Year in Review | 2021.

Once again, I’m borrowing Vicki’s idea (Thank you, Vicki!) for an end of year post. The idea is to share the first line (or two) of the first blog post of each month* and a favorite photo (or two) from that month’s posts. The words and photos are most likely not related. January This last weekend looked a lot like the one before. except without the worry of Sara traveling. February When Anne (Modern Mrs. Darcy) alerted us last week that today was the annual day to share about what’s saving us right now, I started drafting my list. March … Continue reading Year in Review | 2021.

Best Laid Plans and all that.

Yesterday’s post was supposed to be a reflection on this year’s One Little Word Choice. and today I was going to share a Year-in-Review. so I’d be ready on Friday for one last wrap-up. Instead, today I have a different post to share … best laid plans and all that … my mom dislocated her hip early yesterday morning – it’s back in place, thank goodness – but it’s going to be a while until she’s fully recovered. Karen and I spent most of yesterday camped out in my car in the emergency room parking lot. Grateful not only for … Continue reading Best Laid Plans and all that.

Around Here.

I hung the last photo on the Advent tree this morning. We are still waiting for the amaryllis to bloom. The house smells wonderful. Holly’s afternoon walk was delightfully pleasant with breezy blue skies. I’m especially grateful for yesterday’s visit with my sister. We had lunch and watched White Christmas (an annual tradition that took a little break the past two years). Yesterday was even more special because – in an “abundance of caution” – we aren’t going to the big family gathering next week. We are still planning tomorrow with Katie and her family and we’ll get together with … Continue reading Around Here.

TGIF | Two Weeks Left in 2021.

Yeah. Two weeks. and one week from right now, I’ll be watching our church’s Lessons & Carols livestream (or, depending on how long it takes me to write this post, maybe settling in with a glass of wine and putting the finishing touches on whatever we’re having for dinner!) Here’s another look at right now: Thinking about … finishing regular. Emily P. Freeman talked about it on her podcast this week. She walked through five steps – Be Kind, Be Growing, Be Honest, Be Yourself, Be Done – and I realize this is just what I need. I initially thought … Continue reading TGIF | Two Weeks Left in 2021.

TGIF | Early December.

Hello friends and Happy Friday! It’s been a wet, gray day here but not too cold (Marc’s sister who lives in St. Paul just shared that they’re expecting a foot of snow in the next 24 hours – whoa!). I spent the afternoon finishing the first sleeve on Humulus and listening to Stanley Tucci narrate his delicious memoir Taste. Except for church on Sunday morning, I’m not planning to leave the house. Bring on the cozy and the twinkle lights! and a quick reflection on right now through one of my favorite lens: Thinking about … what to knit next. … Continue reading TGIF | Early December.

Reading Better | November.

Buckle up – it’s another epic post! If you’re not into the numbers, you might want to scroll down a bit – I have a delightful backlist recommendation and some Thoughts on Reading Long Lists. I added 18 books to my Read shelf last month, bringing my YTD total to 192 (Goodreads link). Here are a few more stats from November’s book journal summary page: one-third (6/18) were audio and the other two-thirds, including my three very-favorites, were paper. nearly two-thirds (11/18) were borrowed, and seven were purchased (five “new”, and two “used”) – pretty consistent with previous months. five … Continue reading Reading Better | November.

Looking Back | November.

“…photography: the paying of attention, the capturing of time.” ~ Lauren Groff, Arcadia I usually think of October as our month of crisp, blue skies, and this year, November was the real star. We had the most glorious fall I can remember. It was another month of staying close to home, save the gathering at Katie’s on the 6th to celebrate fall birthdays, and a trip into town on the 18th that afforded that gorgeous cityscape sunset. We had our first freeze and my tires didn’t like the cold one bit – the tire pressure warning light came on the … Continue reading Looking Back | November.

TGIF | Hello December.

TGIF and Hello December! There’s a whole different feel to the holidays this year – all good! – for the first time since 2013 our plans don’t include airports, we have plans to gather indoors (with food!) with family, church is live-streaming Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve, and my mom gifted us waxed amaryllis bulbs (pictured above – so far, I’m a fan!). Thinking about … menus and details for those family gatherings. We have Hannukkah tomorrow with Katie and her family, a family cookie swap on the 18th, Christmas (at Katie’s – just our little family), and the … Continue reading TGIF | Hello December.