TGIF | Hello December.

TGIF and Hello December! There’s a whole different feel to the holidays this year – all good! – for the first time since 2013 our plans don’t include airports, we have plans to gather indoors (with food!) with family, church is live-streaming Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve, and my mom gifted us waxed amaryllis bulbs (pictured above – so far, I’m a fan!).

Thinking about … menus and details for those family gatherings. We have Hannukkah tomorrow with Katie and her family, a family cookie swap on the 18th, Christmas (at Katie’s – just our little family), and the big family gathering (my sister is hosting this year) the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Tomorrow feels pretty settled, and we have most of the details settled for the cookie swap, but we’re just starting to think about those other two. The cookie swap was in my sister’s driveway last year and I’m delighted to be hosting it inside my house this year, and looking forward to having Sara participate (for the first time). We started this tradition in 2017 (the year my mom moved here), and Charlie has been the sole male attendee. I’m hoping his brother gets to come this year. Maybe Legos and Poppa will be enough to entice him?

Grateful for … twinkle lights and cozy fires to entice me to slow down, maybe even pause, and pay attention to the hope and wonder this season brings.

Inspired by … Modern Mrs Darcy’s December selection Joyful (Goodreads link) to really explore Joy this month. Choosing Joy feels like a wonderful way to celebrate my OLW.

Fun … Humulus (ravelry link) is fairly flying off the needles! I cast on Sunday and finished the colorwork this afternoon. I’m almost ready to separate the sleeves! I have plenty of audiobooks & podcasts, holiday movies, and twinkle lights to make for happy knitting … and some lovely December photos. (stay tuned)

I know this month can be wonderful if it’s good, and so … not … if it’s not (and my heart goes out to you). Regardless, we all need fun – what fun are you looking forward to this month?

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  1. I’ve never seen or heard of waxed amaryllis bulbs but I am VERY intrigued! I hope you have find make the rest of your holiday plans.

  2. Humulus looks like a great Christmas sweater – look at you go! And those bulbs are gorgeous – I hope you share their blooms.

    And whoa – your holiday season looks so busy. I hope you get plenty of time to settle in with books and knitting 🙂

  3. Such happiness and excitement in this post Mary ! I am curious about your Amaryllis, are they easy to grow? Love the Humulus…. it has gone on my list to try next year 😊

  4. I think many of us are feeling especially grateful this holiday season when we think about what this time of year was like last year. There are still concerns this year, of course, but being able to be together with our loved ones again is such a gift. We’re leaving for Florida two weeks from today, and I can’t wait. Even though we’re basically just planning to sit around my parents’ house, knowing that we’ll be with them is really making me so happy.

    Your Humulus is flying, but I’m also not at all surprised!

  5. I’m thinking of you, Mary. Your decorations look elegant and festive. I love the waxed bulbs! Humulus looks fantastic and you’ll be done before I have the yoke of Cardoon finished. Sending you more joy, as much joy as is possible! xo

  6. Your sweater is looking great and will be perfect for winter! In spite of this ongoing pandemic, things are looking up. I was just talking with my friend and fellow cantor, Jan. Last Christmas she was the lone cantor at midnight mass and I was the one for Christmas morning mass. There were only a handful of people in church and the mass was live streamed. We sang at a microphone from the back corner of the choir loft and the pianist was diagonally across the church down on the floor. We really couldn’t see anyone and they couldn’t see us. It was a very lonely way to sing and lead worship. This year we have a choir, we are socially distanced and masked, so we are so glad to be able to sing together once again! Hope you have a good week!

  7. Lots of JOY in this post- thx for sharing. The more I see Humulus, the more I am intrigued… love your colors.
    Cheers ~

  8. I’m so glad that this season of celebrating is looking more normal for you! I will not be seeing my kids during the holidays BUT I will be with my sister and aunt and possibly my nephew and his family. I am grateful for that.

  9. It’s both wonderful and… not so wonderful this year. We had such hopes!! If it wasn’t for four little grandchildren, I’d be Super Scrooge this year, but life goes on… we do our best.

  10. Your plans all sound wonderful and your Humulus if GORGEOUS!!! So festive! I’ve seen those waxed amarylis bulbs and wondered about them. curious to hear more.

  11. What beautiful colors in that sweater. It looks like perfect knitting for December. Face Time with Norah and her Mom is full of joy. She is chattering nonstop and it is fun to follow her ideas. I look forward to seeing waxed amarylis bulbs in bloom.

  12. I’ve not heard of waxed bulbs before, and am intrigued … Your knitting is looking splendid, and you’re clearly speeding ahead. Sounds like a happy family Christmas, with space of catching up with yourself too.

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