles first. Your room looks so cozy and peaceful, the amaryllis are really doing great! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love the way you look though the lens of TGIF. The photo of your husband and grandson is precious. I have to smile at your comment about one on-line order at a time and how they lead to a stash of yarn. Yes, I know exactly what you mean about ordering!

  3. I discovered yesterday that I have five lots of yarn for my littlest granddaughter. Guess that takes care if my time. You home looks very special and pretty,

  4. Oh yes, I was going to inventory my yarn and see what might be coming up in 2022. Love that photo of Marc and Sam. Great happiness there.

  5. The one thing that makes me happy about all the holiday celebrations this time of year is all the lights. The darkness gets to me more than the cold, and I’m always cheered by the twinkling of soft lights, be it from Chanukah candles or Christmas lights. Love your mantel!

    I finished my nephew’s blanket last night, so blocking is on the docket for today, but I was thinking about what to cast on for this week — and then I remembered that I should probably give my Shifty some attention! How much more do you have to knit on yours?

  6. That picture of Sam and Marc is such a happy one! I enjoyed watching my 3 nieces light candles last weekend, too. A quiet pieceful weekend this time of year is to be cherished.

  7. Oh, what a beautiful picture of Marc + Sam. Loving all these cozy things here…
    I said out loud yesterday that starting my amaryllis on the first day of Advent is going to be part of my new (+ simple) Advent ritual. The kind of ‘active waiting’ it holds brings both me and Troy such pleasure as we check in with it each morning. We’ve even taken to measuring it with a yardstick once or twice a day, because it grow so rapidly! Yours are beautiful here! Different? Same?

  8. When my boys were in kindergarten, the teachers were struggling with a way to bring lots of different faiths and practices together during December. They finally hit on the idea of “light” – Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Solstice, Kwanzaa (and probably several others I have forgotten) all include light as part of their celebration. All of yours are lovely, and I wish you happy amaryllis watching and sweater knitting!

  9. That is indeed a beautiful mantle … And your photo of Marc and Sam shines with light and warmth: I’m not surprised you want to hunker down and stay cosy. Wool for eleven garments? Gosh … Is that not next year’s knitting just sitting there? :).

  10. What a gorgeous photo of Marc and Sam – you need to frame that one! Love your twinkle lights and amaryllis bulbs (I may just have to go get one or two today). Funny how the yarn stash grows, huh?

  11. Are you loving Stanley Tucci?? My only disappointment with the audio version is that there isn’t an accompanying document with the RECIPES!!

    Your amaryllis display is beautiful! Mine are very very slow to get going… they’re in a bright room but it’s often chilly (Rusty is working on making interior storm windows, though, so hopefully that will help!).

    I agree with everyone, that photo of Marc & Sam is a keeper!!

  12. twinkle lights are where it’s at! Love the last photo 🙂 Isn’t it nice to have possibilities of what to knit next swimming in your head? I’m in the same space myself, I am loving it and not deciding.

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