TGIF | Mid-November.

Happy Friday my friends! Mid-November already. wow. I’ve got just over an hour to finish listening to The Lincoln Highway (Goodreads link), so if this post feels a little quick and dirty, please forgive me 🙂

Thinking about … my next sweater (Ravelry link)! Not that I’m anywhere close to finishing Shifty (or the other sweater I started – and apparently totally forgot to add to my Ravelry project page or share here?! – oops!) … but this is my Holiday Sweater and I’m so excited about maybe having places to wear a new Holiday Sweater, I couldn’t resist printing the pattern and starting a swatch. The red is the main color and the gray will be the contrast (similar to the pattern with a light contrast on a dark background). Stay tuned.

Grateful for … Holly. Girlfriend isn’t going to get her own post this month, but she’s been by my side these past few weeks for a physical (ugh fasting), a flu shot, a colonoscopy, a COVID booster, and a years overdue full-body scan at the dermatologist. Maybe I should just say Naps. and that’s one of Holly’s love languages.

Inspired byLiz and Kate to read the Aspen Long List

My experience with last year’s long list informed my reading intentions for this year and introduced me to a new group of friends to read with … it was a game-changer! That said, I tend to commit to the short lists. But I’ve already read and found totally compelling!! – four of the long list … so it’s really reading 12 books (and some were already on my radar/hold list) in 14 weeks. I can manage that. and the Connection … it’s priceless.

Fun … I’m hosting a small gathering of friends-who-are-family Sunday afternoon. It’s been more than two years (!!!) and high time! I’m going to mix up a batch of spiced apple syrup, open a bottle (or two) of Prosecco to mix up a sparkling cocktail and say Cheers!!

What are you saying Cheers! to this weekend?


16 thoughts on “TGIF | Mid-November.

  1. That sweater is going to be so pretty for the holidays! I still haven’t even looked at that book list but maybe this weekend. Did start listening to The Sentence (read by the author) since it popped up on my hold list yesterday. Happy weekend!

  2. Love your plans for the holiday sweater! It’s going to be beautiful (and warm! are you doing shorter sleeves?). I think after all the health-related stuff you’ve done, you are more than due for a fun gathering of friends and a cocktail or two.

    I saw your post about the Aspen long list on IG and was delighted to see that I’d already read a couple! I don’t know that I will commit to reading them all, but several were already on my radar and I’m sure I’ll get to quite a few of them (and I’m looking forward to your recommendations).

  3. I love the colors you chose for your holiday sweater…it will be beautiful!
    I look forward to reading some of the Aspen books and the discussions!

  4. What pretty colors. I had a smilar week, physical, endoscopy/colonoscopy, blood work, flu shot, shingles shot. So glad its over. Have a great weekend!

  5. That sweater is sooo pretty. I almost wish I had the stuff to knit it! Maybe I’ll up my color work stranding game in 2022. Hello Holly! And hello weekend. 🙂

  6. What pretty hydrangeas. I know the maintenance on my aging body takes planning and time. I tell myself I’m fortunate to have resources and access to good medical care but it seems like I just get finish and then start all over again. Enjoy your Sunday afternoon. I’ll say cheers to a Carillon concert at our church. The glorious Carillon has been refurbished and so we are being treated to a concert. It’s going to be chilly so we will stay in our car but even so it will be nice.

  7. The Lincoln Highway is on my lists of holds at the library. Given its length, I hope it arrives on its own! This week I picked up six books that arrived all at once! Fortunately, three are cookbooks which will be skimmed rather than read. Off to check out the Aspen Long List.

  8. I’ll bet it feels good to get all those appts off your list–and with such sweet company by your side…
    I hope you had a fun + fantastic time this afternoon! As I catch up on posts here this Sunday evening, your celebration of friendship is a few hours in the past…Cheers!

  9. I hope your tests all come back normal and life once resumes to knitting, reading and blogging!! Love the photo of little Miss Holly!

  10. That sweater will be gorgeous and I’m looking forward to working on the body of mine. I’m done with the sleeves and casting on soon!

  11. What a sweet, sweet photo of Holly! (Probably best nap companion you could ask for.) I’ve had my eyes on that sweater ever since it came out. I’ll be watching yours come to life . . . with interest! XO

  12. Glad you got all those health to do’s marked off your list-so important! LOVE THIS SWEATER-I may have just enough Shibui pebble to do this one . . . Furbabies just know when you need them close by?!

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