A Morning Walk.

In this second dive into Choosing Gratitude, I’m sharing about a morning walk. I walk nearly every morning, and lately, it’s been mostly by myself; my schedule is a bit out of synch with Marc and Sara’s and I’m choosing to see the walk as some necessary introvert time. I’m grateful to these walks for getting me outside and moving, showing me the beauty of the season, and giving me an uninterrupted hour to listen to a book. The photos in this post were all captured on morning walks in the last week. Autumn has been glorious this year, and this past week has been the best so far. It was supposed to rain today, and I thought I’d be sharing this post about morning walks having missed one … turns out the forecast was wrong (it’s still not raining!) and it made that hour even more special.

Every walk begins with Holly’s morning outing.

It usually takes about 10 minutes for her to “do her business”; I take her back home to eat breakfast and then set out on my own.

I have three routes in pretty regular rotation – a short route that ends up being multiple loops around the street outside my neighborhood for days when I’m pressed for time or want to stay close to home;

a medium route through a nearby neighborhood with a nice park (I shared this photo in my Hello November post last Friday);

and a longer route down to the lake and back. There’s a wonderful Veteran’s Day installation at the lakefront this week. especially on a bright sunny morning (this was Sunday).

Both of the longer routes share about a mile of the same two streets. I’ve been keeping my eye on these leaves all week, and today was rewarded – finally – with vibrant color!

and just around the corner is my new-favorite white camellia. and the buds (not pictured – you have to take my word for its) are pink!

Dark Early Quiet Time followed by A Morning Walk (outside) is my best way to start the day … and it takes about four hours. So yes, it’s good to be a retired person who likes to get up early. and having been a working person for nearly 30 years, I know just how special having all that time – nearly every day – is. and I’m grateful for that, too.

I know a lot of you are daily walkers, too – what have you noticed outside this week?

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  1. Such beautiful photos Mary! I walk every morning too, it’s my time and time I treasure. I take my fur baby on his walk to the park on my lunch hour, which makes him so happy. I agree with you, it truly is the best start to the day.

  2. It has been a beautiful week to walk up here as well but the afternoon walks are requiring a hat and light gloves for me now. I’ve noticed we’ve been wildlife free this week. There’s generally a heron or beaver or even the eagle saying hello but things have been quiet around the lake this week.

  3. I always think of fall as a strictly New England thing but you are clearly enjoying a beautiful fall in the south! Thanks for the photos and sharing your routine with us.

  4. You’ve got lovely views on your walks! My walks are a bit more urban, so while I’ve been noticing foliage color (finally), I’ve also been noticing a trifecta of decorations – Halloween, Thanksgiving, and christmas all at once!

  5. It’s nice to see Holly! (And I just realized you haven’t mentioned her having any health issues lately, which is great news!) We have been very lucky with a stretch of good weather here the past week or so, and the colors of the leaves have been amazing. They’re starting to come down in greater volumes, and I’ve been dodging landscapers cleaning them up (which makes me a bit sad — I love walking through piles of leaves!). It’s felt almost magical to walk in gorgeous, crisp weather with beautiful blue skies and leaves floating down gently like snow. I’m afraid we may be be past that time now, with rain moving through overnight and the s-word in the forecast for this weekend, but we had a really good run.

  6. beautiful walk photos. If I took Frodo home and then went to walk I think he would have a meltdown! He goes about 1-2 miles when I am out and about. I know I’m on borrowed time since he is 12 years old so I enjoy the company and his enthusiasm. I love her pink harness! Frodo has a red one 🙂

  7. We switched up our daily walks/runs to after work because it has been in the 30s at a our normal 5:15 am time. I have really been noticing how each day the sunsets earlier and earlier.

  8. We have also had a glorious autumn much like yours in color and textue. Our condo area is full of large golden trees (not as tall and straight as yours) and some flowers (asters mostly) are still blooming. Our walk is only about an hour, but I depend on that time of day to find balance and to feel alive and well. Thank you for sharing your delightful morning rountine and that glorious walk!

  9. Thank you for taking us on a walk with you – what a great way to close out your morning routine and truly something to be grateful for! And I’m in awe of your glorious ~4 hour routine — it’s like you tick almost every box before most people even get out of bed. Something to strive for!

  10. What beautiful routes for walking. I am out most everyday. This fall colors have been glorious but a few windy days have blown many from the trees. The grace of letting go comes with autumn. I too am retired after 27 years as a full time educator and treasure these days. They are indeed a gift.

  11. Beautiful photographs! The colors here haven’t been as vibrant as in most years, but most of the leaves are still on the trees so that’s a plus for November!

  12. The leaves have been lovely this fall, and so many of the ones in our neighborhood seem to glow. Love the finished sweater [couldn’t leave a comment] and my first part of the day is spent reading the Bible passage of the day [some Old Testament and some of the New. I love reading plans!]. I take the time to do some journaling and writing out my prayer for the day. This early morning time helps me to face and get through each day.

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