On the Needles.

Hello friends and happy Wednesday! It’s been a while since I paused mid-week to share an update on my knitting – wanna see?

First up, the project that has seen no action since November 7 – yep, Shifty. (Ravelry link)I got the second sleeve started that Sunday and then set it aside for a project that required a lot less focus (not gonna lie, all those ends – and that’s just the body – there are even more on the sleeves! … aren’t that exciting either).

That would be Caramel (Ravelry link). Inches of 2×2 ribbing with a whole lot of stockinette in between.

The gauge is a little bigger, and there are two balls of yarn to keep up with (I’m holding them together throughout), but it’s just two … and the wool spit splices … we’re talking minimal ends! The only part(s) that required focus were the tubular cast-on and bind-off; it’s my first time doing a 2×2 rib and y’all – it’s pretty cool! The trick is to rearrange the stitches from (cast-on)/to (bind-off) a 1×1 rib. Andrea Mowry has two excellent videos (cast-on and bind-off) to illustrate. I bound off the first sleeve today without even having to refer back to the video – the good thing about working the body bind-off first is that it provided plenty of practice and I might even remember the process for a future project.

..or maybe not, because my next project (not quite on the needles yet, but should be before the long weekend is over) starts with a regular cast-on and just three rounds of 1×1 ribbing (Ravelry link).Y’all might recognize the yarn?! yep, I had planned to knit Sian (Ravelry link), but the yarn just doesn’t hold up well for the slipped and twisted stitches (so glad I discovered this while swatching instead of while knitting the actual sweater … ripping out this yarn isn’t fun either). I already know it’s beautiful for stranded colorwork (Ravelry link) and Humulus has been in my mental queue for years, so it’s all good.

…well, unless you’re Shifty, sitting in my knitting bag through yet another sweater 😉 I did feel a renewed burst of energy for it when I took the photo on the left (above). TBD if it will make a photo finish for 2021. I’d give it even odds right now.

What project is languishing in your knitting bag? If you need any encouragement to finish – or leave it alone! – I’m here for you.

I do plan to be back tomorrow with a fourth and final dive into gratitude. and I look forward to catching up with y’all this weekend.






10 thoughts on “On the Needles.

  1. Your sweaters are swoon worthy. I don’t mind weaving in ends. I think it’s because I know the project is finished and also satisfies my neat and tidy tendencies. The Humulus will be pretty but the Caramel has my heart. The elegant simplicity is beautiful. Enjoy your holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. I like Shifty but those two new sweaters – oh my!! The color of Caramel is awesome and the simple colorwork of Humulus is fantastic!

  3. My Shifty is languishing, too. I have one more project I want to finish up by the end of the month and then I’ll get back to it. There’s still quite a lot to do, but maybe if I really focus I can finish it before we go away next month? That might be a bit ambitious. Your sweater knitting is certainly inspiring! I think Humulus is perfect for your yarn, and I will tell you that mine is absolutely my favorite sweater to wear. I will likely have to knit another at some point because I feel like I am going to wear mine out!

  4. I’m glad to see all your sweaters and plans; it feels like you haven’t showcased knitting for a while! Shifty is lovely and I really like the colors you’ve chosen for Humulus. Happy knitting!

  5. Shifty is so lovely! The way the pattern creates subtle shifts of color is elegant and the fit looks perfect for you. Humulus is a fun knit and wearing her feels good, too. This is easy perfectly relaxing knitting, for a busy season.

  6. Beautiful projects, Mary. And I’m so glad you were able to find a “replacement” for the yarn that didn’t work out for Sian. I’ve had Humulus in my “queue-of-my-mind” forEVER. In fact, it feels like I’ve knit several versions already . . . I’ve been thinking about it for so long. 😉 Someday, I keep telling myself. Someday!

  7. Color work projects that I started in May- still sitting there while I contemplate the next sweater ?!!

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