TGIF | Late November.

Hello friends. first, thank you for all your comments on my latest posts. For the benefit of all, no, we did not plan our outfits for that November 14 photo (but we all noticed it – even Marc! and Sara who took the photo) and I love that it was a synchronicity of spirit. and Humulus, whoa, I knew it was popular with my “friends” but I had NO idea what that really meant. Seems like every single one of y’all has either knit that pattern and loved it, or wanted to knit it. and now it’s my turn.

Thinking about …  Advent. It snuck up on me this year and I scrambled earlier in the week to order candles so I could light my wreath on Sunday morning. Our church’s theme is Hope (based on this essay) and it’s really resonating with me. I also have Richard Rohr’s daily meditations and Kate Bowler’s (free! but only available until Sunday!) gorgeous devotional. I’m not the best at waiting, but this season offers a lovely invitation to try.

Grateful for … this long, relaxed weekend. I did miss seeing Katie and her family on Thursday, but it was wonderful to make a nice meal for three and not be exhausted by it all. and then to have three more days to enjoy.

Inspired by … that relaxed feeling to decorate! Marc put the tree up last week, and the three of us made quick work to hang ornaments and put out the rest of the decorations this morning. We do still need fresh greenery for the mantles and poinsettias … maybe Saturday? or maybe next week. It feels like we have plenty of time.

Fun … I started a Christmas cross-stitch! Katie (at The Cozy Burrow) and I are doing a very casual stitch-along (and it’s not too late to join!) with Elise’s Christmas on Shelves. I spent several hours this afternoon getting started and stitching (incorrectly, ripping out, and re-doing) this first pot.Finishing by Christmas might be a challenge if the rest of those pots go like this first one!

I’ll see you back here on Tuesday with an update on my OLW. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

15 thoughts on “TGIF | Late November.

  1. I like your little cards on the tree. Do they have messages on the other side? I remember one year we put little cards on the tree that we pulled off to read daily. Waiting – something to practice.

  2. Kiddo informed me yesterday that we leave for Florida three weeks from today. Where is time going this year? It sounds like you have your decorating handled so you can focus on your Advent practice.

    I propose that when we finally manage to get our Zoom group together for an in-person gathering (because I think we need to all meet in person at some point), we all wear our Humulus sweaters!

  3. Your decorations look lovely! We usually cut down our tree as part of the state forest thinning program the day after Thanksgiving, but none of us are feeling it just yet. I think it’s because it was 65 degrees–so we were hiking instead! Yikes. If we wait for seasonal weather, it might be one late tree this year.
    I am intrigued by your tree full of words. I know I’m a bit behind–do you have a post about it somewhere?

  4. I love your tree Mary, especially the cards. What a fun stitching project you and Katie are working on, I look forward to seeing it finished. Humulus is a lovely design but one that has never captured my interest, I may change my mind however once I see yours 😊

  5. I hope you had a lovely long weekend! That stitching is just too cute! I am hoping that the stitching flow allows for quicker stitching as the design unfolds!

  6. I have a baby sampler that I need to stitch but the holiday knitting is still on the priority list! Loved reading about your advent plans, I have two bible plans all printed out and ready to start on December 1st 🙂

  7. I’m also using Kate Bowler’s lovely devotional. My study group is taking a break from Barbara Brown Taylor to use “Advent in Plain Sight” by Jill Duffield. The group started as a Lenten study group with Jill’s “Lent in Plain Sight” the year the pandemic started. Going online was such a blessing since we’ve been together online every Tuesday morning since.

  8. I love Advent and the idea of slowing down while waiting. I also like the word cards on your tree. I dusted today so we will be getting out a little holiday decor this week. Your TGIF posts always inspire me to do some reflection. Thank you.

  9. I love that little cross stitched pot! I also started last week and hope to share some progress with everyone on Friday. And I love your tree!

    I struggle during Advent every year. I’m so drawn to the quiet and reflective time, but haven’t found a secular guide to my taste. (Is it ridiculous to want something secular to celebrate Advent? Probably!!) I’ve downloaded the Kate Bowler and am hoping that I’ll be able to adapt it to suit me – thank you for the link!

  10. The decorating is inspiring me to get going! We’ve got a contractor here though and I’ve got to wait him out. Will enjoy watching that cross stitch come to life!

  11. Oh, wow. Now I know EXACTLY what I’m doing to decorate the Christmas trees for the Airbnbs!! So perfect!

    I am catching up a little in blogland today, and a bit overwhelmed with SO MUCH GOODNESS!! Love seeing you & your family.

  12. Your hands must never be at rest! The cross stitch is so sweet. I love the little projects that work up quickly and are so sweet when done!

  13. There are so many new and fun things in the world of cross-stitching these days. So much temptation to start ALL the things!

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