Looking Back | November.

“…photography: the paying of attention, the capturing of time.”
~ Lauren Groff, Arcadia

I usually think of October as our month of crisp, blue skies, and this year, November was the real star. We had the most glorious fall I can remember. It was another month of staying close to home, save the gathering at Katie’s on the 6th to celebrate fall birthdays, and a trip into town on the 18th that afforded that gorgeous cityscape sunset. We had our first freeze and my tires didn’t like the cold one bit – the tire pressure warning light came on the 19th. Sara and I made easy work of Thanksgiving dinner and celebrated with a pre-dinner toast. and the twinkle lights and decorations eased the transition into December.

A Gratitude List: an absolutely glorious fall, no more colonoscopies for five whole years!, booster shots for the adults and first shots for the little boys, my knee is finally better, a new church leadership role.

Life Draining: sleepless nights, recurring breathing issues for Holly.

Life Giving: twinkle lights, candles, winter playlists, all the birthday greetings, good colonoscopy results, naps, re-working my Faith Statement (to assume that church leadership role).

A (short) Happy List:

  • World Series WINNERS!
  • Watching all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes with Sara. and Grantchester with Marc.
  • Having the house decorated in time for Advent.
  • Sharing deep dives into gratitude here on the blog.
  • Sweater (knitting) weather.
  • A new set of favorite photos with me and the little boys (thanks to Katie from November 6)
  • and capturing Sam, making his wish for turning five.

    the upper right photo is the one I grabbed for the monthly collage – it was a very hard choice!

What made your happy list last month?

9 thoughts on “Looking Back | November.

  1. Oh my – those pictures are wonderful! I love the birthday candle picture so much! Your deep dive into gratitude is serving you well.

  2. The boys are looking so grown up! I love all the trees in November – trees with colorful leaves at the beginning of the month, trees losing leaves towards the end, and then Christmas trees!

  3. There is nothing better than the pure joy on Sam’s face — that photo immediately jumped out at me from your collage! I am sorry to hear Holly is having issues again.

    I think getting together with all the family for Thanksgiving was the high point of November for me, especially because it looks like we’re going to have to lock down again (unofficially) over the winter.

  4. I will put your Holly back on my daily prayer list! Pets…ugh. Love the recap of a beautiful month for you and your family! Time is a flying by.

  5. What gorgeous photos of you with your grandchildren! Gladdens my heart just to see your happy smiles. Congratulations on the new leadership role at church – I imagine that’s going to require some time and energy, and hope it makes it onto the Life-Giving list :).

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